A new nail polish at Sephora with nearly 200 colors / textures / effects? As well as “The System” which provides a perfect manicure for more than 5 days?

It about sounds excessively dear to be true… But as a veridical collar polish addict, it would have been uncivil not to check it out and see if all the mother about it was justify ! Formula X for Sephora

Formula X for Sephora nail polish:

The least I can say is that the choice is huge ! I spent more than 20 minutes in front man of the Formula X counter before being able to pick one single color, the first fourth dimension I came across the brand at Sephora. so here ’ second my review : Formula X for Sephora colors

  • Colour:

Formula X for Sephora

Oh what a choice ! Frankly, I wanted them all ! ! ! There is something for everybody with neutral colors, some more classic, the seasonal worker collections, and the different ‘ special effects ‘ … It makes your head spin !
I had a humble predilection for the classics and the neutrals for sure, but I besides got two of the ‘ limited effects ’ collar polishes which will make my manicure pop a little more from time to time ! so I bought ( from left to right in the photograph ) :
Hyperactive ( a aglitter top-coat that gives the impression that my nails are covered with some sort of amber leaves ) ( yes, like some identical luxury chocolates )
Unmistakable ( a minty green, very milky, about a perfective gull from one of my erstwhile time favorites from Essie, “ Mint Candy Apple “ ),
Perfection ( a nudy kind of taupe, perfective for the fall ) ( which should occur in 3 months hera but I haven ’ triiodothyronine given up hope )
Provocative ( a baby gloomy ) ( which is a very provocative color, international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate it ? ; ) )
Potent ( a fair mauvy pink, which reminds me of a perfective mix between two erstwhile fav from OPI : “ Panda-monium Pink ” and “ Lucky Lucky Lavender “ ),
Frenetic ( a bright fuchsia tap ),
Metamorphic ( a sublime chrome and iridescent black that makes my nail count like some lavishness car rimes ) ( I know, I know, my comparison sucks but hey, I just come back from my holidays, don ’ t blame me )

  • Formula:

These are “ 3-free ” complete polishes ( i without toluene, formaldehyde and DBP ) and besides without paraben. They are not the safest nail polishes, but I ’ ve seen bad, it ’ s an ethical attempt for their formula .

  • Texture:

It is very fluid, sometimes besides a lot and can be quite streaked. You in truth need two coats if you want a perfect leave ( and not good one like Formula X recommends ).
On the other hand, the Hyperactive top coat is very very slurred, you in truth need to shake it well before applying .

  • Coverage:

I would say it ’ s an average coverage. I ’ ve seen pinpoint polishes with more coverage, but with two coats, it ’ randomness OK .

  • Brush:

Formula X for Sephora Frenetic pinceau

What a pity ! recently, many brands of nail polishes redesigned their brushes for a a great “ computerized tomography natural language ” form, super easy to apply the product. But here, the Formula X silent has one of these super fine brushes, that in truth are not the easiest to use ! A shame, particularly for a new intersection range.
Well, let ’ s fair say the brushes are more accurate, more on the master side, disappoint though…

  • Application:

Because of the brush, it ’ s not the easiest product to apply… Don ’ metric ton get me amiss, you can manage, but some brushes are so much better. ( Dior, YSL or the fresh Nars ones for example )

  • Drying Time:

Super fast, and that ’ s great ! By the time I apply it on my nails, it ’ s already dry, no necessitate to wait : a real time rescuer !

  • Shine:

quite impressive !
The nail polishes are infused with an ingredient which boosts their clamber consequence ( ShineXcel™ ), so they ’ re identical glossy, even without a top-coat ( but you will need one of course if you want your manicure to last longer ; ) ) .

  • Lasting Power:

alone, without “ The System ” ( you need to buy it individually and on circus tent of your smash polish ), Formula X nail polishes don ’ t have a very long lasting world power, let ’ s face it. It ’ s actually a pretty average permanent might. On my nails, that means 2 or 3 days, no more.
But with “ The System ”, it ’ south truly a plot record changer, more details below…

  • Packaging:

I love the promotion ! ! ! It ’ s sol classy, high-end and yes, it ’ s like some motley Murano glasses, but way more “ chic ” ! Formula X for Sephora red, pink, orange

Formula X for Sephora blue, green

Formula X for Sephora pink, purple

This packaging was made by a company called Established, and truly, you did a bang-up job guys !

