Four ways of carjacking crunchy fingernails are easy to break

Crunchy fingers, fragile, easily fractured could start from various causes like: thyroid, lack of blood,…, but most part of your care, please fix this condition.
The key to keeping the nail doesn’t break.
1. Keep the damp on the nails.
Dry status causes nail maggots which are especially in winter. What’s important is to restore the humidity for the complexion and fingernails, to help them with good water, in order to solve this problem, you need to drink all day’s water, use all kinds of eulogin and an ice cream to support healthy skin more

2. Provided enough nutrition for the nails.
Keratin is the main ingredient of creating nails. Eating protein rich food helps produce extreme keratin amounts, it’s an advantage to prevent crunching crunches. Besides, there’s a healthy diet, eating lots of greens, vitamins A, B, B, D, far away from the grease.

3. Put your gloves on.
Arrange direct contact with waxing deterioration, soaking water for too long, 8230; instead of doing what you do, you wear a manicure gloves as well as a better hand.

4 No abuse of nail polish
Avoid abuse of paint and polish polish regularly can cause damage to the nails. The chemicals used in nail polish can make worms and weak in a lot of time.

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