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long nails are decidedly having their moment in 2022. From your favorite TikTokers to the women of Euphoria, it seems like everyone in the world is rocking long nails right immediately .
While I wasn ’ metric ton certain about this look at first, it ’ mho very grown on me. Long nails are sol glam and in truth make me feel like I have my life sentence together. ( Plus, they make the most meet click healthy when you ’ re type on the computer… very ASMR. )
Need some fresh pinpoint inspo for your future long manicure ? Here are the cutest long nail ideas we’re dying to try this year.

Long Acrylic Nails Designs

Black and Nude Marble Swirl Coffin Nails

The coffin shape has taken the nail down world by ramp these past few years, and eddy nails are huge right now excessively. So it only makes sense to put them together, with a turn .
How cute are these coffin nails with black and nude accents ? They resemble gemstones on your nails. The arrant jazz band of two amazing trends .

Long Pink Stiletto Nails

For all the girly vibration, these light pink stiletto nails are merely stunning ! They ’ ra feminine and sugared, yet a little edgy all at the like time .
While you could get these done as acrylics, these are actually a set of press-ons available on Etsy, so you can wear them over and over again .

Jelly Acrylic Nails

jellify nails were a huge drift a few years ago and they ’ re back in cool new styles for 2022 .
These coffin shaped light pink and neon jelly nails are SO pretty and attention-getting ! I love the neon edges and the clear tips — so cool. The best function is, you can buy this exact stage set on Etsy. I ’ meter planning to scoop these up for myself ASAP .

Unicorn Glow Nails

Unicorn Glow Nails | Nail Art Tutorial | Acrylic Nail TutorialUnicorn Glow Nails | Nail Art Tutorial | Acrylic Nail Tutorial
Watch this video on YouTube
good when you thought these unicorn nails couldn ’ t get any cool, you realize they glow in the dark ! seriously, I am in fear of the art that ’ s happening hera — decidedly watch the tutorial to see how these are done because it ’ s so cool .
These would be so much fun for a birthday or particular occasion, or, honestly, anytime you want to add a fiddling *magic* to your mani .

Brown Matte Cow Print Nails

Cow print nails are a super trendy idea for long nails right now, but they ’ re particularly cool in felt brown and white, as seen above, for a bohemian feel .
I love the double dialect nails because they add barely the correct total of sake to this farseeing mani. ( You can buy the nails as a set here. )

Black Long Nails Design

Black Matte Long Coffin Nails

long black nails are madly popular for all those edgy vibes this year. If you want to be classic about it, you can not go wrong with these long matte black coffin shaped nails .
Rock these for concerts, nights out, or anytime you want all those witchy/baddie vibes .

Yin Yang Black and White Nails with Flame Accent

As we discussed in our mail on the best pink smash ideas, yin yang nails are one of the biggest trends for 2022 thanks to the fall of everything ’ 90s and 2000s .
I peculiarly like this set of press-ons that features a yin-yang pinpoint aboard total darkness and white french nails, star nails, and flame nails. It ’ s such a cool mani that you ’ ll want to wear again and again .

Black Starry Haze Night Sky Nails

For all the celestial vibraphone, you need to try this black “ starry haze ” night sky mani !
While this complete estimate could work on shorter nails, long collar actually allow the beautiful design to shine. And while these are decidedly capricious, the black makes them neutral enough to wear every day. The perfect unexpected manicure choice .

Chic Black Abstract Nails

Want to look like “ that girl ” who has her life wholly together ? It does not get more “ cool girl ” than these black and nude almond-shaped long nails .
While ultra-long nails aren ’ t normally work appropriate, a inert mani like this would be acceptable in most casual workplaces. And you ’ ra certain to get tons of compliments wherever you go. I can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get over how beautiful these are !

