dior nail polish pre-fall 2021 Dior pinpoint polish pre-fall 2021 from left : dior Grace breeze through polish / Dior Desir nail polish / Dior Victoire collar polish /
Dior is hitting home runs this year in the nail polish department ! How fabulous are these variations on pinkish-red smash polish ? Love them ! ! !
anterior to releasing their fall pinpoint polish collection, which I believe consists of three sparkle, changeable twilight hues, Dior is offering a wind on classic, pink-red pinpoint polish for our transition from late summer, into early fall. Hence, the pre-fall 2021 complete polish collection from Dior offers colors we can wear nowadays, adenine well as any season of the year. Love that !

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If you are like me, and you tend to shy away from true reds, you will love this collection. Dior Grace offers an understated, pink-red imbue which has beige undertones. If you are more of a iniquity tap fan, Dior Desir has more black pink than red in its ’ formula, and I have to admit, it is my favorite from the collection. If you are a rampantly and crazy gal, Dior Victoire is your belated summer, early fall color. It is a dark adaptation of fuchsia with crimson undertones.

Something to note : if you work in a conservative environment, or you have a preen code, Dior Grace and Dior Desir should suit you well. In fact, these colors will be better for a work environment with dress code restrictions than the approaching fall collection. This might mean the pre-fall 2021 complete polish collection from Dior will be your fall hues. They are fabulous and perfective for fall ; yet they transcend temper, so you can wear them now, and into adjacent class. Go ahead, use up that bottle until the last drop !
now, without far bustle, here are the three nail polish colors from the Dior nail polish pre-fall 2021 collection !

Dior nail polish pre-fall 2021 | Dior Grace

dior grace nail polish pre-fall 2021 Dior Grace breeze through polish is close to a colored rose hue. This polish mixes red, pink, and dark beige. It ’ sulfur identical reasonably, and it ’ s the color I am wearing right now as I type this article. I would say this is the most conventional of the three colors, and the ideal choice for a work environment. grace by Dior is besides the easiest of the three hues to wear with any color palette. You will not find this one clashing with any of your summer or fall clothing. It ’ s a fabulous alternate to a inert, and it acts like one besides ! Love that !

Dior nail polish pre-fall 2021 | Dior Desir

dior desir nail polish pre-fall 2021 Oh, I love this one excessively. Dior Desir nail polish is more of a pinkish-red breeze through polish. It is bluff, so far still offers a classical and dateless vibration. Desir by Dior is besides an easy semblance to wear with your summer and fall color palette. I feel like it has more of a fall vibration than Grace ; yet can still work in late summer, and the approaching winter season.

Dior nail polish pre-fall 2021 | Dior Victoire

dior victoire nail polish pre-fall 2021 Are you bluff ? Dior Victoire nail down polish is the color for you ! This is a black fuchsia which is a great fall and winter imbue. The dark musical composition allows it to be worn in the cooler months, yet it silent has adequate of a bright pink-red tone to offer a slope of crazy playfulness. This is decidedly the notice-me color from the collection. Love !
Shop the Dior nail polish pre-fall 2021 nail polish solicitation on-line :

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so what do you think ? Do you love these colors excessively ? Which one is your favored ?

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