Nail drawings have always been democratic among fashionistas, because the use of such parts in manicure allows you to not only beautifully complement different techniques, but besides create your own design. Among the most democratic topics can be confidently attributed a variety of flowers, leaves, twigs and buds .
much, nails are decorated with lines, zigzags, dots and other geometric shapes. In fashion abstraction, seasonal worker or themed vacation drawings, volumetric drawings, lace patterns, images of representatives of the animal global and many other ideas. It can be clean and miniature pictures, sometimes consisting of barely a few strokes that subtly adorn dialect nails, or frailty versa, complex colored images located on all fingers .
many women like to decorate their nails with the images of pets or cunning little animals and lesser panda manicure refers to just such ideas .

Manicure Features

Fluffy snow-white bears with original black circles around the eyes, black hand and ears have fans all over the earth. Designers actively use images of this animal when creating clothes, accessories and manicure design. such drawings look very cute and will be a bang-up theme for a relax, slightly playful and unobtrusive manicure.

such an crack, of naturally, is not wholly suitable to complement the nonindulgent prototype of the school principal or occupation stylus of a business dame. Pandas on nails will be more relevant for everyday design or manicure of young people .
Drawings can be placed on all nails or one or two fingers. A diverseness of modern techniques allows you to beat images with matter to variations, and we suggest talking about some more examples by and by .

Choose the color of the varnish

An authoritative detail that nail-masters advise to be certain to pay attention to when applying a absorb is the correct option of varnish shades. nature endowed our protagonist with a classical combination of blacken and white, which means that it is the black and white tandem that should be the drawing card .
Drawings can be applied to a diaphanous base or select a shade that will emphasize all the details, for case, lilac, pink, grey, pistachio, orange, greens or beige .
For drawing bamboo leaves, the favorite daintiness of these cute creatures, give preference to a picket k or emerald shade, and for the rest, trust on your imagination. The main goal is not to overdo it with undimmed finishes .

French panda design

The authoritative of french manicure is so singular that it allows the young ladies to complement the manicure with a assortment of drawings and interior decoration for every taste. Pandas in our lawsuit are a decent addition to the smile agate line, which can be made out as a funny front, or plainly decorated with the prints of the leg of a furred bear .
In the last exercise, on one of the stress nails, it ’ s important to draw a portrait pull of a lesser panda that will be featured in the purpose .
The smile line in a french manicure with a similar character can remain classical white or vice versa, draw in contrasting black. Any of the above examples looks very decent .


The visualize of a downy animal perfectly combines with such an matter to technique and very original decorates smooth transitions of tones. Make one or two nails with one of the design options or decorate each finger immediately with details. Eyes, paw prints, bamboo branches or silhouette drawings will be capital helpers in this exercise .
For stretching, stylists recommend using not merely restrained and concise shades. Bright variations of transitions and fishy pandas are able to combine on nails very harmoniously .

Matte design

Matte nails always look chic. When designing, pay attention to light pink, smoky, beige, milk or yellowish brown. The proposed shades will absolutely emphasize even the most finespun details of a black-and-white or mono black practice. Decorate one smash of the right hand with a full-length sketch of the animal, and on the early, depict a cute front. very gentle and feminine !

Geometric pattern

geometry in the design of manicure is not only strips, zigzags, triangles and squares on the nails. This guidance allows you to create stun compositions from many little details that combine into a particular traffic pattern.

An experienced craftsman will easily decorate your fingers with geometric pandas. For this plan, you can choose shades a little bright as the independent background, for model, purple or sky blue sky, and decorate the base under the radiation pattern with varnish a tone or two lighter .
Images are best designed in total darkness, which will most clearly demonstrate the angles and lines of all the components .

Storyline drawings

such an idea will appeal to lovers of colored and sophisticated interior decoration. A characteristic feature of such an idea is the decoration of each breeze through as a separate fib, which as a whole is combined into one colorful picture. For exercise, on one nail, place the top of a bamboo outgrowth, on the next, place the grimace of a cute animal and so on .
Different patterns on both hands besides look identical cool in such a run. On the correct – we draw a lesser panda in an concern lie perplex, on the left – a round bear ’ mho face and footprints .

Manicure with details and accents.

We already mentioned above that in the design of a lesser panda manicure you can use not alone the images of the bamboo bear itself. Twigs of his front-runner treats, air clouds, inscriptions, assorted patterns and additions in the shape of rhinestones or strokes of glitter will only refresh the whole trope. Think over the harmonious arrangement of all the details of the picture, and boldly design your nails .
As an case, you can draw a lesser panda ‘s face and decorate it with a clean strass bow or add foam crystals to the eyes of the animal .

Short Nail Design

To design a manicure with a lesser panda for a short length, you can choose one of the shades of light, translucent varnish as the main coat, or vice versa, create a invention using a dark, deep shade. The picture of the animal is more relevant to place on one of the fingers, which will not overload the manicure .
If you like not only plain varnishes, then boldly decorate the base with a glitter coat or use alike structures to draw a painting .

Types of drawings

Modern techniques are striking in their capabilities, and the purpose of drawings in manicure by salon masters is carried out in several ways, including artwork paint, stamping technique and the use of cliched stickers. The first example is considered the most complex and alone at the same clock time. The draw is done with a thin brush and requires certain skills or artistic talent .
Images by stamping are a transmit to the nail of a drawing with a special tender. In this casing, the giant panda can remain monophonic or additionally be drawn in details .
The easiest way to apply drawings is the use of ready-made stickers, which allows you to perform manicure at home. You or the master only need to carefully straighten the dagger on the nail with the selected persona and secure the consequence with a transparent top .

A giant panda manicure gives girls a great opportunity to relax from asperity and intricate plan. Any of the variations of manicure will complement the image with notes of lightness and mischief, because looking at these fishy creations is simply impossible to frown .

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