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Things you will need
Lemongrass essential anoint

Cotton ball

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    Do you want to remove your nail polish in a natural way?
    many women love to polish their fingernails. Polishing nails is the best way to beautify the hands. Nail polish can make a charwoman feel attractive and confident. For some women, it can be a tool to attract men. Some men like it when women have polished nails. not only are they attractive but it shows that the womanhood takes good manage of her hands .

    Getting a manicure or a pedicure is a mannequin of self-grooming that can keep the nail blank and goodly. Women besides find it identical relaxing to have collar care done either at home or at a salon. Nail manage has gotten a lot of care recently that there are many establishments nowadays that offer different kinds of nail discussion .

    Although collar polish is beautiful, many people are concerned about the chemicals that are show in many pinpoint products. Another thing to be concerned about is that wearing smash polish for a long time can cause the nails to become yellow. You should remove your nail polish from clock to time. The most common way to do it is by using a nail polish remover .

    acetone is the most common and the least expensive character of nail polish remover. It is a clear melted with a potent acidic scent. It can effectively remove dry nail polish from the nail down surface. The downside of using acetone smash polish remover is that it is very harsh on the skin and nails. Acetone gets the job done but immediately after using it, our nails look and feel dry. This is because acetone is used as a rouge stripper. When used on nails, it strips the nails of their natural oils and as a consequence, dries them out. If you use acetone regularly, your nails will become brittle and prone to skin, separate and break. Furthermore, acetone besides dehydrates the cuticles and this will leave the skin exposed for hangnails and splits on the nail come on.

    fortunately, there is an essential vegetable oil that can effectively remove nail polish. essential lemongrass oil has recently become popular as a natural nail down polish remover. It can remove nail polish without the hard olfactory property and without the harmful english effects. additionally, lemongrass essential vegetable oil is antibacterial and fungicidal that can help protect the nails from any fungal issues. besides, lemongrass has a relax, fresh odorize that can besides boost your immune system .

    1. Put two drops of lemongrass all-important oil on a cotton ball .

    2. Rub your nail until the polish is gone .

    3. Simply repeat the process on the rest of the nails .

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    reference : https://nailcenter.us
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