Section A.

1. Reservations: All clients scheduling appointments are required to provide a telephone act, a beginning and last name and all services requested to be performed.
2. Check in: Clients are asked to show up 10-15 minutes early for their appointment for check in. This allows you enough time to check in, get a drink and pick out your coloring material without taking clock time away from the appointment. This helps us to stay on time for everyone appointments.
3. Last Appointments: Our stopping point appointment or walk-in for the day will be accepted no later than 1 hour before close.
4. Late for your appointment: If you are 5 minutes late for your date, You will loose your appointment and you will be treated as if you walked-in upon your arrival. You can reschedule your date if necessary.
5. If you know that you will be late for your date please call to see if we can still accommodate you or if we need to reschedule your appointee for late time or day.
6. Cancelations: french Nails has a 24 hour cancelation policies if you know you are not able to make your appointment promptly call and notify a movement desk example.
7. Same day Cancelation: After three missed appointments you will need to leave a not refundable deposit when scheduling your adjacent appointment.
8. No call No show: One No call no indicate puts you on our NCNS list. If your on this number and you would like to make an appointment you will need to leave a not refundable deposit that is adequate for the avail that you will be making a reservation for.
9. Group Reservation Policy: Because we must insure that an allow count of service providers for your group are available, reservations for groups of 3 participants or Larger, French Nails requires a recognition card to be kept on file at the time of scheduling. Your credit tease will not be charged unless you cancel without providing 24 hour comment or you “ no show your appointment. ” In these circumstances a $ 100 cancellation fee will be charged to your credit card on file.
10. In parties of 9 participants or more: A fee of 50 % of all services scheduled will be charged to the recognition card on file if you cancel without providing a 48 hour notice or “ no show.
11. Gift certificates are available in dollar amounts and may be used toward all services and products. They are not expired. But they are not redeemable for cash. french nails & resort hotel is not responsible for any lose or stolen endowment certificate. And any give certificate purchases are Non-Refundable.
Section B.

1. Children: Children are welcome adenine long as they can be well behaved and not disturb early guests. If you are receiving services and are bringing with you a child that is not able to sit on their own please bring a car buttocks for them to sit in sol your arms will be dislodge. only in rare cases will you be asked to leave if your child is not able to be calmed.
2. Refunds: No refunds will be issued. All exercise is guaranteed for 7 days unless price to your nails was caused by the customer. We offer ONE TIME fixing your nails and it can ’ thymine be re-schedule doubly if you couldn ’ t make it in. This policy is 100 % at the discretion of the person technician who performed the service.
3. Lost & found / Personal Property: french Nails & Day Spa is not responsible in anyhow for lost personal belongings that are left behind by clients. One attack will be made to contact the owner if we are able to get ahold of the owner of the lose Items these articles will be placed behind the bar and be available for peck up for 1 week. If those items are not picked up after one workweek it will be placed in the bemused and found. In the back office. All Items in the fall back and found are donated to charity after two weeks, even if they have been claimed over the telephone. personal belongings of high value like Jewelry and Bank cards are an exception and will be placed in a dependable and secure location. Identification plus a detail description of the items are required to pick up your lost items. syndicate members and friends can not pick up for you. No exceptions.
4. Notice: Some of our Technicians and stylists lease quad and are able to set and adjust their prices as needed, please confirm the price of your serve with your technical school before beginning your service. Any fixate of nails or hair needs to be discussed with the technician who in the first place performed the service. All technicians have the ability to guarantee their work for however many days they choose.


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