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Smooth formula, dries fast!

I ordered two colors from the Elite Collection online- Bon Voyage + Champagne Pop. Bon Voyage looks like a courteous foresty park on the web site, but IRL its a grey moss-like green tinge. Almost like a green you ‘d expect to see on camouflage items. It was not american samoa opaque as I expected. Required 3 coats. With 2 coats, I could see my nail thru the polish under lighting. Champagne Pop is a bright rose gold on-line, slightly muted IRL Very gorgeous color still. One coat was surprisingly enough but I still used 2 for safe measures. Both practice very smoothly, dried polish just as promptly. No bunch or drag. Champagne Pop is a bite dense than Bon Voyage and I did have to trim one of the hairs on the brush. It ‘s cruetly free which is amazing but price fresh, it ‘s reasonably expensive. Would buy again if I had a coupon or if they had a special/limited tinge that no other brand offers .

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Much darker than expected but love the formula

This was my first color from ella & mila. I love that it ‘s 7-free and PETA certified. I ‘m so hard on my nails and polish chips indeed bad on me … I ‘m loving the formula – much more chip insubordinate than other lacquers I ‘ve tried and feels harder, without being a gelatin or anything like that. I ‘ve been looking for an olive for quite a while in stores and was not having any fortune. This came across a page I follow and I checked and they had TWO shades of sage to olive-esque colors to consider ! I went with Bon Voyage. Unfortunately it ‘s at least a shade or two dark on me than it shows on the picture on-nails on the web site ( and the painting without the hand and fair the bottle, is not even close to similar ). In person, this is a beautiful color but is a lot more blue grey-green than I expected. A acquaintance said she loved my colored grey, until I showed her in different lighting, where she could see a hint of k. not sure if it ‘s fair my bottle or if they ‘re all like that, since at least one early review called it a perfective olive. I think I am going to try Paradise Isle. I thought it would be a spot lighter than I wanted, but possibly it will be a shade darkness excessively or I ‘ll just like it anyhow ! I can always add a pair drops of Bon Voyage to make it a little deeper if wanted. overall I ‘m felicitous with the intersection, but not with the color reality compared to anticipation. I did compare on multiple screens, just to see if it was a screen remainder besides.

Reviewed by 850 customers

Flakes immediately

1 Maddie from Reston, VA It ‘s like my nails reject this pinpoint polish. No sooner have I gone through the harass of putting on the base coating and color and letting it dry, and I ‘ve already chipped it off. Annoying .

So long lasting!

5 Pandokie from Philly I picked up Bon Voyage when I was looking for an army-green type of nail polish. After a in truth disappointing undress and cracking know with Essie quick-dry nail polish after alone 2 days, I applied this nail polish and it ‘s so long last ! I ‘ve had this for about a week now, and normally, I will see little chips towards the edge of my nails by day 3 for all nail polishes, but this one has been going hard ! application was very easily, it dried in a fairly normal total of time, no bubbles .

Takes forever to dry, not durable

1 master of science from Boston Like the barefooted coloring material but… it took over an hour to dry. Required 3 coats to get solid color. After drying, feels soft and comes off when trying to open things or using your nails to do things. Would n’t buy again .

I would not buy this product again

2 Nana from Oh would not buy this again

Streaky formula

3 MeriMeg from San Diego I got the barefoot color, and it ‘s much more opaque than I thought it would. besides, not sure if I got an previous bottle, but it ‘s very streaked, tied after multiple coats. Expected better choice for the price .


2 Alexa from Los Angeles Beautiful color, but the polish chips less than a day after application ( literally, 2-3 hours ). Bummer !

No chipping

5 Kimchi from Irving texas then i do n’t know WHAT kind of caper some people have on here that causes their nails to chop, but I work at a parturiency intensive hands on job and for once, my nail polish did n’t chip the day after I applied the polish. I previously used “ accomplished salon manicure ” by sortie hanson and THAT chipped the very adjacent day. I did combine this with ella+millas quick dry polish so that may have helped. Highly recommend this nail polish brand .

