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I have a confession to make : I love french nails ! They go with anything, anywhere and they are ace elegant. I used to have a batch of trouble getting my french manicure done at home .
It was all so complicated with the polish and constantly painting the edges wrong. But since I discovered AVVA dip powder, my french manicures have been on the blemish, perfect, easy and long durable.

That ‘s why I want to show a few steps necessary for a successful french dip powderize manicure .
First of all we need to talk about What you need for a french manicure. No matter what colors you choose for your french ( God knows there are some cool trending ideas out there ) you will need for surely a dim container. This will secure the proper application without any extra steps .

If you are new to dip powder I need to tell you, AVVA has the perfect french Dip Powder Kit for you ! You will get 1 White, 1 Clear, 1 Natural Pink and 1 Hot Red dip powders plus a FREE dipping container.
early accessories you might need ? A buffer, a cuticle tool, nail down files, a brush ( find them all hera + some extra utilitarian clips hera ) and some essential liquids :

  • 1 AVVA Primer – Use for increased resistance of the manicure.
  • 1 Essential Gels Set – Used for the dip powder system, air-dries fast and make your nails last long.

so now that we know what we need let ‘s break it down.

1. Prep your nails

File, condition and buff your nails to perfection ! You can use your carapace pusher to clean out the nail very well and make surely you do n’t have any skin getting in your manner. It ‘s very important to avoid getting the merchandise on your bark, as this can cause lift and bang-up .

2. Apply AVVA Primer

Make certain you dehydrate your nails with alcohol and apply your fuse before starting the procedure. proper dehydration can make you avoid any future plagiarize and crack of the breeze through .

3. Prepare for the application

Let ‘s assume you want a classic french. Shake the gunpowder, then open it and pour your White powder in the dim container. Get your nail cock close to you & open the unclutter Dip powder a well. They will be all-important for the next steps .

4. Apply the Base and dip in

now apply your AVVA Base not excessively close up to the cuticles and dip the tip of your breeze through in the dip container. Stop when you ca n’t see the natural egg white agate line of your nail down. then quickly take the finger out and dip it in the clear drop powder. Wait for 30 seconds and brush off the excess gunpowder .
Repeat these procedures until you have the desired saturation .

5. Apply Activator and buff well

After you ‘ve brushed off all the excess powder, you can move on to the Activator. Apply it on your wholly nail, caping every border. Let it dry for 2 minutes and buff the nails to eliminate any imperfections. Apply a moment coat of Activator and let it dry again. Before moving to the next step make certain to clean your nails with alcohol. If the nails are not wholly clean at this point, you will have a messy ending.

6. Apply AVVA Top and Enjoy!

After you clean your nails well apply the first coat of AVVA Top with promptly, fast brushes. Let it dry for 30 seconds and then apply the second layer. Be sure to cover all the edges identical well and cap the tips of the nail. Let it dry for 3 minutes and go about your business !
now you can enjoy your own french manicure correct at-home !

informant : https://nailcenter.us
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