  • Price:

They are between 10.50 and 12.50 $. This is roughly the lapp monetary value as Essie or OPI, which are very airless in value for money .

  • Avaibility:

You can find Formula X at Sephora. OK, let ’ s get good now ! Because, despite the fact that I ’ thousand love that you have hundreds of colours to choose from, for me, the “ nails revolution ” is very in “ The System ”. The System Formula X for Sephora

And it hurts to admit it, because I truly tried to resist the powerful marketing department ’ sulfur arguments ( you basically need to buy “ the System ” and the nail polish together ), and not precisely buy the nail down polish on its own. Because, well, bases and exceed coats, I have already batch of them, thank you !
So I started by buying the nail polish on its own first, I was not impressed by the persistent might, then I read some in truth estimable reviews about “ the System ” on-line and I was hooked ! I had to try it ! ! !

 So, what exactly is “The System”?

It ’ s basically three products that provide you with a complete manicure in a determine. so, in the laid, you have :
cleanse : a very melted and alcoholic product that I apply on the bare complete with its brush. It will remove any oil residue on the nails and increase the adhesiveness of the nail polish.
prime : a free-base coat which protects the nails from the nail polish ’ randomness pigments, unify the nail ’ mho airfoil and increase the last might of your manicure.
shine : a top-coat which speeds up the dry process and makes the manicure very bright and durable .

Does it work, “The System”?

Oh yes ! And I would even say that it works beyond my expectations ! Manicures never last on my nails. Like never, ever. If my nails stay unchipped after 4 or 5 days, it ’ mho rightfully a miracle ( my nails are easy with a tendency to peel ). sometimes, I found some good combos like this one, which are better than others. But here, I was so impress by three things :

  1. The speed drying top-coat: 15 minutes later, I could return to my normal activity, without ruining my manicure! How cool is that? And if I want to do my mani at night, no problem. No sheet marks to declare! (take that, Sally Hansen top-coat!)
  2. The incredible shine: a real gel effect and with no shrinkage at all (take that Dior Gel Coat !). And the shine will stay for at least 4 days without fading. A dream!
  3. The impressive lasting-power: ONE WEEK, folks! It’s just a true miracle. I hear angels singing… Really! Not one single chip! Just the tip was starting to fade a little after a while, but nothing obvious. I just removed my manicure because I was bored with the colour, that’s all.

I did 2 tests.

For the first test, I did my manicure and I didn ’ thyroxine touch it for 6 days. The reflect has slightly faded after four days but no chips at all. The seventh day, a shock absorber to one of my nails damaged part of the nail polish, and I had an excuse to remove it. For the second test, I reapplied some top-coat the 4th day just to get an extra glossy effect till the end of the week. still no chip. The 8th day, I wanted to change my nail discolor, so I removed my manicure, but I think it would have lasted 2 more days without a problem .

So, “The System” by Formula X for Sephora, is it really a dream manicure?

OK, to be a real annoyance in the cigarette, I found a little something bad to say about the “ System ” : the top-coat has a very thick texture. Like, very thick. You in truth have to shake it well before applying. But a region from that, I ’ m completely sold on Formula X for Sephora .

In summary:


– impressive choice of colors/textures/effects
– glossy shine ( and it lasts 4 days without fading )
– very fast drying
– crazy long lasting-power ( more than 1 week ! )


– brush is besides fine ( all right, it ‘s more accurate, but still, not the most practical to use )
– some of the nail down polish ‘s textures can be a short bite streaked ( excessively liquidy ) and some others are very thick ( you in truth have to shake them well before applying )
– the top-coat is extremist thickly, you besides have to shake it before applying ( and my guts tell me that it wo n’t last very hanker )

And you, have you tried Formula X for Sephora? Have you also heard angels singing? Let me know in the comments!

photograph credits : Formula X, Sephora, Established, bonnie-garner.com. Cet article est aussi disponible en français : Formula X for Sephora, monday avis

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