end Updated on January 11, 2022 Lovely Nails Spa price list Everyone wants to feel pampered as they get their nails done and Lovely Nails and Spa does just that. With elegant environments, on-line book and a full tilt of the most democratic services, Lovely provides an experience that goes over and above what you would expect at both of their major California locations. Lovely Nails prices beginning at $ 17 for a basic manicure and go up from there.

Why Choose Lovely Nails?

adorable Nails and Spa offers an alone experience if you want to relax with a pedicure or get a manicure for a limited occasion. As they boast on-line, they want to be your “ happy time. ” Speaking of on-line, it is simple to book your next date with your front-runner provider right from your browser. Plus, they offer luxury watering place experiences adenine well, such as massages, waxing and eyelash extensions. equally soon as you walk through the doors, you will know that you are in competent hands. See besides : european Wax Center Prices This nails salon and watering place is known for being an haven in a busy earth. It provides a quieten, inviting atmosphere. however, if you like, you can pick up a magazine at the front or watch television receiver while you get your nails done. The integral feel here is designed to meet your needs so well that you will never think of going elsewhere. Lovely Nails prices

Services Offered

While the main services offered at Lovely Nails include manicures and pedicures, there is much more that you can choose from here. You can besides opt for acrylic or dim powder nails, builder or soak-off mousse and lower-priced nail fill-ins. If you are looking for a in truth epicurean service for your nails, choose the Xtreme Pedi-Spa and Xtreme Manicure, which include paraffin treatments and hot stone massages. Bring your child along for particular manicure and pedicure services designed for children under 13 ampere well as services for children under 6. however, Lovely Nails is besides your ideal spot for delightful health spa treatments, such as facials, anti-aging skin treatments, masques, peels and binding treatments. Light chemical peels get your bark glow again. If you want smoother bark, choose from numerous waxing packages for the face, arms, bikini area and leg. You can besides choose from massages and eyelash extensions. Related : Dip vs Acrylic five Gel Nails ( What ’ s the Difference ? )

Lovely Nails Price List

Disclaimer: Prices above are for estimate entirely. The data has been gathered from diverse sources ( on-line, on-site, and/or via earphone ). pricing may vary from one location to another of the like salon brand or may not be current. To confirm stream pricing, please contact your local anesthetic salon .

Service Price


Regular Manicure (25 minutes) $ 2 extra for use of Spa Chair . $17
Deluxe Manicure (35 minutes) Includes : Aroma burp bath, paraffin discussion, soothing massage, soothing water ice hydrating mousse . $27
Xtreme Manicure (45 minutes) Includes : Leathering mousse, hot oil/lotion, paraffin discussion, soothing massage & hot stone massage ( 25 minutes ), soothing water ice hydrating gel . $35


Pedi-Spa (30 minutes) $27
Deluxe Pedi-Spa (45 minutes) Includes : Foot cancel scale, sea salt/ mineral sugar exfoliation, choice of masquerade, soothing massage, soothing water ice hydrating gelatin . $35
Xtreme Pedi-Spa (60 minutes) Includes : Aroma bubble bath, callus treatment, sea salt/mineral sugar exfoliation, paraffin discussion, soothing massage & hot stone massage ( 25 minutes ), soothing water ice hydrating gelatin . $53
Express Pedicure (25 minutes) $27
Foot Massage (30 minutes) $35


Full Set Acrylic $30 & up
Fill-ins Acrylic $ 1 excess for each violate nail . $20 & up
Full Set Pink & White $ 5 extra for white gunpowder . $35 & up
Fill-ins Pink & White $ 1 excess for each break nail . $30 & up
Full Set SNS (Dip Powdered Nails) $35 & up
Fill-ins SNS (Dip Powdered Nails) $25 & up
Full Set Pink & White SNS (Dip Powdered Nails) $40 & up
Fill-ins Pink & White SNS (Dip Powdered Nails) $35 & up
Full Set China Silk $35 & up
Fill-ins China Silk $ 1 extra for each break in breeze through . $25 & up
Full Set Builder Gel $35 & up
Fill-ins Builder Gel $ 1 supernumerary for each break pinpoint . $25 & up
Soak-Off Color Gel $ 5 extra for French . $15 & up
Clear Gel Coating for Acrylic or Silk Nails acrylic colors, glitters or coffin/pointed nails shaped are $ 5 extra. Prices are based on medium distance, longer lengths are slenderly higher.All services include cut down and polish . $5 & up

CHILDREN ‘S military service

Manicure (12 and under) $11
Pedicure (12 and under) $17
Manicure (8 and under) $10
Pedicure (8 and under) $16
Manicure (5 and under) $9
Pedicure (5 and under) $15
Hand-Painted Design $ 3 for two designs . $2
French Color (w/ Service) $2
Color Change $ 2 excess for French. $ 1 supernumerary for feet . $4


Full Facial (45 minutes) A deep pore cleansing and toning including neck and shoulder massage, followed by masquerade and moisturizer . $48
European Facial (60 minutes) A classic european Facial helps to improve the texture of your skin, reduces anxiety and natural depression, and improves climate. Includes deep ablutionary and tone, a neck and shoulder massage with all-important oils to relax and stimulate your take care, a renewing masquerade, finalized by a nutrient-rich moisturizer and daylight refutation protection which hydrates and restores the natural remainder of your hide . $60
Mediback Clearning (75 minutes) This powerful treatment clinical border on is designed to control vegetable oil secretion, reduce pique and breakouts for pornographic acne. Treatment includes bass pore cleanse, followed by the professional exfoliation to remove pore-clogging clamber cells and origin with high gear frequency to help clear current breakouts without spreading acne caused by bacterial, the professional enzymatic and masquerade system detoxifies while calming of sensitive areas. ( A serial of 6 are recommended for best results. )

