12 freehand nail art ideas to try Freehand complete art… I know, it sounds chilling and hard to do but if you have the right tools it ’ s in fact, quite comfortable. During the establish of the raw SoNailicious complete art brush range I ’ ve mentioned that I ’ ve been using these brushes for all my designs for about 1.5 years. therefore I thought I ’ vitamin d do a quick recapitulation of the most interesting freehand nail down art designs that you can actually do yourself. specially, if you have the SoNailicious collar art brushes ; ) Most of these nail designs come with video or bit-by-bit complete art tutorials. indeed if you need some excess guidance, merely follow the links provided for each design. For most of them, you ’ ll be able to see some funky SoNailicious brush prototypes ; ) love !

The cursor finger is done with the stencils and all other nails are done with the sharpest detailing brush – The Warrior ( merely by replicating the stencil design ). More information about this design here. easy tropical nails, beach nails, 2 You may remember this Geode nail design from the pre-launch post, well, now I can disclose that it has been done with The Warrior. Tutorial for this design is coming up adjacent week ! then you ’ ll see how easy it is to do Geode nails when you have the right brush… geode nails how tosonailicious nail art brush, blue geode nails Both the stars and the one-half moon details are created with The Needle. To learn how to do it watch this tutorial. The edgy rainbow radiation pattern is done with this liner pinpoint artwork brush. Interestingly enough, in this military post I ’ ve mentioned that I ’ m developing newfangled brushes ; ) Read it here. rainbow nails, rainbow nail art To learn how to do these Palm Leaf nails watch this quick tutorial and see how easy it is ! All done with this new lining nail brush. beach nails, summer nails, opi fiji The thin silver lines are done with the new striping brush – The Spear and small pink half moons are done using this detailing brush. dior sudden swatch, pink nail design Check out this tutorial to see how you can create this design yourself using a striping brush – The Spear. blue nail art These Minimalist nails is another variation of the same technique as the above blue nail down design… less work though, since there ’ south less lines. For these Minimalist The Future is Female nails the long waves are done with The Spear and the short waves with The Needle.

dear sundays nail polish review, minimalist nail art This collar design is created with striping breeze through art brush and The Needle, watch this tutorial to learn how to do it yourself here. Another reason why you should wholly watch this video – you will see the SoNailicious brush prototype in some weird color ( ! ! ! ). Elegant nails, elegant nail art how to Another variation of the lapp Spikey look… this iniquity red and gold even manicure is besides done with The Needle. short nails, red and gold nails 11 Watch this nail artwork tutorial to learn how to do this nail blueprint yourself. It ’ randomness done with the detailing brush and the liner. Check out the different between Dubai nails 2016 ( above ) and Abu Dhabi nails 2013 ( below ) … the thickness of the lines in the version below – OMG ! pity on me… All done with a custom-make ( read : badly cut ) makeup brush. abu dhabi nails, blue and gold nails This nail design is quite easy – all you need is a dependable strip nail down artwork brush to paint the lines over white free-base and a few square peaces of shatter glass foil to poser over, and you ’ re done ! shattered glass nails, broken glass nails For this collar invention I used The Slayer to create beach shore pattern. even though it ’ s not how you suppose to use this fine angular collar artwork brush, it can be perfective for this kind of breeze through work excessively ! I made it extra firm and acetone immune for a function. See bit-by-bit tutorial here. beach nails, kester black monarch See ? Freehand pinpoint art is not chilling at all ! once you have the right tools and some great nail art brushes, it ’ mho easy and decidedly much faster than using stencils or nail vinyl .

Now your turn!

Are you a sports fan of freehand complete art ? If not, what ’ s holding you bet on ?

– Maria, xx
P.P.S. If you try any of these collar designs or the new brushes, make certain you show me your work – Tweet or Instagram me a photograph with the tag #sonailicious or #sonailiciousbrush. I ’ five hundred love to check it out !
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