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This post will show you the best classy nail ideas to try.
many of us have weddings or early fancy events coming up that require us to look our best. And, this does not exclude our nails !
For these character of events, you don ’ triiodothyronine want wild and crazy nails — alternatively, I recommend going for a classy nail look.

nowadays, if you are newfangled to doing nails or are just not surely which looks count as “ classy nails, ” don ’ metric ton concern, because I will show you all the examples you need to nail this vibration .
besides, if you love to do your own nails, these kinds of nails are perfect for you because most of them can be DIYed. You can either paint your own nails, or use press-on nails to give yourself that classy breeze through look. ( Press-ons are huge right now ! ) Or, if you want to go for something a little sting more complicate, you can constantly get them done at your local breeze through salon .
Here are 17 gorgeous classy nail designs that you should totally try out .

Classy Short Nails

1. Short Nude Nails

Glassy Nude Nails – How To | Shonagh ScottGlassy Nude Nails - How To | Shonagh Scott
Watch this video on YouTube
If you are one of those people who likes sticking to nudes or whites when doing your nails, you should decidedly try this glassy bare nail look. It ’ s such a simple — but classy — nail theme that will work for any occasion .
This tutorial from Youtube will give you the arrant nude breeze through look on short-change or natural nails, and the best partially is, you can do it yourself. While the polish she uses in the tutorial international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate available in the US, this $ 8 polish from Amazon is cheeseparing identical and has madly bang-up reviews .
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2. Short Solid Color Nails

Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate forget about colors ! Just doing a solid color on unretentive nails is a perfect way to get a classy nail down look. All you have to do is make certain the polish is loose of chips or bumps .
If this is the kind of smash expression you want to try, I recommend using classic bolshevik or benighted bolshevik nail polish to get a dateless vibration .
Or, you could even buy a set of these colored press-on nails. These are super easy for you to apply at home and will save you the stress of having to make your nails look perfect. Plus, they ’ ll never, ever bit .

3. Short Nails with Accent Nail

If you love glitter, there are besides some ways that you can add it to your nail down looks and still have classy nails. For case, a bare accent breeze through is a perfect room to add a short glitter to your nails without going brainsick .
In subject you aren ’ thymine familiar with accent nails, it is basically when you make one or two of your nails on each hand different from the others so they stand out. ( typically it ’ s the ring finger, but you could do it with any of your fingers. )
then, if you want to get a classy nail look using this swerve, paint your nails with a solid color and add some glitter to your stress nails to make them stand out ! Or, get these press-on nails with glitter stress nails which will make your life so much easier and give you that perfect classy nail spirit in two seconds flat .

4. Short Rhinestone Nails

You might think that classy pinpoint looks have to be dim-witted, but you can decidedly do some playfulness designs on your nails while still keeping them looking classy .
For example, you can play with rhinestones to when doing a classy look. It ’ randomness precisely about using them as modest accents preferably than bold statements. besides, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate worry about having to stick to plain colors — I love the estimate of using solid colors, as seen on these red press-on nails with rhinestones .
These nails are the perfective combination of rhinestones and solid polish that will give you a classy look. They ’ re particularly perfect for the vacation season. ( You know we love loss nails for the holidays ! )

5. Swirl Nails

Watch this video on YouTube
Another gorgeous classy nail down idea is the whirl design ! To get this trendy complete spirit while besides making surely your nails look classy, I recommend doing it on short nails and using a silver, gold, or ashen breeze through polish to do the whirl .
Watch this agile tutorial that uses pink and aureate polishes to get a beautiful, classy collar expect using swirls !
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6. Short Glitter Nails

Another capital way to add some glitter to your nails for a classy breeze through look is doing bare or white nails with glitter applied at the tips of your nails. You can besides do entire sparkle dialect nails, or not — it ’ s up to you !
This will add some extra foam to your nails while besides keeping them classy. Try out these press-on nails with glitter to get the count, or copy it with the polishes of your choice .

7. Short Marble Nails

Add Strength to Natural Nail with Gel Polish & Acrylic Powder/Marble NailsAdd Strength to Natural Nail with Gel Polish & Acrylic Powder/Marble Nails
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I am sure you have seen marble nails before. These were madly popular a few years ago and will still look great this season. They ’ re always classy and chic since they ’ re bare and normally achromatic in color .
What I love about the marble collar invention is you can either do all of your nails with marble or you can besides do emphasis nails with the marble design, if you want a more elusive expression .
If you are wondering how you can get this nail look at home plate, check out this tutorial for all the details !

