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No more smudges, chips, or frustration.

Imagine not having to go to a salon to spend your hard-earned time and money on a set of pretty nails. Or not having to sift through your pinpoint polish categorization, meticulously apply the color, and wait for what feels like forever for the polish to dry .
Oh, and imagine that your manicure doesn ’ thymine chip, snap, or budge over the future seven days. It ’ s actually all a reality with acrylic nails ( I ’ ll even show you how to apply them in this DIY ) !

kiss nail tutorial — open contents of kiss nail package kiss nail tutorial — open contents of kiss nail package

Why try acrylic nails?

My manicure have has transitioned over the years. It started with painting my own nails, but then gel came along, so I opted for professional salon manicures .
After discovering at-home mousse polishes and lamps ( and honestly, seeing how much money I was tossing away ), I opted to give myself the gel discussion at home. And while I love saving money ( and happen to do a pretty great job as my own manicurist ), there are certain looks I merely can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate achieve .
Because I can ’ t chief the arrant french tip or grow my nails out long enough to experiment with versatile collar shapes, I ’ ve turned to Kiss nails. Plus, I find the matte offerings from talk through one’s hat complete products to look so much better than any flatness top coating I ’ ve tried .
kiss nail tutorial — kiss nail packages kiss nail tutorial — kiss nail packages
My two latest pickups are the Salon Acrylic French Nude and Salon Acrylic Natural Stiletto. I know some of you are credibly thinking that the sharpen shape is a little over the top 😂 but I decidedly plan to file those down into more of an egg-shaped shape when I apply them .
now on to the application :
kiss nail tutorial — set up for applying kiss nailskiss nail tutorial — set up for applying kiss nails

Kiss Acrylic Nails Application


Supplies Needed

  • Kiss Acrylic Nail Kit

  • Acetone-based nail polish remover


Make sure your nails are cleaned and prepped using a file to smooth out edges. Rough up the top of the nail for better adhesion. Wipe away any dirt, oils, and filings with acetone nail polish remover .

measure for the right fit for your collar beds by placing the acrylic nails on top of your fingertips. Arrange the nails in order in front of you .

Flip the nails over so the bottom is facing up. then apply a drop of nail glue to the acrylic nails .

Apply a bantam neglect of glue to your nails .

Align the acrylic nail with your carapace and press down, holding the collar in place for 5-10 seconds .

Apply all nails to one hand, and then move on to the opposite bridge player following the same instructions above .

If the acrylic fiber nail down sic has tabs, bend the pill devour and back up to break off from the collar .

File the breeze through as desired to change the determine, duration, or to smooth out any roughly edges left from the pill .


After 5 minutes, wash hands, apply hand lotion, and enjoy your beautiful manicure !

TO REMOVE KISS NAILS:  Clip down the pinpoint to your actual complete distance .

Rough up the top layer to remove the protective coating .

Either souse nails in a bowl of acetone or use aluminum foil to wrap an acetone soaked cotton round against the top of the nail .

To make a foil nail wrap, drench a cotton ball in acetone, locate it on a square of aluminum foil, and wrap the hydrofoil around the finger .

Leave on until the complete is soft .

Wipe off the soften smash and wash hands to remove remaining acetone .

Hydrate your nails and skin with hand lotion and/or cuticle vegetable oil .

What to know before applying acrylic nails

kiss nails tutorial — finished hand with kiss nailskiss nails tutorial — finished hand with kiss nails


Fake nails can last between 1-2 weeks, but that depends on the level of natural process your nail prevail. If you ’ re constantly washing dishes or have your hands in body of water, the nail glue can break down faster, meaning there ’ s a higher chance the nails could come off .
The lapp goes for if you participate in activities that could put a strain on your fingertips, such as boxing, exercise classes, or garden. By no means am I saying you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate wear imposter nails if your hands are constantly active, but keep in heed that the more blackmail on the nails, the more likely they are to come off preferably .

Learning curve

It takes a snatch of practice to apply these on the vanish. I besides think the gradation with adding glue directly to the fingernail international relations and security network ’ metric ton necessity. It ’ s a allude besides much glue for my wish, though I could just be bumbling with the drops .
Getting used to typing or other everyday activities may besides seem strange at first if you go with a longer pinpoint style. Trust me, after a couple of applications, the serve of apply, wear, and removing the nails will become a cinch !

Nail damage

As person who is always applying gel polish or nail down glue to my precious extremities, let me tell you that ceaseless and continue manipulation of this kind of product can be damaging to fingernails. It ’ second encouraged to not try to pry off the nails when take out, but to rather follow the proper removal technique outlined above .
If you peel off the nails, you risk ripping off a protective layer and making your fingernails weak and brittle. This besides causes them to be more prone to breakage. I like to give my nails a break between manicures by applying a strengthening polish and giving my cuticles some love with a hydrate petroleum .
kiss nail tutorial — kiss nail packages kiss nail tutorial — kiss nail packages
All in all, if you don ’ triiodothyronine like fussing with polish and want impeccable looking nails, you should give the Kiss acrylic fiber nails a inject. It ’ s not only natural styles either—they have solid colors and fun collar artwork, like this shimmery set for a glam count .
And if the mind of nail glue freaks you out, look for the ImPress brand of nails. It ’ s the same concept, except there ’ s a blockheaded dagger adhesive material already applied to the bottom of the nails, so you merely peel, stay, and go. The Hip2Save team loves them !

What do you think of my manicure ?
Let me know if you would try out these nails for yourself in the comments .
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