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Whether you ’ re getting ready for a night on the town, heading to a particular event or good want to make heads turn as you walk by, we provide a stove of services to get you looking your best. Check out what we offer below. We advise to read the descriptions when you book online to choose the best smash serve for you or you can have our feel Nail Techs recommend what is best for you. ​

Indigo Nail Lounge is Nail Tech owned. Both Of us owners have over 25 years experience. We are all about Gel services. Our specialization is our unique Luminary Gel mani service. All of our techs are luminary certify. We are a smell unblock salon and we use the best brands on the market, from Luminary, Apres Gel X, Kokoist ( japanese gels ), Opi & Madam Glam to name a few … We welcome you to Indigo Nail Lounge ! ​ ​

Nail Enhancements

At Indigo Nail Lounge, our Nail Enhancement services are a small different than you might find elsewhere. From the hour you come into our Nail Salon, you ’ ll know you ’ re in dependable hands. Sit back, loosen and let us do the rest. Gel X as Acry-Gel will give you clamant length, if it is what you ‘re looking for. These are lightweight and look and feel natural. ​ GEL X are bang-up for those who want clamant length and want to grow your own nails. It has soak off capabilities ! ​ ACRY-GEL ( aka Polygel, If acrylic and gel had a baby this is it ! ) great for those who like acrylics or transitioning from DIP or want a healthier alternative to acrylics. We can besides fill your existing traditional acrylics ! ​ Gel X Full Sets or Fills $ 75 With Nail Art from $ 85 Acry-Gel ( Hybrid Gel ) Full Set or Fills from $ 75 With Nail Art from $ 85Image by Patrícia Hellinger

LUMINARY & GEL MANIS  … Our most popular services!!

Our luminary Gel Mani service is our specialization. Luminary/Structured Gel Manis are what makes us alone from other salons. Protects, strengthen & helps grow your own nails. Keeps your gel polish looking great for weeks. This service is for lifelike nails lone, does not add distance. You can wear it entirely or wear mousse polish of your choice. Add nail art besides. Its thus versatile. Extended wear 3+ weeks, no olfactory property, no need to soak off ! We carry 3 different types of structured gels. Luminary and structured are very like. Have your smash technical school recommend which is the best for you ! For Luminary manis, we have 4 Luminary Certified Nail technical school. Marce and Jenna are Master Techs who have been doing mousse nails for years ! Structured gel manis are for those who do not like to soak off every visit and want extended tire, done by our train nail down technical school only. Sit back, relax and let us do the rest. ​ LUMINARY GEL MANI ( done by Certified Techs ) $ 60 with Nail Art from $ 70 This military service uses a multi-flex mousse. 1hr ​ STRUCTURED GEL MANI $ 60 with Nail Art from $ 70 Your Nail technical school will recommend which gel is best for you, soft, hard ( japanese gels ). this service is done by our train technical school. 1hr ​ GEL POLISH GEL MANI $ 50 1hr traditional “ Shellac ” Gel polish mani. Includes soak off. This service has to soak off every inflict and end up to 14 days without chipping. Nail supreme headquarters allied powers europe & trim gel polish application and massage. Vegan Gel polish available. ​Manicured Nails

CBD Mani & Pedi

The ultimate in liberalization ! … Pure eden ! ! Soothing Soak infused with CBD. Cuticle care, callus polish, collar clean-cut and form. CBD infused carbohydrate scrub and a tingly mint masquerade to draw out toxins with hot aromatherapy towels. then deluxe 10 minute massage with CBD infused cream to reduce tension and relax muscles. stopping point of with an application of your front-runner polish or fan. Our products are 10 loose formula ; Vegan, Gluten barren, no phthalates, sulfates, parabens, triclosan, ethyl alcohol. ​ INDIGO CBD PEDI $ 80 1.5hr Add gel polish $ 20 Add extra 10 min massage $ 10 ​ INDIGO CBD MANI $ 50 1.5hr Add gel polish $ 20 ​

Pedicured Feet


Our highly train staff are here to tackle all of your needs with a high-quality Pedicures that will leave you looking and feeling your best. This service can be combined with others for a truly alone feel. Sit Back and Relax ! All of our pedicures start with soaking in our deluxe bull stadium. ​ INDIGO THERAPEUTIC PEDI $ 70 1.5hrs Great for those with bore feet. heavenly ! ( basic pedi + in-house made sugar scrub, warm paraffin treatment and 15min massage ) ​ GEL POLISH PEDI $ 65 1hr+ ( basic pedi + gel polish of your choice, vegan colors available and includes soak off for returning clients ) ​ SIGNATURE PEDI $ 55 1hr Our most popular pedi ! Our basic pedi + a little extra love. Your option of 1 addition. Your choices are in-house boodle scrub, warm methane series, or 10 min extra massage. ​ ESSENTIAL PEDI $ 45 1hr Basic pedi, trim & form nails, epidermis worry, callus polish, massage and choice of regular polish or yellowish brown. ​Pedicure

 Essential Manicures

We don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to boast, but our clients have told us time and again there ’ s no better target to get a high-quality Cuticle Care than our Nail Salon. Schedule an appointment nowadays ! ​ all-important Mani Plus ( with E-File ) $ 35 1hr Our basic mani with advance epidermis manage, easy on the nails, blank cuticles and option of even polish or buff. Vegan colors available. ​ essential Mani $ 30 basic dry mani, shape & spare nails, basic epidermis care, massage and choice of polish or buff. Vegan colors available. ​ polish Change ( Hand or Feet ) $ 20 fresh Start ( Removals ) $ 15 Nail Art from $ 10

Waxing Available ( Lip, chin or eyebrows ) $ 10 – 15 ​nail file

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