of my favorite Zoya nail polishes.  So, just in time to help you with your
shopping list for Zoya’s annual “
nail polishes for $12, including shipping), here is a list of my current 32
favorites, along with my personal wish list of another 17 shades. One of the most patronize requests I get is for a listof my darling Zoya nail down polishes. so, fair in prison term to help you with yourshopping list for Zoya ’ s annual “ Color Your World ” sale ( where you get 3nail polishes for $ 12, including ship ), here is a list of my current 32favorites, along with my personal wish list of another 17 shades .

that my personal preference for nail polish is a fully opaque, cream finish.
 I’m also heavily into the more neutral colors like nude, silver, gold,
grey, taupe, and girly colors in pink, purple, and pastel blues and greens.
 I am not excellent at describing colors, finishes, or taking pictures, so
I borrowed heavily from Zoya’s website.  All pictures below were copied
After you read this post, I strongly urge you to visit their site.  If
Zoya hasn’t already won an award for the most informative and well-designed
beauty related website, they should.  You’ll find everything you need to
know about their products there.  FYI-there are no affiliate links on this post and all polish names/descriptions are UNDER each picture. Before I get on with the list, I need to remind youthat my personal preference for nail polish is a in full opaque, cream finish.I ’ thousand besides heavily into the more impersonal colors like nude, argent, amber, grey, fuscous, and girly colors in pinko, purple, and pastel blues and greens.I am not excellent at describing colors, finishes, or taking pictures, soI borrowed heavily from Zoya ’ s web site. All pictures below were copiedfrom www.zoya.com After you read this post, I strongly urge you to visit their site. IfZoya hasn ’ thyroxine already won an award for the most instructive and well-designedbeauty associate web site, they should. You ’ ll find everything you need toknow about their products there. FYI-there are no consort links on this stake and all polish names/descriptions are UNDER each photograph.

My Favorite Neutrals :

If there ’ s one matter Zoya does better than anyone
else, it ’ s a nude pinpoint polish. They have perfected a shade for every clamber
shade on land, from full-coverage to sheer and everything in between.
While it ’ randomness hard to narrow down the field, I chose my most careworn shades and
threw in a few neutrals angstrom well .

Taylor-a full coverage, opaque, light toffee cream nude
Jacqueline-a full coverage, opaque creamy beige nude
Shay-an opaque, light peach nude with a slight silver shimmer.  This is one of my most worn shades, perfect for any occasion.
Godiva-a Pixie Dust shade, the ultimate neutral soft nude with a matte sparkle finish and one of my top 5 favorites.
Tomoko-another Pixie Dust polish, but a bit brighter than Godiva with a champagne/silver matte sparkle finish

Jules-a light
taupe polish with a amber, silver and champagne metallic shimmer

Pasha-a taupe/beige opaque nude with silver frost and micro glitter.  One of my top 5 shades.

My Favorite Silver/Grey/White/Black Polishes:
I wasn ’ t indisputable how to title this category. I
personally think these colors are quite impersonal and go with everything .

needs one pure whiten cream polish, and this is the one you should own

Dove-a fully opaque, glossy finish light grey cream

Raven-the most
juicy, satiny black with an about indiscernible silver shimmer. This is the
most clothing black shade I ’ ve ever seen .

one of my most careworn shades, it is a fully opaque, clean argent with a sparkling
metallic foil finish. A arrant party shade .

London-a fog
gray Pixie Dust with a flatness spark end

My Favorite Pinks/Purples:

These run the gamut from the pale of pinks to the
deepest purples…

flower pinko, with an opaque skim polish

Petra-a dusky
grey/purple cream, full coverage polish. Another of my top picks .

blue-toned abstruse plum

violet flatness glitter polish ( Pixie Dust )

raisin/wine, full coverage cream polish

Yana–a geranium
pink, full coverage opaque cream

• Lara-a in full opaque, bright magenta/rose tap skim polish

Charisma-a great
summer shade ( or on toes year round ), a neon magenta/purple cream ending that
dries to a matte finish but can be made glistening with a top coat .

Jaime-a pale
milky rose pink with lilac and pink bone couple chrome

My Favorite Reds/Oranges:

Vanessa-a beautiful berry red, the first red I’ve truly loved and worn often
America-the perfect pin-up shade, a classic tomato red cream finish

Thandie-a bright
citrus orange full coverage cream

My Favorite Blues and Greens:

Blu-a full
coverage, opaque baby gloomy

Neely-a full
coverage, slick opaque mint green

periwinkle/grey flatness glitter ( Pixie Dust )

Tiffany blue in person, a brilliantly robin ’ s egg aristocratic cream

Skylar-a medium
steel blue with gold and silver shimmer

Sailor-a classic dark blue/navy
cream polish    
Hunter-the perfect forest (or
hunter) green, full coverage cream

Gemma-the shade that started
off my compulsion with Zoya. It ’ s an olive green polish with aristocratic and
violet duet chrome. I ’ ve never seen another polish like it .

My Wish List:
You ’ ll credibly notice that there aren ’ t many choices from the newer collections. I love so many from those, but the ones I ’ ve chosen are “ old friends ” that I ’ ve tire many, many times. Of run, even with the dozens of Zoya polishes I already have, there are still quite a few that are on my wish number. I ’ megabyte trying to expand my image of colors a moment, and besides get a few shades that go “ just right ” with that perfective equip. I ’ m not going to get all seventeen, but here is my wish list ( no descriptions this time ) :













therefore there you have it, my current favorites and a few bright new ones. I ’ d love to hear from you-what are your top picks ? What do you think I ’ ve left out that is a must have ? Which shades are you going to order during the Color Your World sale ?

source : https://nailcenter.us
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