From head to toe, going to a festival means going all out and that includes on your nails. Check out these 15 different complete designs for inspiration !

There’s Fun To Be Had

These smash designs from @ dory_23 leave no question to where she ’ s going nor any doubt about how much fun will be had !

[Border]line Obsessed

A black base color with old time-y prints applied on lead give off a cool vintage vibration for your weekend. Check out this mani from @ itsashnails for inspo !

Lend A Hippie Hand

While possibly frowned on in the office, draw dye is wholeheartedly embraced at any music festival. Steal @ sabrinasbeautyparadise ‘ s amazing count with a soft, colored base and use a black pen for a playfulness, ready to party design .

Grade “A” Gradient

A colored, mellow-vibing manicure can go with any and all outfits for your week. Check out this expression from @ nailsbynessajen that fades the hues into one another in a low-key tie-dye look .

Geometric Glam

Festivals are all about going big or going home ( or going big and then going home to take a week-long nap ), sol why would your manicure be any different ? These white geometric shapes from @ msannie.nails can complete any look, no matter what you ’ re sport. TBH they look like those white crochet tops that are sol in festival fashion .

Feather The Storm

If your mani go-to revolves around intricate designs, this look from @ botanicnails is for you. Glitter, glam, and fun designs are certain to bring in all of the compliments !

Pretty Prickly

Festivals mean deserts, and deserts mean cunning cactus designs on your nails like these from @ hissandtell, right ?

The High Life

Why not put those dreamy summer sunsets right at your fingertips—literally ? We love these nails from @ moonails99, and they ’ re making us wish summer were here RN !

Nailed It

free hugs, baby cactus, and metallic field glass nails pretty much sum up festival temper. These nails from @ blackfilenails are getting us wholly hyped .

Eye-light Of My Life

More is sometimes less, and these ace cool, seeing-eye nails prove that to be dependable. We see you, @ mayelin_nails_bar .

Aztec Glam

Bold and glitzy, these Aztec-inspired nails from @ izbeautryldn add both sparkle and edge to your hale look .

Feather Weather

With a insidious but shimmery basis coat, and an intricate boho-style invention ( like these ones from @ ilda_bp ) you ’ ll look effortlessly quick for some full music and a great time .

Sun Spots

No one can hide your fair weather, and this chic and bare mani from @ dearpluto proves that to the world. We love the evanesce blue accent tips as an addition !

What Dreams Are Made Of

A playfulness emphasis nail or two is all you need to truly make a instruction with your mani. These dream catcher-inspired ones from @ thehairspa_ are a perfect example .

Bright Nights

We can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get enough of this manicure from @ beauty_by_yulissa. By mixing up your stress nails with a bold solid shade and an all-over glitter, it makes for a ace matter to look to last the whole week !

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