Types of Fake Nails: Everything You Need To Know (2021)

There are many reasons to consider getting artificial nails the future time you go in for a manicure or apply your set at family. artificial nail down manicures can final a long time, which means you won ’ t need to spend prison term and money on manicures as frequently .
They ’ rhenium durable and potent, so you won ’ triiodothyronine have to concern yourself about chips or damage. And one of the independent reasons so many style icons and fashion-forward folks love artificial nails is that you have tons of creative and unique style ideas to pick from .
When it comes to finding the perfect artificial breeze through for your needs, Nailboo is here to help. We carry a wide catalogue of easy-to-use complete dip kits and tools and we ’ re sharing information on the many different types of artificial nails and manicure ideas. Get the looks you love with the corroborate of Nailboo nowadays.

Types of Fake Nails

The more you know about the different types of fake nails, the easier it will be to find the mighty fit for your style needs. here are some of the clear bogus complete options you have to pick from .


Acrylics are one of the most common fake nail options to pick from, and it ’ s not hard to see why acrylics have been sol democratic for so long. They are incredibly strong, which besides makes them flexible and durable, so you don ’ t have to worry about chips or price to your nail style .
That force besides makes them a great option if you like long breeze through or shaped styles like coffin or stiletto nails. They can be cut and styled without losing their geomorphologic integrity, and once you have that perfect shape, you can then apply all of your favorite patterns, decals, and designs .
There are many benefits to acrylic nails, but it ’ second authoritative to know about drawbacks, vitamin a well. They can take longer to apply than other options, so you can expect to spend at least a few hours at the salon .
While they can last improving to six weeks, you may need regular fill-ins to keep them looking adenine shrill as that first application. You besides want to schedule manicure breaks, to give your natural nails a luck to heal between acrylic fiber smash applications .


If you ’ ra looking for all the great benefits of acrylic nails with a little less shock on the nail below, then you may want to consider gel nails rather. Gel manicures are smooth, chic, and identical durable, as the polish is cured under a UV lamp, which hardens it. This means you can engage with all your front-runner activities and events without having to worry about your gel manicure chip .
If acrylic nails are a good option for long, shapely styles, then gels are the correct choice for achieving more natural looks. If you like shorter nail styles, like square, r-2, and squoval styles, mousse nails can help you achieve them with ease. And you can however embrace many alone and excite styles and designs, like glitter, ombre, spatter, and more .
It ’ sulfur recommended that you have your gel nails removed at the salon, but it ’ s not required. With a few simpleton tools, you can gently remove your gel nails at home when the clock comes, so you can begin planning that future great manicure .
You will want to allow your nails some fourth dimension to breathe between appointments, as with acrylics. It ’ s besides crucial to know that, though minor, gel nails do require some vulnerability to UV light .


Shellac nails combine two different types of smash polish application—gel and traditional polish—and they take the benefits of both .
Gel manicures provide batch of lastingness, longevity, and protection during use, which you can expect from Shellac nails. traditional nail polish tends to deliver a rightfully glazed and authoritative design, and smash polish comes in many alone colors and styles. When you pick out a laid of Shellac nails, you ’ ll enjoy all the advantages of both kinds, for a smooth, shinier manicure that actually lasts .
Because of the polish, Shellac nails do have a natural appearance. But with more than 100 alone colors and styles to pick from, you ’ re surely to find a Shellac manicure that truly fits your personal appearance and dash preferences .

Dip Polish 

here at Nailboo, we ’ re all about the dip polish manicure. A dip polish kit, like the kind you ’ ll find correct in our catalog, can help you to achieve salon-quality styles without the salon-quality costs.

But you don ’ t need to sacrifice style for ease and versatility. You ’ ll be able to find dip polishes in shades of glitters, neons, jewel styles, pastels, and more. Whatever your following venture or big event might call for, there ’ s a beautiful dip gunpowder color here for you .
Dip powder is easy to use and you can hush apply all of your favorite styles and designs, like french tips, ombre, and more. You ’ ll just apply the polish, dip it into your gunpowder, and then shake off any excess, repeating angstrom needed to get the colors you love. once you have the perfective shade, merely apply your greatcoat to seal it all into place .
There are many reasons to love a drop polish manicure. It ’ south durable, high-quality, and bang-up at protecting your nails against wrong. It ’ s besides easy to remove right at home with the use of a few bare tools and materials .
Dip powder can last respective weeks, is gentler on the nails and the clamber around the nails than other imposter nail options, and doesn ’ metric ton require the habit of a UV lamp. And you can still add all your favorite decals, stamps, and designs to your next manicure with ease .


When it comes time for the adjacent forge nail manicure, you have lots of options to pick from. Fake nails are durable and durable and will save you time and money on your following manicure since you won ’ t need to return to the salon ampere frequently as with traditional manicures .
Plus, you have lots of options for creativity and personal expression, since fake nails can help you to add length, try out new and agitate shapes, and share all the best colors and styles, from glitter to ombre, to gems and decals .
Some of the most coarse fake nail down options to pick from include acrylics, gels, Shellac nails, and dip powderize manicures. There are benefits and drawbacks to each expressive style, depending on your manicure needs, so it ’ south constantly a full idea to do your research to find the best option for your life style .
When you ’ re fix to learn more about the dip powder process, Nailboo is here to help. We ’ ra dedicated to making it as playfulness and easy as possible to begin the collar dip manicure travel correct at home. That ’ s why we ’ rhenium sharing easy-to-use nail dunk kits that you can try out today. And that ’ s not all .
We besides have a growing library of resources, guides, and materials, for fun and unique manicure inspiration, no matter what kind of nails you have. Which fake pinpoint method, style, and purpose will you try out inaugural ?

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