Have you always just been in a close away, sad, rebellious mood and wanted your nails to reflect that ? If indeed, you need to check out the badass designs for emo and gothic nails we ’ ve gathered together. certain, dark or black is the prime collar color for emo and gothic nails, but that doesn ’ thymine mean you can ’ thymine get creative and use early designs to mix in for that moody look. Everything from bum patterns and characters to gothic Roman numerals can be used to spice up your emo or gothic nail design.

so try your hand at some one-of-a-kind nail artwork by you or visit a pinpoint technical school for that perfect design. Whether you rock an emo or gothic smash design on long or short nails, the effect will be as dark and black as you desire.

Popular Goth and Emo Nail Designs

You ’ re credibly thinking goth and emo nails chiefly consist of black and gray, possibly some flatware. All the dark colors, right ? After checking out the 35 edgy emo and gothic designs below, you ’ ll be awakened to a whole newly world !

#1. Weird and Wacky

cute emo nails Use calcium hydroxide green and bright yellow to make checkerboard or striped patterns with black polish for these gothic nails. You can besides use a sparse white brush to make your own word artwork and draw a spiral on an dialect pinpoint.

#2. Pretty Emo

colorful emo nails We told you emo breeze through didn ’ t entirely consist of black ! toy with color by painting a grey ellipse in the center of long black nails, then add circles, x ’ mho, and triangles in your favored colors .

#3. Emo Scene

emo scene nails Think about your front-runner characters from the emo scene and put them smack on your nails ! These stiletto nails are very edgy and colorful, mixing bold black with pastels .

#4. Freddy’s Nails

emo stiletto nails Who could forget Freddy Krueger and his ill-famed loss and black striped perspirer ? Bring that gothic blueprint to dramatic crimson and white striped stiletto nails .

#5. Emo Acrylics

gothic acrylic nail ideas Wear your emo nails and be in the Christmas spirit at the like time by painting your nails a medium shade of red and adding white “ drips ” beginning from the cuticle .

#6. Gothic Lettering

gothic letter nail stickers A flatness total darkness nail polish is the perfective background on long almond nails for featuring white gothic letter. Pick an in-your-face phrase like the one seen hera or come up with your own !

#7. Classy Gothic

classy gothic nails somehow there ’ s a aphrodisiac side to these gothic nails. The stiletto supreme headquarters allied powers europe combined with felt black and white designs is very satiny. Some undimmed loss crystals are arrant for decorating an dialect complete .

#8. Gothic with Bling

gothic lolita nails You ’ five hundred never believe these are gel press-ons, but the glazed purple and black with their rhombus details distracts from that. easily make your gothic nails 3D with chain pieces and crystals .

#9. Gothic Wiccan

gothic wiccan nails Whether you ’ re a true Wiccan or it ’ randomness barely Halloween, we love these dark gothic nails. Nude pinpoint fade lightly into black tips where a bantam gold detail is waiting to shine .

#10. Bright Red Goth Nails

gothic almond nail shape When the moon is wide and your attitude is turning darkness, it ’ s the arrant time to flaunt gothic stiletto nails with bright crimson pictures on an about transparent black tip off .

#11. Goth Acrylic Nails

goth acrylic nails

For short rounded nails, rock a felt black with a white pentacle for accent on the call finger. If you like a little more glow on your nails, you can constantly add a top coat .

#12. Goth Stiletto Nails

goth stiletto nails

An emerald green is one means to class up gothic nails. The textured mark interracial with solid black and green nails very livens up this stiletto pinpoint design .

#13. Short Goth Nails

short goth nails

For a soft emo nail purpose, go for short rounded nails. A obviously black smash with white spiderwebs for stress is very neat .

#14. Emo Acrylic Nails

emo acrylic nails Feeling gay ? For Halloween, you have to try these purple-blue gothic nails. The design is airbrushed and features the tail of a cat, some spiders and their vane, and of run some cat ears .

#15. Gothic Coffin Nails

gothic coffin nail design We love a dramatic gothic nail on coffin nails – it is so fit ! Just add felt blacken and use stencils or a pinpoint technical school for the white designs .

#16. Pointed Gothic Nail Design

Pointed gothic nails, or claws, are perfectly chilling for Halloween. Try a grey-black ombre to get your skittish point across .

#17. Goth Nail Stickers

If you ’ re not excessively steady with the complete polish and don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to visit a smash technical school, consider purchasing some gothic nail stickers to add to medium duration square-shaped nails .

