Your marry manicure will be one of the most significant ones of your life ! While blasphemous nails for your wedding may seem a little out there, they can be so pretty. If you ’ re placid in need of your something blasphemous, check out these 20 stunning aristocratic wedding nails that you will wholly want to copy .

1. Cute Seashell Nails

If your marry is by the water or beach themed, try adding a few seashells to your nails. It is a subtle touch, but however very alone. Blue wedding nails!


2. Classic Navy

A glistening dark blue manicure is such a chic way to pull off blue wedding nails. Give this look a try if your marriage colors include navy. Blue wedding nails!

3. Different Textures

This gorgeous manicure mixes up gloss, glitter, and jewels. Your nails will decidedly stand out with a combination like this. ad Blue wedding nails!

4. Glitter Ombre Manicure

This arctic ombre manicure is perfective for a winter wedding. Blue wedding nails! ad

5. Robin’s Egg

This gorgeous Robin ’ s Egg color is such a low samara way to pull off blue marry nails. Blue wedding nails!

6. White Highlight

Having a blank highlight breeze through is a nice way to tie the white of your dress and your something blue together. ad Blue wedding nails!

7. Glitter Highlight

A Cinderella blue manicure with a silver glitter foreground is a beautiful manner to glam up your nails. Blue wedding nails! ad

8. Light Ombre Nails

This ombre is so inner light, you can about scantily tell that it is blue ! Another gorgeous and subtle touch. Blue wedding nails!

9. Blue French Tips

Blue french tips are a unique way to add some blue sky into the mix while still wearing a authoritative style. ad Blue wedding nails!

10. Marble Nails

Adding some marble play our nails is bang-up if you want to be a small trendy, but not besides hazardous. ad Blue wedding nails!

11. Monogrammed

Try adding your new initials to your manicure as a fresh short court to your newly conserve. Blue wedding nails! ad

12. Nautical

Another adorable way to work your beach root into your wedding look. Blue wedding nails!

13. Jeweled Navy

Add some crystals to your chic navy manicure for an elegant look. ad Blue wedding nails!

14. Navy Glitter French Tips

Add a tint of glitter to your united states navy french tips for a fun twist. ad Blue wedding nails!

15. Opal Nails

An opal design is a gorgeous manicure to try out. It international relations and security network ’ t excessively much, but it is thus alone. Blue wedding nails! ad

16. Patterned

Another room to rock blue wedding nails is to try out a patterned manicure. Blue wedding nails!

17. Periwinkle

This color is an absolutely gorgeous desegregate of purple and gloomy, which will compliment other pastel colors. ad Blue wedding nails!

18. Accent Heart Nails

A bantam aristocratic heart is the cut way to add your something blue into your manicure ! Blue wedding nails! ad

19. Cinderella Blue

You will feel like the chime of the testis – as you should ! – with this beautiful Cinderella blue color. Blue wedding nails!

20. Steel Blue

A grey blue tinge is the perfect match for a gun metallic glitter highlight nail.

ad Blue wedding nails!

Would you consider doing blue wedding nails? Let us know in the comments below!
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