Enraptured with the beautiful pattern spring 2020 nail

Shine along with beautiful nails sample-specific nail designs.

Nail art decorations are becoming more prevalent. Today, nail is seen as one of the “secret weapon” of her stylish. 2020 along with many decorative nail trends beautiful and impressive. If you want to stand out and fashionable, let’s explore the ELLE Beauty nail sample matching each nail designs in the following article.
Almond-shaped nail tip tapered and rounded, similar shape of an almond. Typically, this style should be strengthened by gel or acyclic. Almond nail shape is often decorated with animal motifs (Electric Animal Print) is the perfect suggestion for the new year. This decorative style for ladies personality and creativity. The animal motifs combined with bright colors to bring you the feeling of fun but no less stylish. Moreover, you can freely invent patterns and colors that you love.

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For her often to nails short, rounded nails with classic designs always occupy the top spot in the list of favorites. Round shaped nails natural shape of the fingers. This nail design suitable for color nails slippery style motifs (Cool neutrals). Those who love the simplicity of this type of foundation is one of the top priorities. Only by slight varnish onto the fingers also may cause your hand to the fore without too fussy. Cool neutrals pluses for is diversity. Apart round nail designs, you can apply for this decoration different designs.
Apart round nail designs, you can apply for this decoration different designs.

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Nail Designs gourd shaped similar round nails, but with little more than the length. Gourd shape feels slim hand, brings elegance and luxury. Thin French Manicure (nail style combined with sleek contoured tip thin section) is extremely suitable for oval nails. With simple design is adorned by one or two thin contoured tip section, French Nails are favored by ladies pursuing luxury style and minimalist.

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Similar sharp claws shaped almond nails but with a sharp tip over. This is definitely the type of foundation that she favored style charm should not be ignored. Except sharp point of the nail is brittle and quite inconvenient. Popular decor for nail tip is sewn crystals (Crystal Manicure). The sparkling crystals will make your hand stand out and attract. We can combine with the sample crystal nail prom dress, you will definitely be the highlight of the party.

Style sharp claws


Negative Space

If you are a lady with artistic soul, try just this type of nails. Negative trends are very much space believer Popular manicure. Features of this nail samples are blanks on nails. The space is spared and not be painted over. With simple designs but sophisticated style of this foundation is like a work of art with a purpose.

Paint “stealth” are suitable for use at the time you want to give your nails a “day off”. Essentially paint “invisibility” coat is glossy. Paint acts as a support class feeling healthy nails. All what you need to do is cut the nail hygiene and cleanliness, then paint on the support layer. This trend began to draw attention after the show debuted a new collection of pop art brand Coach in New York Fashion Week.

Barely there polish

Undoubtedly, the target market In the Stars dedicated to her spirit and creative dreams. Stars, moon and zodiac symbols are popular motifs of this nail sample. This nail sample provides a feeling of dreamy but equally mysterious. You can combine with accessories to hand striking and attractive.

In the stars

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