This post may contain affiliate links that at no extra monetary value to you, I may earn a humble committee .Color Club Nail Polish Review I finally got my hands on some Color Club vegan collar polish ! I ’ ve been a long-time supporter of their polish, seeing them everywhere on Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr ! They have an enormous selection of polishes to choose from but since it ’ sulfur Summer clock time, I thought I ’ d give some of their undimmed pastel colors a judge !
I got mine at, they were $ 8.95CA each .
Let ’ s get into the review !

Color Club Nail Polish Review

Feathered Hair Out To There by Color Club Nail Polish

Feathered Hair Out To There

Described as a pink pastel neon which is an accurate description when you see it in person. In the pictures and on their web site, you wouldn ’ thymine be able to tell the color comes off as neon but there ’ second decidedly a luminosity, neon effect to the color .
I loved the bright pale neon pink on my nails but sadly I did not like the application or rule of this detail color. It didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate enforce evenly and looked very streaked. I had to apply 4 coats to get it to where I liked it and the polish keep on moving in between coats as it wasn ’ thyroxine drying fast adequate so it would leave “ holes ” in the polish, making the lotion look uneven .
Diggin' The Dancing Queen by Color Club Nail Polish

Diggin the Dancing Queen

This is my favored out of the bunch ! Although it ’ sulfur not arsenic opaque as I expected but it ’ s decidedly better than Feathered Hair Out To There and it ’ s not as streaked. This polish has the lapp neon consequence but in a pretty empurpled pastel color.

It ’ sulfur not deoxyadenosine monophosphate bright as the pink so possibly the streakiness of the recipe is a little more forgiving on this matchless. In the photograph, I ’ m entirely wearing 2 coats of the polish and it applied more evenly than Feathered Hair Out To There !
Holy Chic! by Color Club Nail Polish

Holy Chic!

This is a beautiful lilac pastel color with a cool undertone. I besides love this discolor and it ’ s about an demand match as Nubar ’ s New Mood but honestly, I actually prefer Nubar ’ s formula better than Color Club ’ s. It ’ mho besides photographing to look like it has more blue undertones than it looks in person .
I had the same issue with Holy Chic ! as I did with Feathered Hair Out To There where the coloring material wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate that opaque after 2 coats and was just looking excessively streaked and spotty. In the photograph, I have 3 coats of Holy Chic !

Final Words on Color Club’s Nail Polish

I sincerely loved the colors of all three of these nail down polish but the formula and application just wasn ’ triiodothyronine what I was expecting. When comparing my Zoya smash polish in similiar colors.. it ’ s deplorably not a close comparison. sometimes I feel like I can get by with just one coat of Zoya ’ s pastel collar polishes making it quick and easy to do my nails every time and I, unfortunately, can ’ t say the lapp with these colors Color cabaret !
But it ’ south without a doubt that all three of these are absolutely stunning colors and because of how low-cost they are ( cheaper than Zoya ! ), I ’ five hundred credibly try a few more of Color Club ’ s early colors before giving up on them !
What do you think of these colors? Have you had better luck with Color Club’s pastel or neon nail polishes?

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