Estee Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Rosa Rosa Review

Estee Lauder Rosa Rosa Nail Paint
I got 3 nail enamels death year from Estee Lauder and all 3 shades are therefore different in my collection and I love them. I have been using the smash colors since then and thought this reappraisal is long due. I normally go for pretty pinks and bare colors, but this clock time it was mum who chose the shades and frankincense all the shades were so raw and different. today, I am going to review the color ‘ Rosa Rosa, ’ I found the appoint identical funny. This is a reasonably dark coral ghost and first gear in my collection. According to their web site, it is a bright pinko shadow, but when I applied it on my nails, I found the color more coral than pink.

Second Estee Lauder has always been my favorite brand and none of their products have disappointed me. The first prison term I tried their complete enamels, I actually loved the choice of colors they provided. [ The web site doesn ’ thyroxine have all the shades listed, you need to go to their stores to find more shades ] and the quality of their nail down enamels were so good excessively. The applicator is so adept that makes the application so easy for a person like me who normally messes up nail polish application. This is something I have to mention, the smash polish doesn ’ thymine have any strong bouquet at all like the early pinpoint enamels and nail polish removers .
I have to mention about their packaging. It is barely amazing. The nail enamel comes in a uncompromising glaze which is transparent and the outside box has a small space which good reveals the color. It is so classy and baloney worthy. I would have dropped the bottle a couple of times and thank God, it did not break .
The price of the nail enamel is $ 19 .


• Pretty packaging. I have never seen such cunningly carry nail enamels before. They are quite different from the usual ones.
• Sturdy bottle. As I mentioned earlier, it survived 2 drops so far ! ! ! now, I am very careful with these, don ’ t want to take a find.
• Good color choice available. Do check out their stores and not barely the web site.
• The ghost I have [ Rosa Rosa ] is such a pretty coral shade.
• Applicator is good and makes the application easier.



• Availability is limited in India and besides, I don ’ t think we get to see all the shades that is available overseas.
• Price is high for a pinpoint enamel. I might buy a $ 19 nail enamel, but not a Rs. 1000 one 😛 Yes, I won ’ t have the heart to spent Rs. 1000, so I might buy this when I am on a shopping spree.
• The nail enamel chips in 2-3 days ! ! ! I was very defeated 
My Rating:
3/5 .
Would I Repurchase:

I already have 3 shades, so I don ’ triiodothyronine think I ’ ll buy more until I finish all these bottles .
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