Crystal nails are a newly class of dazzling pinpoint artwork design. They look very glamorous. You can wear them for a party or for your own marry. You will love how they bring a sparkle to your nails. ordinary nail paints become gorgeous with some quartz glass additions. You can get these crystals easily from local crafts stores or from nail down art stores. Nail glue is used for fixing them to the nails. To avoid problem of the glue, you can use diaphanous nail polish to fix them to the nails .
here Are Our Favorite 9 Crystal Nail Art Designs Which even You Can Try Out .

Top Crystal Nail Art Designs:

1. Multicolored Crystal Nails:

You can use different biased crystals for your nails. It is easy to create different breeze through art looks and designs with crystals. You can get crystal wheels of unlike colours from your pinpoint art stores. Use different nail key shades and stick the color of crystal that you want on your nails. You can wear motley crystal nails with any color kit.

2. Crystal French Tips Nails:

french tips with crystal limit can be quite a hot choice for the season. You can use different sizes of crystals and stud for this type of design. Simply do french tips complete and use some crystals with transparent polish or nail glue to mark the limit. additionally, keep one fingernail in full covered with studs and glitter smash polish. Would you try it ?
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3. Beaded Crystal Nails:

You can get bantam crafts beads from stores and apply these on to the nails along with crystals. These look cover girl when done on blank nucleotide complete paint. You can mix up different colours of beads and crystals for a unlike look. The more colorful you make the nails ; the better will be your chances to wear a simple quartz glass nail art with different color clothes .
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4. Glamorous Crystal Nails:

Decorating nails with lots of beads, stones and other collar artwork deco materials can be fun. Get some stunning high-quality Swarovski crystals, some pearl beads and bows. Set these on a nice base paint and manipulation nail art glue to stick these at the correct places. You can wear these nails to a party or for your own wedding .
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5. Snowflake Crystal Nails:

This can be just the design that can make your nails look fabulous for the Christmas party. Get some glitter filled nail polishes, some high gear grad crystals and some decal snow flake designs. Set these properly onto the nails to get this design .
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6. Purple Crystal Nails:

A mix and peer of two color combinations can look stunning. It is very childlike and easy to create at the lapp time. Try out nails like these with empurpled and crystalline Swarovski crystals .

7. Shells And Crystals:

Pastel shade nail paint for the base can be the right field choice for a summer nail artwork. Use of minor pastel coloured opaque crystals and small beads can turn the simpleton pastel nails into a perfect beach tire nail .
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8. Bling Crystal Nails:

A royal looking nail art design can be created using big chunky crystals and lots of humble crystals. Try out some gamey street fashion nails like this with the use of plain bare crystals .
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9. Abstract Simple Crystal Nail Design:

You can try out an abstract crystal collar design like this. It looks very simple and is easily to create. Use of gel polish can be a new addition for the base. Different coloured crystals of different sizes will look more beautiful. You can wear this to an agency party because it looks classy .
Have you find some Beautiful Crystal Nail Art Designs which in truth looks attractive ! Did you like ? Please comment your public opinion !

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