Do n’t pack your metallic New Year ‘s Eve dress away fair even, because the January 2019 Essie colors may make you want to wear it all calendar month long. The smash polish and care company just announced it ‘s releasing two raw collar polish collections in January : the Serene Slate Collection and the Treat Love & Color Metallics Collection, both of which feature super reflective metallic shades. You do n’t need to just wear the collections ‘ bright shades with sequins, though ; the Essie shades show the elusive side of metallic not often explored. true, “ subtle ” and “ metallic ” are n’t often put together in a sentence, but the Serene Slate Collection pulls it off with a pretty mix of cream neutrals and shimmery shades. Retailing at $ 9 per bottle, the collection and its shade names are all about disconnecting with technology — which does n’t sound bad at all. The Serene Slate solicitation features nine colors with two hushed metallics in by and large cool tones ( though there is a stunning rose quartz-inspired shade, Wire-Less Is More ). The two metallics are both in the cool class ; Gadget Free is a shimmery, metallic gunmetal gray and Cause & Reflect is an understate, pearlized indigo blue that will still glitter when overtake in the right light. At $ 10 per bottle, the Treat Love & Color Metallics Collection features eight shades from all over the rainbow. Since it ‘s a share of the Treat Love & Color line, the metallic collection ‘s shades besides include Essie ‘s breeze through strengthening formula — a breathable blend that includes collagen and camellia extract. The convention targets nail peeling and breakage, two coarse problems that anyone who paints their nails often may encounter.

According to Essie ‘s web site, the recipe works : users experienced 60 percentage less desquamation and 35 percentage less breakage after one week. As an add bonus, the collar polish rule does n’t require a base or top coating. thus when you buy the $ 10 breeze through polish, you ‘re actually buying a nail strengthener, base coating, nail color, and top coat, barely in one bottle .Courtesy of Essie The nail polish ‘s strengthening recipe gives the collection ‘s shades their unique, flashy names. The easy gold shade is named Glow The Distance, the metallic bronze gold is Pep In Your Rep, the black bull is finish Line Fuel, fair to name a few. The neutral metallics make it easy to find one that complements your skin tone to create a nude manicure with a insidious polish. While the collections are posted on Essie ‘s web site, they wo n’t be available for buy there until later in January. For the prison term being, you can find a few shades from each collection on HSN or CVS .

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