There ’ randomness something about twirl pinpoint art that precisely makes it so captivating. Maybe it ’ s the way the colors flow together, or the elegant motion of the design. Whatever it is, there ’ s no doubt that whirl nails are a show-stopper. If you ’ re looking for some inspiration, check out these gorgeous designs !
I ’ ve tried to include a lot of different variations thus there ’ second something for everyone to get some inhalation. It ’ s such a versatile stylus and there ’ mho just sol much you can do with it.

swirl nail artAn interesting angle for a nail photo but I like the playful white and red swirls over nude nails.
swirl nail artI’m not saying I have a problem… but I can’t stop staring at this set. Super fun and you don’t really have to worry too much if your hand slips while you’re applying the swirls.
swirl nail polish designThere’s just a slight hint of glitter between the swirls on this vibrant design. This is one of the bonuses to swirl nail art – it’s just so versatile you can add a bit of spice and style to any look.
swirl nail design ideasA pastel dream 🌈 a different color for each finger and different styles as well.
swirl nail designA different take on the style. These acrylics have some solid color and some nice lines with a single nail swirl design over black.
swirl nail artThis design is just mint to be. Alright, I get one bad pun per list. These swirls are a more organized take on the style and the red french tips really make the swirls pop out.
swirl nail designsWe’ve already established I’m a sucker for light blue nails but daaaang if I don’t love this set. It’s a great shade and using swirls of different shades of blue as tips is just fantastic looking.
swirl nail artA little more subtle (it’s not always about the bright colors) with some white polish and simple lines.
swirl nail design ideasBut how about these swirl nail foils? I mean if you’re going to do color…
swirl nail designThese medium-sized gels also do things a little differently. Rather than large solid colors with small swirls, they use bigger swirls with smaller backgrounds. Super unique.
swirl nail design ideasA classic swirl nail design. Subtle tones for a big statement.
swirl nailsPretty in blue ✨ if you boil this design right down it’s fairly simple to do but look at how stunning it can look. Matching the shade to the ring and sleeve is just to die for.
swirl nail designHere too, we’re matching the green with much smaller swirls.
swirl nail designGlittery water marbled candy cane nails. If you like these – check out these candy cane nail designs for a more traditional take on the style but damn if these don’t look great.
swirl nail design ideasHow gorgeous are these? Sort of like a vertical french tip and with the greens fading to white it’s almost like an Ombre style too. Fantastic.
swirl nails𝑇𝑜𝑟𝑡𝑖𝑒 𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝐵𝑜𝑡𝑡𝑒𝑔𝑎 𝑆𝑤𝑖𝑟𝑙𝑠. A fantastic idea for these almond nails.
swirl nail designs🍧Swirly Pink Nailz🍧
swirl nail designsThese pink swirls against matte white reminds me of ice cream. Is it just me?
swirl nail polish designAnother take on the vertical light blue swirls. There’s a slight hint of glitter here too but it’s very subtle.
swirl nail artOh now, these overlapping swirl nails are just fantastic. I think you could do these in a whole bunch of different ways but that black spots really highlights the swirls.
swirl nailsAgain, we have that gentle hint of glitter that works really well and the colorway suits the minimalist line nail art on the index finger. And the subtle white and black french tip on the outer nails… I think this might be my favorite set so far.
swirl nail designsDon’t be afraid to sparkle a little brighter ✨ We’re seeing a real trend of some glitter with these swirl nails. It’s a little more obvious on this set but it works really well with the colorway. You could skip the glitter and still have a stunning design if it’s not your thing.
swirl nail design ideasFreestyle french nails with black swirls and glittery polish.
swirl nail polish designSome festive-looking swirl nail art. Simple lines for great style.
swirl nail designsI’m almost surprised it took this long to find marble-style nails. You’d think it would be a more obvious one but I really like this set and it’s (apparently) very unique.
swirl nail artSo I’m not saying I have a problem. But the moment I saw that trail of red I thought these were wine nails. They look fantastic but I think I do need a glass…
swirl nail designsA much more glam take on the style if that’s your thing. A cool winter style to this set. (Alright that was two puns now).
swirl nail designSpeaking of winter nails I love this color style and, again, we’ve got some subtle glitter polish on some of the swirls. If you look closely, that swirl is also a hint of a french tip. I love that.
swirl nail design ideasDeeper and thicker red swirl nails against nude acrylics.
swirl nail designs
swirl nail designs🤍 🍭 🤍🍭🤍 Lovely grey swirls on these French nails with a twist.
swirl nail design ideasI’m not saying I have a problem with my obsession with swirls but… yeah. These just look fab.
swirl nail designA more minimalist take and a little symmetry between nails never hurt anyone.
swirl nail designI’m almost surprised at how uncommon these black swirls are. They’re a little more subtle than the bright colors and glitter but they still look fantastic and you could get away with these at the office.
swirl nail design ideasAnd finally I had to do some digging but I found this single solitary swirl. I really like minimalist nail art and I think it can really work with this style. Sometimes more is less and having a single feature nail doesn’t just save you time in the morning, it can be stylish as heck.
swirl nail artMatte green and white on these oval nails.
swirl nail design ideasGel overlay with matte white tips.
swirl nailsA vibrant and fun pink on these swirls.
swirl nail designWho needs coffee foam art when you have swirls like these on your coffee color nails?
swirl nail design ideas
swirl nail designs
swirl nail design ideasOoh I love this idea. Matte white background with a rainbow swirl style. New favorite. Someone do this on my nails please.
swirl nail designFunky green and red swirl nails.
swirl nail designsLong nails are my happy place. Add some metallic green swirls and I’m in heaven.
swirl nail designsRetro-looking swirls on these short red nails.
swirl nails
swirl nail artSome great inspiration for anyone fan of bright colors and minimalist lines. These rainbow swirls are fun and a little different.
swirl nail design ideasA slightly more serious take with these deeper greens and olive tones.
swirl nail design ideasAnother traditional candy cane style.
swirl nail designOh very elegant looking here. Matte white splashes with a hint of glittery gold. Just superb. Do this. Then show me a photo of it.
swirl nail polish designOrange french tips always have more fun. Add some orange and white swirls and you have a great look. Subtle enough for everyday wear and fun enough for the bar.
swirl nail designsA slightly different take with creamier colors.

Swirl nails are fun, stylish and relatively easy to do. They can work with any look. If you’re looking for a new nail design that’s on-trend but won’t take up too much time or require lots of tools then these swirls may be just what you need! All you’ll need is some polish, cotton swabs (or q-tips), a clear topcoat and maybe an orange stick if the edges start getting clumpy.
I do hope this has given you some ideas for twirl smash designs If you give this a go – I want to see it ! Send me a photograph of your swirly nails and we ’ ll feature them here.

Our inspiration photos come from drug user submissions and open sources and we ’ ll always give credit. All of the fantastic styles belong to their respective owners. If we ’ ve got a citation wrong or you ’ five hundred quite we don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate feature you – fair drop us an electronic mail .

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