I got this set of 50 Piece Color collar art brushes because myself and my daughters are always doing our nails. Its something we do in concert one a week at least .
We absolutely LOVE these Emori nail art brushes. It comes in 50 unlike bright, fun colors .

  • Blue Glitter
  • Copper Glitter
  • Bronx Glitter
  • Armageddon
  •  Crush Shell                                              031
  •  Purple Glitter
  •  Mermaid Tail
  • Cosmos  Pink Glitter
  •  Silver Glitter
  • Silver Glitz  Red Glitter
  •  English Breakfast

besides Luscious Lilac, Lavender, Lover, Lock Down, Baby Blue, Bunny, Neon Yellow, Neon Fushia, Neon Purple, Evergreen, White, Funky Pink, Neon Orange, Retro Denim, Blue, Green, Sky Blue, Red, Love Plum, Socialite, Pink Lady, Barbie, Toyland, Black, Yellow, Sweet Sonnet Copper, Silver, Mirror, Dream Girl, Cobalt, Atlantic, Brown, Subtle Flirt, Neon Green, Elegant and Vampire. There ’ randomness a color for ANY design you want or can think of.

There ’ s thus much you can do with these Emori Nail art polish brushes. You can design each nail down or just one. even paint your whole nail even though the brush is thinner to be able to make lines, dots flowers- what ever you can imagine. You can go all out or just something elementary .
The polish is thickly and very colorful unlike other breeze through art polish That I have tried in the past .
Each bottle of nail art Lacquer is made of glass and .8ml. Which will last a long time. When you receive your software you get 8 boxes with 6 complete polishes and 2 extra which makes them easy to store .
I cant say adequate about how amaze I am by this breeze through art Lacquer polish. Emori is an perplex ship’s company that very stands behind there merchandise and I do a well so would recommend to anybody who likes to do there nail or who has a female daughter, granddaughter who likes to have playfulness looking nails .
They are sol easy to use my 6 and 7 class old took turn doing each others. My 10 year erstwhile did her own .
The set besides comes with 3 small compress smash polish remove pads in the scents of Pear, Grape and blasphemous berry. They don ’ t have a identical firm acetone scent like most finger complete polish and leave your fingers feeling actually dried out. The containers are modest adequate to fit in your purse, suitcase any wheres so perfect to take on the go .
This would make a perfect give for anybody or merely to spoil yourself. 100 % satisfy customer !

Dont forget your toes like to look amazing as well~
hypertext transfer protocol : //www.amazon.com/Emori-TM-Lacquer-Scented-Remover/dp/B0051SDC2Y/ref=sr_1_1 ? ie=UTF8 & qid=1423529278 & sr=8-1 & keywords=Emori
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