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Don’t judge it’s cover

How I use the intersection is that I use a base coat and waited until it dried. The product dry pretty fast for people who ‘s actually impatient. then again, I coated the Essie polish and, the color, oh my gosh it ‘s true to its color. I loved the color to the point that I double coated it to make it darker to get the fall look. It kind of took border linger to dry but then again, it ‘s a fantastic merchandise. After when it ‘s dried, good added the top coat when it ‘s dried. I use the matte greatcoat just to make the solid front. Got tantalum love the intersection !

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When I beginning bought this color, it was the perfective lilac shade for my skin tone and I loved it. After a while though, I noticed that the color in the bottle turned unhorse aristocratic with no purple in it at all. I applied it and the color was a light blue on my nails besides. At foremost, I thought that it was entirely because I stored the smash polish in a topographic point that made the color turn blue. But all my other Essie breeze through polishes that were stored there did not change in color. So I bought another bottle, and the same matter happened. I bought a third base bottle, and my results were the like. overall, I was disappointed that it turned to unaccented blue, because the master lilac shade looked truly full on me and I loved it a lot. Maybe its fair me ?

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5 4theanimals from Houston, TX I bought “ For the Twill of It All ” and the color is fantastic. It is fair as it appears on-line. Goes on smooth and actually lasts. I applied 2 coats and the Essie top coat in the white bottle on my natural nails and I ‘ve had no chips in 5 days. I love it so much I bought another discolor !

Love !!

5 european union from Hawaii I love this color. Soft, pearl, and color switch. beautiful

I would by this product again

5 K from TX good buy .

Beautiful color ! Lighten the mood

4 TC 222 from Tuxedo Park, NY Lighten the climate is a gorgeous color. I do n’t think the description matches the color. It is a light dusty rose, similar to a ballet skidder. This polish goes on smooth and lasts for four or five days without noticeable chip. This polish has improved over the years, and lasts a lot long nowadays. I have never had a pinpoint chip, due to wearing Essie polish .

Nail polish chips and cracks easily.

1 millimeter from Las vega I put on 3 coats of polish, over a 4 hour period of meter. The following day I went to work and noticed that I already had several chips and cracks. After one day. And I did n’t in truth do anything .

Should be called metallic rainbow

5 SeriphNox from Vermont This is thee bombest collar polish I have always laid eyes upon ! And hear I was thinking it would just be this metallic grey. hour angle ! um, ladies this has rainbow holographic reflects. I purchased the Rock Your World 1565 shade. Had I known it looked like it does, I probably would have bought 4-5, particularly being on sale. It looks precisely like the holographic complete powder, but with way less mess and clean up. Of course it ‘s Essie, so it lasts well on the complete 5-7 check free days. Love the authoritative Essie rounded paint brush, works like butter applying. please merely buy it if you like/love rainbow/holographic. It ‘s my favorite Essie shade as of now. Does need 2-3 coats to look like the bottle, but evening one coat is beautiful, which I ‘ve never liked, said, or thought before this .

Color change

3 Riri from Florida I love Essie normally but this lilacism discolor turned blue and pink after paint. It was therefore wyrd .

Royal polish

5 Clancy09 from Mequon, WI When you ‘re royalty, you can use it everyday – ballet Slippers by Essie

Always I buy Esse

5 Brenda from LA I like identical much I used in my toenails .


5 Irmf from Los Angeles, CA This is a bang-up white-out color. If you ‘re looking for a pure white nail polish that is n’t see through then I highly recommend this one. Plus Essie polishes are exempt of the top chemicals normally used .

your a gem

5 babystacie from secret intelligence service thus reasonably I ‘m going to get another in a different coloring material campaign I cant get enough of the color, light empurpled pink aura


4 QueenSheba from Illinois great coverage evening in one coat but work fast cuz she chummy. looove the curl wand.

Below Zero Nail Polish

4 JC from Denver I love this breeze through polish. I in truth love how shimmery it is. It ‘s a little dark than the video but that ‘s okay. & The only rationality I ‘m giving it four stars is because it needs more than five coats..

Looks like jewelry on nails

5 mcge1580 from fishers, IN I use of another al-qaeda tinge. I love the toss off if gives my nails. Formula allows you to make an even dispersion of the sparkles .


4 kitkat from MD I got the shade berry naughty, it ‘s literally the PERFECT crimson. The brush is easy to work with, and it looks slick and pretty. The only thing is that it kind of starts chipping after alone a couple days, possibly even the like day .

Color a deeper purple/red

4 LoriLove from LA The semblance on the bottle is everything I was looking for. Essie never disappoints quality-wise though .

the milky white I was looking for

4 dani from Michigan I was in search for a creamy, milky white polish and spend hours researching. I landed on this little ridicule and am so glad I did ! I read reviews of people struggling to get an even, non streaked solution, but I honestly did not have any worry at all. It did take 3 quotes to reach the opacity I desired, but each coat went on smoothly and dried quicker than I expected. merely reason I did n’t give it a 5/5 was because a week and half in, the polish started cracking all over .

Good but…

4 ash from San Diego, CA I love the nail polish, the entirely thing is that one coat is not enough since it is a very swerve polish. Unless that ‘s what you ‘re looking for. I had to do 2-3 coats before my chain mail was in full covered

Always a fav

5 Ranswife from Pa Always an essie customer. The polish has never failed me.. promptly dries and gives at least 4 days without chipping. Tons of compliments each time

Way better than OPI

5 sol from Boston Quickly dries and does n’t smudge ! It looks nail salon done when I finished and people even asked about getting my nails done ! Will be buying this over opi now .

“Rock Your World”

5 faith from Somewhere, USA LOVE this argent nail polish. Perfect tad of silver with finely, holographic glitter that ‘s easily removable .

“You’re A Gem”

5 faith from Somewhere, USA LOVE this smash polish. Fine glitter looks a lot better than chunky glitter and removes more easily. This color is capital, about looks like an age-old gold semblance in certain light .

Looks more pink when on

4 em from Michigan Will need two coats. Looks more light pink when on. light but very pretty .

New Formulation VERY Thick

2 Carrie from New Mexico I have used Essie for many years because it has been a reliable, highly pigmented, smooth polish. however, my Essie purchases that I have purchased in the death year have been a nightmare to apply. Curiously, the Essie polish I bought 18 months ago STILL apply better than my recently purchased Essie polishes. They must have changed the formulation. It is so slurred that I plainly ca n’t use them. I am very defeated.

Worth every cent

5 Kimbo313 from Washington There is a reason why this polish is sol democratic. I put off using it for years because I figured there was no way this polish was THAT adept. Boy, was I wrong. The pigment is amazing and it applies then smoothly. I absolutely love it and I will decidedly be buying more .

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