We all know that fiddling girls love adorable sparkles, crazy color, and glitter. They all want to be little ballerina and princesses. They are very haunted with cartoon characters and cute animals. And these can surely be incorporated into pinpoint art !

6 Easy Nail Art Designs for Children

here are some crazy and cool new nail art ideas for little girls .

1. Penguin Nail Art

Penguins are actually fun and cunning animals. This in truth creative penguin nails estimate is going to make her nails look very pretty .
Penguin Nail Art


  • It is best if you do this on the middle finger and let every other finger have a simple colour.
  • First, paint the nail of the middle finger with black polish.
  • Then paint a small curve using white coloured polish to represent the body. You could also use a nail art brush for this.
  • Paint two eyes by putting white dots with a black dot in the middle to represent the eyeballs.
  • Paint a small orange inverted triangle to represent the beak and two orange dots below to represent the feet.

2. Panda Nail Art

Panda nails are in truth cool and easy to paint using your dot tools .
Panda Nail Art


  • Use white colour to paint a circle at the end of her nails. After letting it dry, you could add a coat of pure opaque.
  • Where the eyes should be, paint two black dots and let them dry.
  • Above the circle, paint two more black dots to represent the ears.
  • Put a dot of pink or black paint under the eyes for the nose.
  • Finally, take the white paint and put dots to represent the eyeballs.

3. Rainbow and Cloud Nail Art

This is a sweet looking smash artwork anybody can try with many colours.

Rainbow and Cloud Nail Art


  • Start by painting her nails with light blue colour nail polish.
  • You could also apply a layer of glitter nail polish over the light blue colour.
  • Using a nail art brush, paint a curved line from the bottom right corner using red nail polish.
  • Just like that, paint all the colours of the rainbow and you could then add some additional glitter on it.
  • Draw some clouds by attaching some dots using your dotting tools. You could even add a cloud face on it.
  • Finish it off with a good layer of top coat.

4. Butterfly Nail Art

Anybody can easily try this fun butterfly complete artwork. It is an perplex plan for kids and you can well draw it with your complete art brush and scatter tools .

Butterfly Nail Art


  • Start by painting a pink base colour. You could even apply a coat of glitter nail polish on it.
  • Draw a yellow line in the middle of your nail to represent the body of the butterfly. Draw a circle on it of the same colour yellow using your dotting tool.
  • Draw wings on the left and right side of the body with any colour you like and border it with white nail polish.
  • Put two dots of white on the face and two black dots inside that. These are the eyes.
  • Finally, draw the antennae using white coloured polish.

5. Hello Kitty Nail Art

Check out this Hello Kitty nail down artwork. This is fun for children who love the hello kitten cartoon .
Hello Kitty Nail Art


  • Paint her nails first with one coat of nude or clear polish.
  • Paint the tips with white nail polish. On this white layer, put two black dots for the eyes.
  • Draw the whiskers, some lines with a striper, and a yellow dot for the nose.
  • In addition to this, you could add a nail art deco bow to represent the hello kitty’s bow.

6. Polka Dot Nail Art

Polka dots are pretty cool for a birthday party .
Polka Dot Nail Art


  • Paint the base with red paint. Using your dotting tools, put white polka dots.
  • Finish off with the top coat. You need not use the same colours.

Nail Art Tips and Hacks for Kids

  • If you happen to have no time for nail art, you could just use little reward stickers or permanent markers. These will work and they are totally safe.
  • You could use nail polish strips. These will stay on for two weeks on the nails. Or check out nail art pens. These are water-based, so you can wipe them off and redo the designs in case you happen to mess up.
  • Nails of little girls are very small. Those intricate designs on super long nails will not work on such hands. Therefore, remember to keep it simple.
  • If you do not have the fun colours you are looking for, then make use of some old eyeshadow and make your own colours.
  • You could use a toothpick to create amazing nail art shapes.

These nail art designs for kids are not at all complicated and do not need many nail artwork accessories. All you need are some elementary colours to create something very beautiful. There are many other designs like toe art for kids and glitter nail artwork which fiddling girls can try. You could besides try Christmas nail art and other seasonal nail artwork designs .
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