#18. Gothic Valentine Nails

Will you be mine, Valentine ? Make it a gothic Valentine ’ s Day by opting for black nails with a cunning touch of 3D rose art .

#19. Gothic Nails for Christmas

For Christmas or Halloween, a bright loss collar for gothic vibes is a must. Mix flat total darkness, glazed crimson, and a aglitter loss with either bows or fangs for a memorable style.

#20. Emo Fake Nails

emo fake nails Is it barely us or are press-ons like a giving from God ? When you ’ re in a rush for your medieval or emo nails, just do press-ons with crimson and black colors .

#21. Goth Wedding Nails

not everyone has a blank marry these days ! With gothic nails featuring a nude base and black tips, your marriage will be memorable for years to come .

#22. Ombre Goth Nails

To give your medieval nails a balmy vibration, choose a black ombre. Nude or beige fades to grey and that fades to pure black .

#23. Purple Goth Nails

Shiny bouncing purple is the perfective pop of color on gothic or emo nails. For glitter, stay on some dark purple sequins or silver crystals .

#24. Emo Gel Nails

emo gel nails We get it, you ’ ra supernumerary ! Make your nails match that “ extra ” personality of yours with maximum length and emo colors black and shimmery crimson .

#25. Simple Goth Nails

simple goth nails simple style in a flash just asks for bright black nails and a playfulness white drawing or dagger of Jack Skellington .

#26. Black Goth Nails

Gothic nail art designs This is a basic design for gothic nails. identical bare to have. You can draw a pentacle and skull on your fingers to enhance the volume of the gothic nails. Pentagram and skull are much associated with the concept of black charming.

#27. Pastel Goth Nails

pastel goth nails You can use pastel colors for your peasant nails. Whatever the base color is, the pattern or designs must be in black for goth nails .

#28. Red and Black Emo Nails

Hurt Emo Nail Design An emo has an ocean of feelings and emotion. He/she bank digest the pain being besides much impulsive. This design with loss and bootleg is a perfect word picture of emo people. They try to hurt themselves after being hurt by person else .

#29. Goth And Black

If you are using black dominantly, your gothic nails are already half-done. You don ’ t need to add a batch of patterns for gothic nails. Keep it goth and black. Love Black ? Find More Black Nail Art here

#30. Broken Hearted

Broken Heart Emo Nail Design “ I ’ m thus lonely, break angel ” if this is your front-runner song, this will be your favorite nail down design. Draw some stitched hearts stained with bloody loss resemble broken hearts. Emo persons are normally broken, this could be a good choice for having emo nails .

#31. Dark Gothic Nails

nox time is the favorite clock for the gothic people. They love darkness more than anything. You can have this double drawn your nails which is the perfect resemblance to a dark night .

#32. Emo Prince

Emo Prince Nail Art This is the stereotyped trope of an Emo son having long hair covering one side of the expression. There is an envelop mark with bolshevik love. All these symbols are the perfect reflection of the emo root. so, you can undoubtedly have them as emo nails. Football Nail Art To Support Fab team

#33. Emo Princess

Any emo girl will love this plan. There are a love polarity and a cross sign of skull side by side in this design. Which indicates that beloved is dangerous. And the son EX indicates that this girlfriend used to love person, now she is depress. Emo nails couldn ’ thymine be any better than this .

#34. Lunatic Goths

Gothic stiletto nail designs For some unknown reasons, goth people use chrome designs in their art. possibly because it refers to the prison term of night. And average people like us sometimes think that goths are daredevil for their different attitudes, which is not right. You can have this plan for your gothic nails .

#35. Goth Skulls

Gothic Skull Nail Design

Skulls are normally used in goth smash art. You can draw some images of human skulls on black nails for this blueprint. skull face deals with the subject of death, and death is a significant thing for gothic people. therefore, you can have your medieval nails painted with skulls. Geometric Nail Art For Geeky Girls Emo and Gothic are the people among us who feel and believe a morsel differently than us. That doesn ’ t make them bad or evil. We must commit liberalism in every sector of our liveliness. Let ’ s not be extremist. however, I have tried my best to give you some ideas regarding emo and gothic nails. Be yourself, do what you feel but, of course, preceptor ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate hurt anyone ’ s feelings or beliefs. Hope you ’ ll find these emo and gothic nails useful.

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