Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the link included, we may earn commission. Gel or Dip Powder ? A Guide to the Different Types of Manicures—Plus, How much They Cost There was once a prison term when a manicure meant one thing : basic polish, swiped onto just-filed nails, finished with a glazed top coat. today people gawk when you ask for regular polish at the salon. It ‘s been cast digression for glistening raw versions, defamed by those who say it does n’t hold up in a crisis. Here lies the classic manicure, chipped and forgotten.

now every nail salon touts a menu a across-the-board as everyone ‘s front-runner chicken joint, and things get confusing faster than you can say “ shellac. ” Do n’t even get us started on nail shapes ; that ‘s a talk for another time. We ‘re breaking down the different types of manicures—and the change manicure prices—to help you avoid any major mani disasters. Because once the polish is on, we ‘re committed. Lest we sit another hour to have it remake. *never* Maybe it ‘s meter to try something new ? Do n’t knock a smash polish until you ‘ve tried it. here ‘s your handy steer to the types of manicures you ‘ll find at the nail salon .

Classic manicure

What it is: This is the brass section tacks of the complete world. Pick a tied, basic to deluxe, and get your hands pampered, cuticles clipped, nails filed, and polish applied. How long does it last: Up to a week with minimal chip. Who it’s for: If you ‘re not one to carve out time to get a gel manicure soaked off at the salon in two weeks ‘ time, a basic manicure is your best bet. Likewise, it ‘s a upstanding option if you ‘re in a bang or wildly impatient. How much does it cost: Around $ 20–40, plus tip .

Gel manicure

What it is: This is the most popular manicure you ‘ll hear about right now. intend of it as a souped-up translation of a basic manicure that uses a UV light to cure and harden liquid polish, which is what makes a mousse manicure last up to three times longer than regular polish. There ‘s one get : You ‘ll have to go rear to the salon to get it soaked off. Do n’t dare try to pick it off ; that ‘s a one-stop denounce to stripped nails. How long does it last: around two to three weeks. Who it’s for: If you love your touch OPI or Essie color but need it to last past the weekend, a gelatin mani will do the magic trick. Nowadays most salons carry your front-runner pinpoint colors in both regular and mousse polish.

How much does it cost: Around $ 25–45, plus gratuity

Dip powder manicure

What it is: This manicure is newer on the scenery but promptly closing the popularity col between itself and the gel mani. Each pinpoint color comes in the kind of a pigment gunpowder, which your nails are dipped into after being applied a unclutter melted formula. The most democratic character, SNS, is marketed as “ better for your nails ” than any other longwear polish, such as gel. You ‘ll besides need to get it professionally taken off at the nail salon. How long does it last: Around three weeks ( four weeks, if you ‘re lucky ). Who it’s for: This is every on-the-go girl ‘s mystery weapon. You ‘ll instantaneously notice that it feels more hardy and bouncy than any other polish, which is why it tends to last longer. How much does it cost: Around $ 35–50, plus tiptoe .

Acrylic manicure

What it is: This might evoke mental images of the crazy-long, in-your-face french manicure of the early 2000s, but acrylic fiber manicures are calm kicking. While a cool take on the classical french mani is presently coming spinal column into dash, you can customize an acrylic manicure to look any way you ‘d like. It ‘s basically a combination of liquid and powder polishes that are applied over your natural smash and false tips. How long does it last: about two to three weeks ; you can go to the salon for fill-ins if the false nails break. Who it’s for: Have you constantly lusted over the almond nail shape, entirely to be let down by your nails never growing long enough ? This one ‘s for you. Acrylics are great for those who want longer nails ( or are prone to biting ! ), as it will feign the appearance of naturally longer nails, all while providing a street fighter protective layer to keep you from biting your nails. How much does it cost: Around $ 35 and up, fill-ins are $ 15 and up.

Matte manicure

What it is: This is n’t a unlike type of application, but quite a unlike finish from the traditional glistening top coat finish. The breeze through color is alternatively topped with a mattifying coat ( like this one by OPI ) that makes the pinpoint color appear muted and non-shiny. not all salons offer this service, but many are able to do it in varying applications, from classic to gel to dip powder. How long does it last: Depends on the lotion type.

Who it’s for: This is for the rule breaker who likes to switch things up. Matte manicures tend to look best with vibrant or dark hues, so it might be the review your mani needs this fall and winter. How much does it cost: Depends on application type ; no supernumerary charge. We ladies do love options, do n’t we ? Well consider yourself amply briefed for your future pinpoint appointment .

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