AGE Smart (75 minutes) This discussion designed to helps firm, smooth, nourish, regenerate and energize while controlling the biochemical triggers that lead to skin aging. ( A series of 6 are recommended for good result. 20 % off on pre-purchased of 6 treatments ) . $75
Back Treatment (60 minutes) This relaxation begins with a cryptic ablutionary and exfoliation to remove excess anoint and debris, extraction if necessity, followed by a custom-make masquerade and aromatherapy massage . $65
Back Therapy (60 minutes) This treatment combines dead sea salts with lifelike substantive oils to exfoliate dead bark cells, leaving your skin smooth and silkened. Includes friction massage and pacify fabric buffet . $65
Stress Therapy (30 minutes) A special discussion to reduce tension and muscle tension, to stimulate lineage flow and increase circulation of the weave fluid initiated by the massage. An ultimate rectify for casual stress . $40
BioActive Peel (45 minutes) BioActive Peel is groundbreaking, biologically active voice undress design to decrease surface roughness, treat acne, reduce fine lines and fade pigmentation. ( A series of 6 are recommended for better resultant role. 20 % off on pre-purchased of 6 treatments ) $54
Salicylic Peel $15
Enzyme Peel $15
Clinical Colloidal Oatmeal Masque $15
Contour Masque $15


Eyelash Extensions 30-50 lashes per eye . $100
Xtreme Eyelash Extensions 51-75 lashes per eye . $130
Lashes Refill regular lashes done within 3 weeks . $50
Xtreme Lashes Refill Xtreme lashes done within 3 weeks . $65

waxing service

Eyebrows (tweezed extra) $9 & up
Lip $7
Eyebrows & Lip $15 & up
Sideburns $10
Fingers/Toes $7
Neck $15
Full Face $35
Under Arms $15 & up
Half Arms $20
Full Arms $35
Bikini Line $20 & up
Brazilian Bikini $35 & up
Half Legs (upper or lower) $25
Full Legs $40 & up
Full Legs with Bikini Line $55
Chest $25
Abdomen $20
Full Back $35 & up


Callus Treatment A fast-acting, retexturizing treatment to helps smooth harsh callused . $5
Sea Salt/Mineral Sugar Exfoliation Buffing grains offer the highest degree of dead cell removal while leaving the skin soft, limber and moisturized . $5
Leathering Gel for Manicure Containing powdered walnut shell and pumice, this pacify cleansing agent leaves the hide clarified even never dehydrated . $3
Mud, Clay, Marine, or Cooling Gel Masque $5
Paraffin Treatment Beneficial to the skin, leaving skin softened and more beaming . $7
Hot Oil/Lotion for Manicure $5
Hot Stone Massage (15 minutes) For hands or feet. Promotes abstruse muscleman and tissue rest relieve tension, and improves circulation . $20
Shoulder Massage (each minute) $1
Extra Massage (15 minutes) For hands or feet. With Service . $10
Color Change $ 2 excess for French. $ 1 extra for feet . $6
French Color or Chamois Buffing With service . $5
Broken Nail (without fill-ins) $3 & up
Artificial Nails Taken Off $ 5 off with any wide laid . $10
Soak-Off Gel Removal $ 3 when remodel of soak-off gel . $5
Hand-Painted Design $ 5 for two designs . $3
Nail Decals or Charms (each) $1
Modeling Mask (25 minutes) The 25-minute treatment will be handily provided while you have your-Pedi Spa done. Includes : Cleansing then followed by masquerade and moisturizer . $20

Lovely Nails Hours

Disclaimer: Hours of operation may vary slightly from one location to the next. To confirm current hours, please contact your local salon.

Day Hours
Monday 9:00am – 7:00pm
Tuesday 9:00am – 7:00pm
Wednesday 9:00am – 7:00pm
Thursday 9:00am – 7:00pm
Friday 9:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday 9:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday 10:00am – 5:00pm

What Customers Have to Say

many customers heading in to Lovely Nails for the first time are very glad with the friendliness of the establishment and the politeness of the technicians. Technicians can offer options for nail colors and forte nail art based off pictures that customers show them. They besides rave about the great prices specially when combining services. many have had bang-up achiever with the gel manicures ampere good as with nail artwork to set off their expect more in full. In addition, clients bringing their children along for particular watering place days have had bang-up experiences. The commercial enterprise is always clean and bright. While some times are surely busy and clients have mentioned having to wait, Lovely Nails and Spa does offer on-line booking on their Website where clients can even choose from their darling technicians. however, others have stated that they get in right away when visiting. besides Consider : felicitous Nails Prices

Company History

adorable Nails and Spa presently has two locations in the popular and trendy Irvine, California, sphere. Both were founded in denude promenade plaza to make them easy to access for people from all walks of liveliness. Whether you are visiting the area or are looking for a unconstipated nail salon, Lovely offers many services and even promotional programs to help you save even more money.

besides in the Area : LA Nails lovely Nails continues to look to grow throughout North America and will surely find loyal clients wherever they are. With a great reputation for friendliness and excellence, they are certain to remain a favorite in any areas where they expand .

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