Looking for the most adorable pinpoint art for kids you can copy ? Look no further ! In this mail, we ’ ll usher ten of the cutest designs you can try on your kids that they would absolutely adore .
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Easy to Do Nail Art for Kids

Materials Needed

Before we get started, let ’ s gather all the tools needed for this natural process .

  • base coat
  • detail brush
  • nail polish
  • dotting tool
  • top coat

Remember to apply some base coat before anything else. We want to protect the nails from stain and the nail polish to last long.

once done, barely apply the peak coat for that glistening look. now that we ’ re all place, let ’ s look at some of the best kid-friendly complete art designs out there !

1. Sky Shrouded in Clouds

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All you need for this one are blue and white nail polish. Use the detail brush to draw the mottle and spread the whiten polish inside the cloud .
You may want to use a lighter shade of blue like baby blue for a undimmed and more naturalistic blueprint .

2. Chuck Taylor

Most kids love wearing their Chucks, but would they besides like it on their nails ? credibly a no-brainer .
Black and ashen polish will be your basal colors chiefly for collar design. Feel free to use whatever color your kids want since these classic shoes are best known for their wide selection of colors .

3. Santa Claus

Who doesn ’ thyroxine want Santa on their nails ? You ’ ll motivation red, white, black, and nude polishes to replicate Santa ’ s look .
With proper detail, kids will not only have their hero in their hearts but besides on their nails !

4. Ladybugs


Ladybugs are often portrayed as cunning, short insects on most kid ’ second usher so it ’ sulfur safe to say younglings would absolutely love it on their nails. With equitable red and black polishes plus the scatter instrument, you are all set .
Simply coat your integral nails with the crimson polish then add the black spots anywhere you want .

5. Rainbows

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Rainbows are always a please to look at careless if you ’ re a child or an adult. Start by applying light up blue polish to set the spirit and background .
then, draw the seven colors horizontally using the detail brush .
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6. Hearts


here ’ s a simpleton purpose that is cute and breathes out positive energy. cordate designs look fantastic with either red or pinko colors and should look even better if you add some glistening impression on it .

7. Spooky Spider

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Looking for some cool pinpoint design for Halloween ? We ’ ve got you covered. All you need for this are orange, white, and total darkness collar polish .
Paint your nails with an orange background before you draw the spider. once done, use a dotting instrument to draw the eyes .

8. Flowers

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This design is something you want to do for your kids and yourself. Flowers look elegant and are trendy careless of the season .
From roses to sunflowers, there are enough of designs to choose from. arsenic long as you are equipped with the veracious colors, doing this nail art should be a walk in the ballpark .

9. Candy Cane


What makes this design fun to do is it ’ s easy, yet requires some preciseness when drawing the details. With enough commit, your kyd should be able to do it themselves !
With merely red and white polishes, you are good to go !

10. Polka Dots

last but not least, the polka dot ! This design convention has stood the test of prison term and is a go-to look for many .
Teach your kids how to do this authoritative and traditional design and watch their creativity blossom before your very center !
Looking for more absolutely gorgeous nail art for kids? Watch this video by Nailed It NZ:

Nothing beats spending quality time with your kids and what better way to spend such cherished time than painting complete art together ! These collar art for kids inspires a distribute of creativity and are easy to do .
Imagine your child being the lecture of the township among his/her friends for having such trendsetting nails. What a gallant moment for both of you !

Which of the nail arts above do you find most interesting to try? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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