1 and done

5 Kimchi from Irving TX I was looking specifically for a cruelty detached nail down polish. Ella + Mila fit the beak plus more ! ( They ‘re vegan and show their love for animals. ) on top of that, I had tried their vacation Fling from the ELITE collection and I was very pleased. You lone need one coat to cover your nails ! It actually is quick dry american samoa well. The shade is besides very cover girl. Will be purchasing from Ella + Mila all the time now : )

Beware of Ingredients

1 Kelly C. from New Haven, CT This product was bang-up as a polish, but within days, my toes started to swell. I immediately removed the polish and my feet went binding to normal. Upon doing some research on this brand, I found that while “ vegan ”, the ingredients have a high gear probability of allergic reaction. Best to test this out before painting all of your nails equitable in case .

I will not buy this brand again.

1 Gigi from Tennessee USA color streaked and chipped merely hours after application. very defeated .

Best Polish Ever!

5 Ope Let Me Squeeze Right Past Ya from Ohio I love Ella and Mila polish ( particularly nail down artwork ) ! always since I heard that nail polishes contain dangerous ingredients, I realized that I needed a safe, but a bang-up timbre polish. That ‘s when I came across Ella and Mila. When I first used it, it was a buttery smooth application. then I waited to see how long it ‘s would take for the polish to chip. It was within 6 to 7 days it started to chip ! then I started using it for nail art and the results were absolutely outstanding ! I highly recommend it if you have the budget for it. It ‘s expensive, but worth it .

Next day chip

2 Rjh from Boston The color could be more rich people and it started chipping the day after I applied espire using a base and circus tent coat. I ‘ve never had another brand chip with my crown coat but I ‘m already four nails down after 24 hours.

Love this Nail Polish ❤

5 dulcet from VA I Love this color

I love this color bon voyage.

5 @ Sweet from VA I love this coloring material and the quality of this nail polish can be worked level after layer and it looks beautiful .

I am OBSESSED with Ella + Mila polishes!

5 HollyB from West Palm Beach, FL This brand makes the best polish I ‘ve ever used. I normally do n’t polish my fingernails with colors, because they chip within a day. I can actually get respective days out of this. I normally change it because I ‘m aroused to try another color .

Champagne Pop

5 pyxie from Texas blink of an eye sleep together with this shade ! It did n’t smell chemical and or make me feel nauseating when it was going on ! I bought the top coat american samoa well and my nails now have a in truth decent finish and are lasting well ! Thank you for making a trade name of polishes that do n’t make me feel disgusted every clock I do my nails ! 10/10 I ‘ll be bet on for more !

Great polish!

5 Fireheart from Batesville I bought the coloring material Under the Sea and I love it ! It applied great with fair one coat. Such a reasonably summer discolor !


1 Carly from NY I love the colors and the ship’s company mission but the actual pinpoint polish chips terribly. It dried and immediately starts crack. tied when I use base coat and top coat the smash polish will not stay on .

Not for me!

2 Bendi from SC While I have enjoyed other products from Ella+Milla, this polish was equitable not for me. Had an about calcareous expression after applying. If that is your look, you will like it .

AMAZING nailpolish! 🙌🏻

5 xosharonn from Seattle, WA I ordered the color “ in line for wine ” it ‘s a burgundy/maroon shade, my clamber tonicity is tan and it compliments it so well ! It dries off flat which makes the smash color tied more unique ! this tinge is perfective for fall/girls night out !

Pretty color

4 Claudia from Flushing Nice color. Disappointed with chip after 2 full days of wearing. I used the base, 2 color coats, peak coat, rapid dry, and got tantalum jet. one applied polish under tips besides. I wear gloves to do dishes. any hints to make manicure last long would be appreciated .

Super flattering red

5 Leanne from San Jose Makes me feel like blistering thrust when I paint my nails this red red

Love At First Sight!

5 Krista from Fort Worth Under the Sea makes me glad ! The discolor is gorgeous & reminds me of being at the beach with my Nanny. I ‘m addicted to Ella+Mila and ca n’t wait to try this color with the exchangeable glitter polish that matches it. Love at first spy with this coloring material ! ; – )


5 Krista from Fort Worth I very wanted Yacht Club deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as I saw it & am therefore glad I bought it with my first buy. When it came, I could n’t wait to try it out & it looks fabulous ! I love the color & love the polish itself. I ‘m literally going crazy over all the nail polishes I ‘ve purchased therefore army for the liberation of rwanda ! LOVE it !

One of my favorite colors

5 Lenny from HOUSTON I love this tinge sooo much, perfect for all the seasons. I love all Ella+Milla products !

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