Long Black Nails with Glitter

For when you want your mani to give “ sophisticated glam, ” choose for these black and matte glitter long coffin nails. I love that the glitter is applied to matte polish for an about sugary appearance .
These nails are chic, they ’ re neutral, and they ’ re still superintendent bubbling — what could be better ?

White Long Nails

Classic French Long Nails with Rhinestone Detailing

The classic long pink and white french mani is all over Tiktok and I think it looks the best on coffin-shaped nails like these .
Got an consequence coming up ? Can ’ metric ton decide what nails to get ? This mani is an easy go-to that will never let you down. It looks beautiful for any scenario thanks to its classic attract.

Nude Nails with White Swirls

here ’ s another remove on the popular twirl nails look, this time with long nude nails covered in white swirls. ( Buy the determine of press-ons hera. )
I think this might be my favorite long complete estimate of all the ones on this list ! It ’ randomness glam, it ’ mho cool, it ’ south minimal, it ’ randomness feminine, and it ’ s modern. Plus, it will work for absolutely any event you have coming up, from weddings to parties to vacations .

Long Nude and White Outline Nails

Outline nails are another huge drift in manicures this season. These nails come in every color under the sun and are so much fun to play with. ( I love them in black as well. )
These pink and white draft nails are simple and beautiful. They look supernumerary perplex in a long length, besides !

Milky White Marble Nails with Gold

These milky white marble nails are indeed unique and expensive looking. With the addition of some gold accents in varying shapes, this is one glam even subtle mani .
The best separate is, these nails are low-cost press-ons, so it will only look like you spent a short ton on them .

Simple & Classic Long White Nails

ultimately, you can ’ thyroxine go faulty with a crisp blank mani all year round. I particularly love it paired with a summer tan !
These long white coffin nails are simply beautiful, arrant for getting those “ uninfected girl ” vibes we ’ re seeing all over TikTok. You could besides add nail stickers if you wanted to spice them up a little more — so many possibilities .

Long Ombre Nails

Nude Glitter Ombre Accent Nail

Ombre nails are one of the most popular styles we ’ ra seeing on long nails this year, so it ’ s merely right that they got their own section of this post. It wouldn ’ t be a list of long nail ideas without them !
I had to kick it off with this beautiful mani, featuring a nude glitter ombre accent nail as well as rhinestones. This long nail mind gives me Britney Spears “ Toxic ” bodysuit vibraphone and I ’ megabyte not brainsick about it .

White and Pink Cloud Ombre Nails

These white and pink cloud ombre nails are so dreamy !
I love cloud breeze through as a tendency in general but the addition of an ombre background brings this long manicure over the top. It looks like a beautiful sunset and I can ’ metric ton period star. One of the prettiest ideas on this number for certain .

Light Blue Matte Long Nails with Butterflies

Butterfly nails are going to be everywhere this year ( remember what I said about the restitution of the 2000s ) and butterfly graphics look bang-up atop these light blue and white ombre long nails .
Pick up the full adjust of press-ons on Amazon and you ’ ll have on-trend nails you can re-wear over and over .

Long Sparkly Ombre Coffin Nails

here ’ s another one of my darling long nail ideas on this list. These absolutely stunning ombre sparkle coffin nails use a horizontal ombre rather of a upright that creates a gradient of color across your whole hand .
I honestly can ’ thyroxine believe these are press-ons ! They look seamless and professionally done. 10/10 amazing .

Pink and White Ombre Nails

last but not least, we have this beautiful sic of hot pink to white ombre coffin nails. I ’ ve decidedly been seeing gradient nails like these a lot more recently and they ’ re truly easy to DIY on your natural nails .
however, if you want farseeing gradient nails, a determined of press-ons in a long coffin shape like this is perfect, and they come pre-polished so you just have to apply them and go. so easy and therefore cunning !

What’s your favorite way to wear long nails? Any ideas we missed?

What do you think of the long nails tendency ? Do you prefer short nails or long nails ? Which of these long nails ideas would you want to try ?
Tell me what you think in the comments section down below.


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