If you ’ re already over winter and looking for a way to get into the spring heart, then consider adding some flower nail art to your adjacent manicure. Los Angeles-based artist Chelsea King says her clients love floral nails because of how versatile they can be — there are truly endless ways to reference blossoming botanicals on your fingertips. King ’ s take ? “ Floral designs are the quintessential bounce breeze through artwork look, but they ’ ra always evolving class after year in modern and arouse ways, ” she tells Bustle. Though it ’ sulfur hard to think about spring without besides picturing flowers, the big thing about floral breeze through art is that it actually works 365 days a class. King says flowers can make for a courteous transitional design from temper to season, and switching up the colors can completely change the vibration. As the ardent season inches closer, King predicts a few particular flower-accented manicures to dominate your social media run. “ I think this class, floral nail art is a bit more simplified compared to early years, ” she says. “ I ’ meter seeing a batch of designs where you equitable have a couple of flowers on the nail, or a monochromatic color dodge, or featuring more greenery rather of flowers. ” You can try the swerve by going simple and inert, bright and colored, or get creative with 3D accents. If you ’ re into DIY manis, you ’ ll need fair one instrument on hand. “ Beginners can use scatter tools or a bobby peg to place little dots in the shapes of flowers, ” King recommends. Or, of path, you can always hit up your favored salon for an intricate design.

With that in take care, keep scrolling for 13 flower nail artwork designs that are certain to inspire your adjacent mani.


Metallic Swipes

Add a metallic pop to an almond-shaped mani dotted with bantam flowers. This one features bronzed stripes that curve about childlike daisies.


Delicate Daisies

A undimmed pink set like this one is the perfect means to transition into bounce. All you need is to paint a couple of stress nails with childlike daisies atop a clear background.


Graphic Designs

For a more artsy count, a mani like this one references flowers by using graphic lines, blacked-out petals, and dashes of neon polish.


Glitter Petals

Iridescent glitter flowers like these will catch the light for a ace fun look-at-me moment. Though it has a authorize base, the shininess gives that attention-getting accent allude.


Cherry Blossoms

While daisies and roses tend to steal the flower nail art limelight, cherry blossoms besides make for a gorgeous botanic design.


Romantic Red

If the red polish wasn ’ t romanticist adequate, the petals that double as hearts in this fructify decidedly bring this front home.



Funkadelic florals are popping up everywhere. Go with motley flowers for an oh-so-groovy dress.


Neon & Psychedelic

This mani ups the ante on ’ 70s-inspired florals with its vibrant colors and attack petals, both of which give it a tropical vibration.



Pearlcore nails have besides been all the rage as of late. Combine that vogue with florals in a mani like this matchless for a very on-trend look.


Abstract Petals

The abstraction blue petals on these square tips prove you can do floral nail art in a less obvious way. Simply pair a brilliantly polish shade of your choice with a neutral milky base.


3D Flowers

Bring your floral art to life by adding actual rhinestone-studded flowers to your nail beds for a 3D peach-hued mani.


Soft Roses

rather than going for a traditional crimson rose, opt for a mani like this one that features swirled white rose petals that reference the flower in a more subtle way.


Polka Dots

Add polka dots to daisy emphasis nails for a manicure that ’ s dainty and capricious .

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