Hey ladies ! It ’ s time to talk about one of our favored accessories for our fingers and toes – nail polish ! today I would like to show you a series of innovative nail polish box designs. With the variety show and originality included in this list, I ’ meter sure one of these nail down polish designs will match your personality.

So, as you gathered from the title of this post, here are seven brands that got clever when it comes to nail polish packaging!

1. Plain and Simple with NAISNC!

This classical black and blank box design not only brings out the plangency of the polish color but besides makes differentiating between colors barely a little snatch easier !Nail Polish Packaging black and white

2. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream shaped nail polish.

This clever packaging theme, found on Pinterest, would be certain to satisfy any dessert lover. The larger cone shaped bottle caps besides make for easy “ picking up ” of the bottles. For the most part, this plan is merely superintendent cute and playfulness to look at. Talk about a sweet give.

Nail Polish Packaging ice cream cone lid

3. The infamous beauty brand leader, Sephora, also contributes to the nail polish industry.

The minor design of these bottles makes for an excellent expose of the colors, as shown below. The white caps, with white text on the bottle, keep the trade name looking consistent. It looks like you may want to purchase more than one of these if you want to create a like look with your solicitation !

Nail Polish Packaging sephora

4. Marc Jacobs, another big brand name in the fashion and luxury-goods department also makes nail polish.

Surprised ? The bottle purpose clearly represents the overarching front of the Marc Jacobs brand. elementary bottle, dim-witted text, and as common, Marc Jacobs ’ name all over everything. This design is besides commodity for travel, belittled and easy to store on the proceed .Nail Polish Packaging marc jacobs

5. Cork cap and environmentally friendly nail polish bottles!

That ’ randomness right, there ’ s tied a special nail polish bottle out there for you my environmentalists ! Wouldn ’ t it be courteous if all promotion designs followed this tendency. These nail polish bottles, by Megan Miller, might besides capture the wandering eye of wine lovers or phellem collectors !

Nail Polish Packaging cork lid

6. Fancy packaging with just the right amount of color.

This path is a capital option for collar polish lovers who like to keep their collection separated by colors. No blend and duplicate when it comes to storing these bottles. fair be certain to put the right color back in it ’ s chastise box !Nail Polish Packaging pink box

7. Last. but certainly not least. It wouldn’t be a nail polish list if we didn’t include cat lovers!

specially with Halloween 2016 upon us, this cat-o’-nine-tails inspired nail down polish solicitation is a must have ! If you, or your caterpillar, fancies a manicure every nowadays and then, you may want to check out this solicitation by Julep !

Nail Polish Packaging cats

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