You might be asking yourself a lot of times like why do guys wear black nail polish, right ? Are they following specific reasons or something else that I don ’ thyroxine know however ? It is because we get to see a lot of times that guys with black collar polish in real liveliness and flush besides on TVs or Social Media. So it ’ south obvious to get struck by such curious kinds of questions .
It ’ s wholly ticket if a female child goes with any kind of colors for her nails, no such atypical questions pop up in mind. Because what we feel that nail polish is only for girls and they can wear whatever they want.

But that ’ s not completely so on-key. Nail polish is not a gender-oriented thing. Nail polish was not even specified one way that it could only be used as a female beauty product when it was manufactured for the first base clock .
If we dive a bit into the history of smash polish, we ’ ll have to see that it was being used by males and females for marking their social status. It helped at that clock to identify who belongs to which social category .
Over time, breeze through polish gradually gets merged with beauty and cosmetic products chiefly for women. And this is the argue why correct in this earned run average we only know that nail polish is a female beauty product and for women entirely. So we don ’ triiodothyronine get perplexed seeing a variety of nail colors on girls this clock .
But when we spot guys after guys with black nails, then it ’ second in truth perplexing to figure this thing out without Googling it. 😃
We get such questions, like, is that a newly Instagram vogue ? Or a challenge ? What ’ s that actually ? right ?
Yeah ! It is…
Alright, without far bustle, let ’ s have to know the real fact behind “Why Do Guys Wear Black Nail Polish?”

Why Do Guys Wear Black Nail Polish?

Why Do Guys Wear Black Nail Polish
First of all, dressing up is a personal preference. In most cases, it is found that people are more likely to dress up the gorge that makes them feel dear .
Second of all, a quite generous number of people are found to adopt style from others, thinking it might go cool with them excessively .
now, a guy is wearing black nail polish, it can besides be his personal preference .
besides, if we categorized all the colors in terms of masculine and feminine brand personality, then you can see, black falls under the masculine category. And yellow, imperial, green, and pink, are the colors that accrue under the feminine category.

This can besides be a strong reason why do guys wear black Nail Polish. Maybe it ’ sulfur true that guys ( straight ) are very conscious of picking up stuff that won ’ metric ton question their personality .
And you can say, this is now becoming a signature color for guys who wish to paint their nails. They are choosing the black color as a nail polish being influenced by others. That ’ s completely o ! What do you think ?

Can guys wear different color of nail polishes also?

As I mentioned earlier, it ’ mho completely a personal choice. so yes guys can besides wear different colors of breeze through polishes a well. There ’ sulfur no restriction on it .
The time is changing. now nail polish is not a matter for girls only to use. There are guys who like to play around with different shades and tied can go for complete art and acrylic nails .
recently I ’ ve spotted the american english singer David Bowden ( aka Pink Sweats ) who appeared with beautiful smash artwork on his song “ At My Worst “ .
I feel bang-up to see it. Cause I see, still a fortune many guys feel shy think that what others will be saying on his this move of painting his nails .
But hopefully, that ’ s reached an end. immediately guys can besides go for any color collar polish american samoa well as black besides !
At least by these celebrities, the barrier of doubtable questions regarding nail down polish and nail art towards men will wholly break off, and it will be a distribute easier for guys to put their darling discolor without getting a fear to be judged by others. hence a convention guy won ’ thyroxine get any hesitation to go with his front-runner color and adored his nail with his touch vogue .

Wrapping up

thus, I hope in this blog mail you get an idea about why do guys wear black nail down polish ?
By the way, you can besides ask your male friends why do they wear black nail polish ( if they paint their nails with merely black smash polish ) .
besides ask, are they following specific reasons or just the basic point behind it ?
It could be easier to know different kinds of verdicts from guys in this regard.

besides, let me know if you know anything apart from what I mentioned in this blog post. Read related

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