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photos : we heart this The first prison term I saw the words ‘ Face Stockholm ‘ was in the mid 1990s on a now-defunct retail smasher web site. I remember being intrigued by precisely the list alone, and when I saw the colors of the products in collection, my scheme cursorily grew into a balmy obsession. I have used and loved many Face Stockholm products over the years ( their eyeshadows are amazing ! ), and the wht review team gave a boastful emboss of approval to their accurate eyeliner pencils. Yet, until I delved a bite more into the ship’s company for this recapitulation of their vibrant Non Toxic Nail Polishes, I never knew the report behind the name. The fall through of Face Stockholm, Gun Nowak, owned “ three of the hippest fashion boutiques in Sweden in the 70 ’ second and 80 ’ second ” ( what a fun prison term in history to own a fashion boutique, right ? ) and was into “ crazy makeup ”. But Ms. Nowak had a arduous prison term finding constitution in the colorful shades she wanted, so she decided to take matters into her own hands. She opened her first makeup shop in 1980, and then enlisted her daughter Martina Arfwidson ( who was in the midst of launching a singing career in New York ) for assistant. This mother-daughter team went on to create a brand that has truly made a list for itself when it comes to sleek, modern products in cutting-edge colors.

See ! Bright, punchy, fashion forward color – for women, not tweens. The wht review team received a few of the latest shades from Face Stockholm ’ s expansive Non Toxic Nail Polish, ( $ 12 ) collection and when I saw the shades I would be testing, 106 ( a beautiful, deep, hot pink crème ) and 107 ( a delectable lavender-purple crème ), I was immediately reminded of the bright, graphic, boldface shades of popsicles. possibly it ’ s the sugared tooth in me, or possibly it ’ south because summer is in full swing here in Southern California, but whenever I look at these shades, I want to bite correct into a ice lolly. What could be better than that ? photograph : Recessionista for we kernel this Beyond the sublime shades, these eco and body friendly polishes cost a fair $ 12. A moment more than a drugstore manage, but worth it for the of-the-moment shades and promise that these polishes are Big Three Free ( that means they contain no DPT, Tulene or Formaldehyde ) – yay ! And all Face Stockholm products come in minimal and recycle packaging and are never tested on animals. My sole charge ? The shades are numerically named without a color description, which can make colors hard to remember ( trying to recall if own number 104 already is harder than recalling a name ) and after some clothing, the numbers are hard to read. back to the pluses ( and this is a biggie ), the convention ; both 106 and 107 use very smoothly and the texture of both crèmes is adorable ( not thick and goopy, not excessively flimsy or watery ). Both polishes required two coats for full opacity and while they did dry to a satin, about flatness eat up, your front-runner top coat can quickly transform the finish up into a glossy one in no time. ready to see some more shades ? More fabulous collar polish colors :

A patriotic three :
I was able to get three days of break out of both polishes before I saw any chips ( and when I say “ wear ” I mean rough wear, like washing dishes and cleaning the theater type of tire ). A timbre top coat ( and better treatment of your hands ) will lengthen that time a few more days. Our review team received a collection of the newest shades of Face Stockholm nail down color ; so please check back to hear their thoughts on those colors ( pamperer : there ’ s a fuscous, a blue and a green ! ). In the meanwhile, do you own any Face Stockholm products ? Do you have any faves from this brand? disclosure : This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more information, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy .

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