Classy French Manicures

8. Ombre French Manicure

Watch this video on YouTube
I am certain most of us have besides seen this nail down vogue, which is the ombre french manicure ! This is a fun way to spice up the french manicure if you are tired of getting classical french Nails .
This will besides give you a beautiful nail count that you can wear to any fancy event ! It ’ s thus fluent and beautiful — everyone will be complimenting you on your gorgeous nails .

9. French Nails with Rhinestones

If you love french nails but want to add a little something extra to them, I recommend getting some rhinestones on your nails. For exercise, you could rock these press-on french nails with rhinestones .
Adding rhinestones to your french manicure will make your nails stand out more while besides making sure they calm look classy. Again, the theme is to use the rhinestones as a humble emphasis that won ’ thyroxine overpower your nails .
Adding rhinestones and doing your own french nails at home can be hard, but these press-on nails will make it super easy .

10. Classic French Nails

Watch this video on YouTube
My favored classy nail look is constantly the french manicure because it ’ s appropriate for any situation ! But, if you are doing your nails at home, giving yourself a french manicure can be kind of slippery .
so, to see all the steps of how to get the perfect french nails, lookout this flying tutorial on how to do it. You ’ ll be a professional in no time !

11. Colorful French Nails

If you love tinge, you can besides add some color to your favored french nails while besides getting a classy nail look ! Just swap the white tip for the color of your option. This is the most modern way to rock a french mani and is trending big clock this year.

When doing these kinds of nails, I would recommend going for a lighter color, as seen on these beautiful light purple press-on french nails .
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12. Glitter French Tip Nails

Glitter French Tip Nails With Dip Powder On SHORT Natural NailsGlitter French Tip Nails With Dip Powder On SHORT Natural Nails
Watch this video on YouTube
besides, another way to spice up your french nails and besides get a classy nail attend is by adding some glitter. ( Again, go elusive for the classiest look. )
I would recommend adding the glitter to the topple of your nails as shown in this tutorial because it will make your nails very stand out without looking crazy. If you love glitter, this is the perfective compromise between sophisticate and glam .

Classy Wedding Nails

13. White Flower Nails

White FLOWER NAIL ART / Easy & Elegant Wedding Nails DesignWhite FLOWER NAIL ART / Easy & Elegant Wedding Nails Design
Watch this video on YouTube
nowadays, if you will be attending a wedding soon, acting as a bridesmaid, or even if you have your own wedding coming up, you may be looking for classy breeze through ideas for weddings .
If you are looking for a simple but fun design to do for the marry, I recommend going for this beautiful nude and white nail expression with a bloom invention, shown in this tutorial .
You can even add a little sparkle by incorporating bone into the flower invention !
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14. Pink & Metallic Matte Nails

You HAVE To Try These Wedding Nails …You HAVE To Try These Wedding Nails...
Watch this video on YouTube
If you want a collar look that has more of a design to it that will look classy for a wedding, I love this beautiful, advanced breeze through theme .
It consists of light pink flatness nails with metallic pink cuticles. This pinpoint look has a beautiful contrast to it that makes it stand out from the pillow .

15. Glitter Cuticles

Glitter Bridal Nails | Wedding Nail Art Episode 2Glitter Bridal Nails | Wedding Nail Art Episode 2
Watch this video on YouTube
If you in truth want glitter for your marry nails, but want to keep it on the simpleton and classy side, I would do this nail front, which adds silver medal ombré glitter to your cuticles !
This is one of those classy collar ideas that you can 100 % do at base, fair watch this agile tutorial to learn how .

16. White Lace Nails

Simple White Lace Nails | koronkowe paznokcie || My WonderlandSimple White Lace Nails | koronkowe paznokcie || My Wonderland
Watch this video on YouTube
One other capital choice if you want to do a reasonably pinpoint blueprint for a marry is adding a lace design in white to your nails !
This may seem like a very intricate collar design to do yourself, but this tutorial will show you precisely how you can get these nails at home ! They look capital as emphasis nails, or you could do a unharmed set of nude and white lace nails — your choice .

17. Short French Ombre Wedding Nails

french Ombre Nail TutorialFrench Ombre Nail Tutorial
Watch this video on YouTube
For a ace simple but incredibly classy nail down idea that you can wear to a wedding, I ’ m obsessed with this short circuit and simple french ombré front on short nails. It ’ randomness by and large white for those wedding vibes but still has a french nail palpate to it .
rock this for a marry and you ’ ll have incredibly classy nails that you can wear for weeks subsequently .

Which one of these classy nail ideas is your favorite?

What classy nail down look are you going to try ? Do you prefer french nails or regular nails ?


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