One of the hottest smash looks to try this year is clear nails. now you may be thinking clear nails ? That doesn ’ triiodothyronine sound very agitate. however, this swerve has transformed the simpleton mind into a argument making style ! now complete techs are creating stunning clear acrylic manicures. The longer clear nails look amaze, particularly when worn with fashionable pinpoint artwork. To show how gorgeous well-defined acrylic nails can be, we have found 43 ideas that are extremely trendy right immediately. You will find aglitter nails, floral art, unique designs and more. If you didn ’ triiodothyronine love this tendency ahead, you will after this .

1. Clear Acrylic Nails with Rhinestones

The beginning complete purpose that we have to show you is so glitzy and glamorous ! here we have long, absolved nails that are adorned with ash grey shards, sparkles and rhinestones. It is a beautiful mani and it is arrant for the ladies who like bling. You can recreate this or possibly try just clear nails with rhinestones .
Clear Acrylic Nails with Rhinestones

2. Clear Nails with Flames

This following estimate is one of our favorite looks ! The mani features net nails that are decorated with orange flames. Flame nail down art is so trendy and it looks amazing with the clear acrylic nails. This is a very fashionable and playfulness look. Try a manicure like this or you could use different nail shapes. You can besides use any tinge for the flames and ombre design .
Clear Nails with Flames

3. Clear Butterfly Nail Design

Butterflies have inspired many nail designs and butterfly nail art is so popular right nowadays. This future estimate shows how to wear butterflies in manner ! Some nails are a bright purple nuance and two are gain and are decorated with reasonably butterflies. This is a bold and beautiful mani. Choose a like look to this or have all clear nails with butterflies rather of the coloring material.

Clear Butterfly Nail Design 

4. Floral Nail Design

Floral pinpoint art looks stunning when wear with the pass nail swerve. Don ’ triiodothyronine equitable take our word for it, check out this following theme. hera we have coffin shaped clear acrylic nails that are decorated with pretty pinko flowers. As you can see, the flowers look amazing with the clear base and they both compliment each other absolutely. This is a beautiful nail down theme that would be great for the spring and summer .
Clear Floral Nail Design 

5. Clear Nails with Gold Foil

future, we have a manicure that uses some of the must-have nail trends all in one look ! Some smash sport tap and imperial ombre art and the other nails are clear with a gold and silver foil plan. We love the combination of this pinpoint artwork. The ombre is so stylish and the clear infrastructure is indeed trendsetting. We love the assorted metal foils besides. It is a modern and fun mani that will make a statement. You can, of class, recreate the count with different colors.

Clear Nails with Gold Foil

6. Cute Clear Acrylic Nails with Hearts

This adjacent nail idea is so cunning and pretty ! For this look, two of the nails are clear and decorated with pink hearts, while the rest of the nails have an ombre consequence. The hearts and pink ombre are such a beautiful combination ! This is a stylish and slowly to wear look. It would be a capital mani for the jump and summer and it would be perfect for Valentine ’ mho Day besides !
Cute Clear Acrylic Nails with Hearts

7. Clear Accent Nail

If you love the butterfly smash art, then you need to see this blueprint excessively ! hera we have another room to wear butterflies. This time the nails are light and bubbling with one clear up accent nail. The emphasis collar is decorated with arresting silver butterflies. We love the sparkles and butterflies with the clear nails because the mani looks so charming ! Nails like these would be arrant for a special occasion such as the promenade or a wedding.

Sparkly Nails with a Clear Accent Nail and Pretty Butterflies

8. Stylish Orange Nail Design

Add a pop of color to your spirit with nails like these ! This mani features a stylish orange nail blueprint. Two nails are clear with add gold foils and smoky effect. The rest of the nails have ombre complete art. This is a colorful and fun means to wear the clear collar tendency .
Light Orange Nail Design

9. Nude Nails with Clear Tips

adjacent, we have a very trendy nail down design to show you. This look features coffin shaped nails that are nude with clear tips. All nails are besides decorated with bubbling rhinestones. The unclutter tips look amazing with the nude smash color. This mani shows how you can wear clear acrylic nails in a stylish and alone way. Recreate this or you can use any color with the clear tips .
Nude Nails with Clear Tips

10. Glamorous Clear Nails with Gold and Pink Art

Give your nails a superintendent glam makeover with a clear design like this ! All of the nails are light pink and two accent nails feature Louis Vuitton nail art. The nails are long and coffin shaped. We love this combination because the well-defined acrylic looks amazing with this aglitter pinko blueprint. The colors and small LV son are so arresting and they create such a epicurean look. A mani like this perfect for the occasions where you want to wow ! Products used : Butterlicious and # 132 by Valentino Beauty Pure .
Light Pink LV Nail Design

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