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Nail changer, head turner

This is one product I am obsess with from essie. The matte finish is actually unlike and a nice exchange from the patent reflect. wholly deserving the change-up !

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White Flecks

typically use a different brand but decided to give Essie a inject since it ‘s sold at the Walmart airless to my house. I assumed that being one of the more expensive drug store brands, it would be good, but I have systematically gotten these white flecks on every individual complete I paint ! I have been a breeze through technical school for over 5 years nowadays and this is the worst flat top coat I ‘ve used.

Reviewed by 274 customers

Love the look

5 Cait314 from St Louis, MO Love the spirit this gives my breeze through ! It ‘s quick dry and has a great velvet feel. But, I did get some polish shrinkage at the tips from applying this. nothing major, no one would even notice except I know it ‘s there. Some tips : 1. if your worried the white pieces it can cause, wipe your bottle neck clean with a cotton ball and polish remover before/after applying. 2. Applying a bright top coat first before this matte one can make a huge deviation to the lasting exponent and operation of your manicure .

Does exactly what it says

5 Kels from NYC I ‘m very impress with this top coating. I have only had luck with one other top coat from Essie. I even threw one out due to the discoloration. This is a beautiful felt, I ca n’t stop touching my nails it ‘s therefore placid. It dried therefore fast .


5 Shellbell from Ohio It works great with ColorSTREET .

very pretty

5 A from highland After reading the review I was hesitant to buy but I have not had any issues with the polish. I stuck to my act and they are on their moment week. prepped, cleaned, applied a base ( essie brand, complete polish ( essie quick dry trade name ), and matte !

Is very matte, but not worth it

2 Cj from Texas This is a very beautiful matte but it constantly chips and when it does, it brings my natural nail with it causing it them to thin. Does n’t last longer than a day .


3 Amber from Austin, TX Applied as a top coat to Essie polish. It looks great for a small while, a courteous velvet felt, but it besides chips reasonably easily and wrinkles the polish within the first few days. I chose this as a endowment with leverage and I ‘m rather beaming I did n’t actually pay for it : /


2 Kevin from Ohio I figured I ‘d try this with the polish I had before buying all new polish, and used it over opi polish to try flatness. It lasted about a week before chipping a distribute, and when I used breeze through polish remover, the color was inactive on my nails. A calendar month late with painting over with respective unlike colors, my nails are still green underneath. finally my nails will have grown to the bespeak the color is gone, but placid sucks

Amazing result… for about a day

3 Charli from WA I LOVED the foremost day of wearing this. however, a soon as I washed my hands a few times I noticed the polish starts to wrinkle. The flat effect lasts about that long adenine well. so, not great for long time wear, but absolutely antic for a specific look/day/night. merely try to keep your hands out of water system .

Doesn’t Last

2 Morgan from Kentucky unfortunately, the felt share of my polish lone lasted about a day or two after applying. After that, I was left with my regular, glistening polish. Great price, but I wished it held up better .

the matte effect works great

5 b from JAX FL The felt effect works great ! Does not change the color of what ‘s underneath. Does n’t add eldritch texture like some other brands. first Essie merchandise I ‘ve seen that has a bigger brush that ‘s more available than all their polishes previously purchased … hopefully they are starting to do this for all their products going forward .


5 Roni from AZ I ‘ve used it on all my polish and it ‘s amaze !


4 Jac from Florida I love this felt top coat ! It dries fast and is not streaky at all. I would recommend using a normal greatcoat underneath this though, because it ‘s pretty sparse and does n’t I feel like it does besides much protecting. besides be careful of dried product falling in, sometimes I have little white spots on my nails because I ‘ve dried up product that got into the bottle. There are those two small inconveniences, but at the end of the day this is still the best flat finisher I have tried

matte is marvelous

5 Belle from Alabama ~ one coat provides felt finish over polish ~ does not chip easily ~ smooth finish up

doubled the number of nail colors I own

5 ERae from Chicago I used it with a Red Carpet gel color and so far no chips. It was easy to apply and has a fun flatness end. I used it to create a tone on note french manicure. Love the impression .

nope from me.

1 twstedlgc from undisclosed this polish dries quickly and looks great … until you see all of the bantam ashen dots ruining your manicure. apparently it ‘s a problem ( see other reviews ), so I do n’t know why this product is being sold as is. I love essie and am highly disappoint .

Doesn’t work

3 Nicolep01 from Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK I ‘ve used this merchandise for a long clock time but every fourth dimension I get halfway down the bottle, it merely stops working ! My finger is now half flat, half glossy and the rest of my nails are glossy and completely dry ! Probably wo n’t be buying this top coat again – when it works its ace good, but beware once you ‘re center through it, you ‘ll have to buy another one .

This is matte…

3 David from South Florida It ca n’t get any topic than this. If extreme flat is what you are looking for, look no far. Way more entangle than what I wanted or expected, but that ‘s another story .

Super matte for the first day

4 Dave from San Francisco Super flatness for the first day but then I noticed it got a little less but calm actually decent. besides dry reasonably fast which was my trouble with other matte top coats

Terrible top coat

1 Sam from Arlington, Wa I bought this to use as a top coat over my already matte nails, it does n’t go on clear, it left like a yellow film, and it did n’t stay, within a day the top coat was cracking and falling off and warped the gummed label decorations that were on my nails. I would not recommend it .

Instant chipping

1 jordanst from Calgary I bought this for a marry and painted my nails the night before, I took extra care when painting them to make sure they were perfect. They were chipping by the future dawn ! I had to repaint my nails before the wedding they chipped so bad. I ‘ve tried it a few more times on different polish, but hush saw the same results..

Great matte effect

5 sushi from South Africa I bought this, and I am truly felicitous I did. This gives an amaze flat effect, and it looks stunning. Although it does n’t bother me, it does change the color slightly. This is actually a great top coat to have …

best matte polish ever

5 Alexis from St. Louis, MO I love flat nails and have been in the search for one for the LONGEST time. I use alone Essie breeze through polish, so I wanted an Essie top coat since it ‘ll work best with the nail down polish. I ‘m glad ULTA sells it because I snatched this quickly ! I tried it and it does make my nails indeed matte. It besides dried ace cursorily which I LOVE !

Good product!!

4 Mikala from Illinois I bought this detail because I wanted a matte top coat. My fingernails were good for about two days, then started to chip, but that is distinctive for me. It has lasted long on my toes ! This intersection is easy to use and leaves a beautiful felt finish to any nail polish .

Not as expected

1 Martine from Tx Does not give a soft satin complete to glossy nail polish as hop


5 Johanna from Tennessee I put a fast dry top coat gloomy on my polish color first and then add this flatness on peak and it ‘s perfect ! ! ! I wish I could post pictures !

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