french manicures are an absolute staple in nail artwork. Since the manner was first coined in the 1970 ’ second by Orly ’ s Jeff Pink, it ’ randomness been the go-to for anyone who wants clean, neutral nails, and by the looks of it, this style international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate leaving anytime soon. B

ut we’ve come a long way since the 1970’s pink and white style of french tips. The classic design has evolved over decades to incorporate a variety of shapes, colors, and accents while still being reminiscent of the timeless look.

today, there are an countless issue of ways to embellish and personalize your french tip breeze through style, and our french nail stamping plates makes french manicures even easier to create. Take some inspo from the following ideas and pick up our Classique french nail art collection plates for infinite dateless manicures for every occasion .

5 Types of french Manicure Nail Ideas

Gradients & Ombre French Nails

The classical french tip blueprint can sometimes be excessively harsh of a contrast, particularly when it features a very hard line, but an ombre using the dateless colors of a french manicure still achieves that lapp healthy freshness while understating the conversion from pinpoint bed to nail tip for even longer wear time. Use the full nail gradient form from our Pardon My French ( m052 ) stamping plate for fast, easy french manicure ideas. Use traditional blushful nude nail beds with bright white tips for a softer, more elusive french nail artwork design .

Shape of Aesthetic Nails

shape is highly significant when it comes to customizing your french manicure and giving your nails some personality. From the length and condition of your actual complete to the expressive style of your french lean design, merely a few simple lines can create an wholly different expect. Use the rectangular-shaped purpose from Pardon My French ( m052 ) to create an edgy attend with abrupt lean, geometric french tips ( like this one by @ mrkate ) and crisp claw or find your cunning and feminine side with round off almond shaped nails and curved french tips from our Pardon My French ( m052 ) stamping plate .

Accent in Colorful Nails

Adding a few accents over your french manicure pushes the boundaries of your nail art. Use our Pardon My French ( m052 ) stamping plate to add cute shapes, squiggles, and lines for a trendy, mod vibration. experiment with the placement of your “ french tips ” by accenting the side of your nails or the tops of your complete beds. Accessorize your nails with smaller designs like this neon french mani by @ polishedjess .

Sparkle in White Tip Nail Designs

Glam up with

glitter, metallics, holographics, and duochrome . Using polishes with special finishes or sprinkling on a bit of glitter or collar artwork gunpowder is a fast and easy way to bring your french mani to the twenty-first century. Mix up sparkles and cream finish nail polish for some funky, chic breeze through artwork like this one by @ hannys_manis .


Who says french manicures need to be pink and white ? ! get with the program. Your french mani can span the stallion spectrum of colors. Using your favorite colors is one of the easiest ways to create a wholly singular and advanced count. In 2019, pastels ( like this mani by @ pinkieconspiracie )seem to be all the rage for french tip nail art designs. and neons seem to be all the rage for french peak pinpoint artwork designs .

A dateless authoritative does n’t need to be bore. Just add a moment of creativity and you ‘ve got something completely new ! Need even more french manicure inspo ? Check out our Pinterest board, french Tip Nail Art, featuring tons of ways to dress up this dateless classical and make it your own .

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