Cleaning and disinfecting nail tools

One of the basic knowledge of nail making is to clean and disinfect, to ensure the beauty and health of customers, so how to clean the tools, please find out.

Cleaning and Disinfecting
Cleaning: simply understands clean, remove dirt that can be seen on tools. Must clean before disinfection.
Sterilization: requires soaking the tools in solution for about 10 minutes, will kill bacteria, viruses, mold that cannot be seen by the naked eye (this is the agent that causes pathogens when doing nail art ).
Tools Cleaning & Disinfecting Steps

1. Mix a little soap in a water bath, then use a brush to remove stains around tools.
2. Wash away stains, soap and warm water. Then use a clean towel to dry the tools.
3. Immerse the tools in the disinfectant solution provided by the hospital or the health department, to be done within the prescribed time.
4. When the sterilization time is over, use gloves or tongs to remove tools. Wipe the tools thoroughly with a dry cloth.
5. Place tools in sealed containers in a clean, dry place. Helps to avoid dirt, bacteria and outside agents.
For countertops and electrical equipment, wipe with a warm towel to remove visible stains, then wipe again with disinfectant solution (Note: for electrical appliances, turn off all power, please clean ). Keeping manicuring tools clean both saves money, increases the time to use the tools, and avoids infectious pathogens.

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