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Discover whether UV light does dry nail polish or not and many ways to dry nail polish faster

Having our nails done is something we all enjoy until it gets to the dry stage ; waiting for nail polish to dry is long, boring, and something we all try to avoid. As we know, there are early types of manicures that have faster drying processes, but regular nail down polish is just barely air drying. Something that gets asked all the time is ; does UV light dry smash polish ? UV light is used for gel polish, and many people question whether it’ll work for regular nail polish; well, the answer is no, UV light does not dry regular nail polish. Although if you did try it, the heat from the light would speed up the drying process, it is not a method that is recommended for regular nail polish. This post looks at why UV alight doesn ’ metric ton dry collar polish and alternative methods that help dry smash polish a fortune faster than air drying. There are besides the answers to some frequently asked questions about regular complete polish .

Does UV light dry nail polish?

No UV light does not dry even nail down polish ; it only dries entirely gel polish ; however, if you try to use a Uv fall, the heat from the luminosity will speed up the dry process for regular nail polish. regular smash polish is made with solvent bases, and they use vaporization to dry, so using UV light will not lone waste your prison term, but it stops the natural serve for the solvent to evaporate. As we all know, light gives off heat, and the heat can potentially help speed up vaporization, but it is not advised as it will still take longer than allowing it to air dry. besides, besides much vulnerability to UV lights can be dangerous and cause us damage, so it is not recommended .

How to dry regular nail polish?

regular smash polish takes between 1 to 3 hours to wholly dry ; immediately, if you ’ rhenium anything like me, I don ’ t have the patience or the time to sit and not do anything for that length of prison term. so, finding a agile way to speed it up is something I ’ five hundred constantly look for, and although UV lights do not dry regular nail polish, there are sol many ways to lessen the dry time for regular collar polish. here we have five products and tips to help your nails dry flying .

Nail Fan

If you are used to getting your nails done at a collar salon, you have most probably seen one and probably used them a few times ; nail fans are one of the most coarse ways to dry your nail down polish professionally and at home.

complete fans are designed to speed up nail polish dry ; they lightly blow either warm or cool air, making the dehydration faster. They can speed up the dry process by 30-40 %, which is great if you have a busy life style and don ’ t have the time to let them air dry. There are so many types of complete fans to choose from, so test and get matchless that has the option of quick and cool air as this allows you to choose what you prefer and what works better for you .

A hairdryer

If you don ’ triiodothyronine want to buy a breeze through fan, that ’ s fine ; there are alternatives, such as a hairdryer. A hairdryer works in the same way as a pinpoint fan, and it has the same results. guarantee that you set the hair dry at the lowest speed fix and the coolest temperature ; differently, it could damage your manicure. This is a bang-up alternative as it saves you money from buying a specific product. besides, it ’ s an detail that most people have in their family, therefore if you are ever stuck in an emergency, and you need to dry your nails angstrom fast as possible, a hairdryer is your answer .

Nail polish dry spray

Nail polish dry sprays are particularly designed to speed up the dry work ; they contain specific chemicals that speed up the vaporization rate of liquids, which is precisely what is needed for your nail polish to dry quicker. These are capital to use ; you frequently see them being used in nail salons, as your nails could be dry within a few minutes quite than the many hours it normally takes. once you ’ ve finished painting your nails, all you need to do is allow them to sit for a few minutes to start drying naturally. then take the dry spray and spray a good amount on your nails from about 6 inches distance, making certain you cover each unharmed collar. Leave that to sit on your nails for about 1 – 2 minutes, and then wash your hands with cold water to remove any excess and rub with a composition towel .

Hairspray and cooking oil spray

If you don ’ t have any nail polish dry spray, then there are bang-up family alternatives you can use, such as hairspray or cook oil sprays. These items have substances that speed up the march of dehydration in nail down polish, so these are great to use. All you need to do is follow the lapp steps as the nail polish dry spray ; precisely make certain to spray it from a promote distance, like 8 inches. This to make certain the violence of the spray doesn ’ thymine causal agent breeze bubbles on the polish .

Applying thin layers

This one may seem identical simpleton, but applying thin layers will help your nail polish dry quick. When applying your smash polish, if there ’ s besides much polish on the brush, it will apply think and clumpy and take a lot longer to dry ; some people even find that the nail polish ends up being very soft and never in full dries. To prevent this from happening, all you need to do is wipe one side of the brush on the nail polish bottle ’ randomness neck, as this will get rid of some of the nail polish on the brush. After applying each layer, allow them to dry for about 1 minute before applying the adjacent layer ; this gives it a little more clock for the evaporating march to start before you layer it .

Cold Water

Placing your hands in water can help your nails dry a batch faster. All you need to do is get a bowl of cold urine, some choose to add ice as it works faster, but it is unnecessary. once you have finished painting your nails, allow them to air dry for about two minutes, so they start to set slenderly. then place your hands in the water, making sure they are fully covered, and leave them in there for approximately five minutes ; if you chose to use ice body of water, it might be less. This ensures that the nail down polish has adhered properly to the breeze through, and it ’ ll “ harden ” the nail polish. once the time is up, remove your hands from the body of water ; you should be able to see urine beading on top of the pinpoint polish, if you see this, then it means that your nail polish is dry. If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate see this square after removing your hands, you need to put them back in for a few minutes. When you see the signs of your complete polish being dry, you can then dry your hands and nails using a paper towel .

Frequently asked questions

Do LED nail dryers work on regular polish? No LED breeze through dryers to do not regular nail polish ; LED dryers only dry specific mousse pinpoint polishes. however, if you apply a gel greatcoat, once the regular nail polish has dried, you can cure the greatcoat with a LED nail dry, if it is a moderate gel. I ’ d advised you not to use any light cure techniques for regular nail polish as it doesn ’ metric ton work and besides much exposure can be dangerous, so it is best to stay away from them if it is not needed. Can you put a gel top coat over regular nail polish? Yes, you can put a mousse crown coat over unconstipated nail polish, but you can only apply it once the regular nail polish has completely dried. If you apply it besides early, then the regular nail polish won ’ thymine always dry and could cause price to your lifelike nail and ruin your manicure. You besides need to make sure you cure the top coat so that it hardens by rights. How can I make my nail polish last like gel? There are many ways you can make your pinpoint polish end, like gel, but a few key ones include applying a gelatin greatcoat. This adds the lapp navy seal as gel nails, which is a batch stronger than regular nail polish, so that it won ’ thymine chip as cursorily. Another room would be to avoid getting complete polish on your cuticles ; as your cuticles move around a distribute more than your nails, the nail polish on your cuticles will finally break off and nick. indeed, to avoid this, you need to use a cotton bud soaked in acetone to tidy up your nails and prevent them from chipping. finally, we all shake the breeze through polish bottle ; if you do this, then this is the reason why your nail polish chips straight away. Shaking the bottle creates air bubbles in the nail polish, which, when applied to your nails, causes the collar polish to break up and check about immediately.

To avoid this from happening and to make your nail down polish final better, roll the bottle in the decoration of your hands ; it gives an even color without the air bubbles .


I hope this has been helpful and you have found a new manner of drying your nail polish. Your time is valuable, and we don ’ t want you to waste it drying your nails ; give these methods a go to find which one works best for you. Each of these methods does work and is quite popular, but everyone is different, so they may not all sour for you, but there is decidedly the best one for you and your manicure .

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