Popular forms of nails for manicure french ombre

french ombre manicure looks capital on nails of any distance and form. The hidden of such versatility is in the proficiency of stretching – it can be made circumscribed, lone for the transition of a light strip to the main semblance, or stretched along the stallion duration of the nail down .
But with the supreme headquarters allied powers europe of the nails, everything is a little different. The ombre jacket looks best on almond-shaped, ellipse and square-shaped nails .


The classic shape of nails allows you to make any type of french ombre, with stretching to any depth – only at the tip of the nail or along its entire length .
Colors can besides be selected as traditional, in pastel tones, a well as the most boldness combinations, including black and bolshevik, rainbow gradient or any other unusual combination. But in orderliness to emphasize that this is not equitable an ombre, but its “ french ” version, it is still worth doing a dense coat on the tips of the nails, frankincense highlighting the smile line.


french ombre manicure on egg-shaped nails besides allows for respective execution techniques. But the pursue are the most advantageous :

  • classic smile line in a light palette;
  • a gradient in tone density – from almost transparent to rich coverage;
  • stretching performed only in the lower third of the nail plate;
  • double gradient: from light to darker to the middle of the nail, and from the middle to the upper arch – from dark to lighter.

Depending on the idea you want to put into an ombre french nail down design, the finish can be about guileless, with a little tint for a gradient, or it can be dense and in a fat, bass palette .


Square nails look perfective with an ombre crown that combines a gradient and clear geometry. It can be a smile line strictly parallel to the square edge of the nail down with an ombre stretch in the same way – without forming an bow. A translucent gradient besides looks great, which softens the rather expressive nature of the manicure and makes it more finespun and sophisticate .
For long nails of a square human body, smash masters recommend making a reverse jacket – with a benighted coat in the lower third of the nails with its lighten towards the amphetamine arch. This will make the manicure moresophisticated and graceful hands .
Trapezoidal and round nails can besides be made in such a nail plan, but in this case, the actual concept of the manicure should be slightly adjusted. For a trapezoid, darken the complimentary boundary of the nail down to visually narrow it. And it is better to place cosmetic details in the upper third gear, thus distracting attention from the nails expanding downward .
On round nails, the smile line should be straightened then that the inner arc is not parallel to the edge of the nail. This will help create the illusion of more elongate nail plates, bringing them closer to an egg-shaped shape. But it is better to make free edges in a idle palette, and set the interior decoration in the lower third base, and the drawings – longitudinally, slightly shifting them from the center to the slope .

French ombre design

fair a gradient is not enough and you want to complement the french ombre manicure with interesting details to make it more expressive .
This design works well with many decorating techniques, but the trace are the most popular.


There are more variations of a french ombre with sparkles than meets the eye. This :

  • a subtle shimmery glitter finish over an already finished ombre;
  • glitters in the role of a gradient – from a dense coating of glitters at the edge of the nail with a gradual transition to an increasingly less dense layer towards the top;
  • a combination of an ombre jacket with a painting or a glitter frame.

You can add other bright accents at your discretion, depending on the concept of breeze through design and the mind that you put into it. For example, a gradient in a colored palette looks truly cosmic if you supplement it with patches a lanthanum “ blot ” with motley modest sparkles or shimmer. And on a fall manicure, lightly sparkling stains produce the effect of royal luxury .


Painting on french manicure with ombre should be extremely delicate and fully equate to the idea of ​​such nail art .
so, contrasting geometric patterns, stylized plant motifs, ethnic subject count bang-up on a iniquity basis .
And on light, it is advisable to select a tone-on-tone painting, but make it with textured gel varnishes, which allow you to highlight the painting due to the volumetric contour .
But if you want the maximumexpressiveness and luminosity, there is constantly a design choice in the feng shui vogue : emphasizing of one nail with painting in any proficiency that you like best .

With rhinestones

Complementing a french manicure with ombre rhinestones is a win-win option if you need an consequence nail design. It is ideal as a marry manicure or for an evening out, and made with fine crystals will be a great summation evening to your everyday style .
But, again, you need to focus on the general concept. The darkness pallette requires more restraint in the interior decoration, as it is quite full-bodied in itself. small crystals or one big one, but with a simple cut, are suitable for it. Rhinestones of tone-on-tone, which unobtrusively look on a dark coating, and make themselves felt lone by sparks and overflows of light, will besides be a good choice. For manicure in light and pastel colors, transparent rhinestones will be the best partners – both as an freelancer decoration and as an addition to a crisp painting .

Matte French ombre

Matte jacket combined with ombre is the quintessence of elegance and subtle smell of expressive style. Such a manicure does not lose its nobility even when using wholly “ not baronial ” colors and shades. therefore, if you want to try fresh ideas of pinpoint art, and not contradict the prevailing elegant style, try a flat ombre jacket in color. Thanks to the velvet effect of such a coating, even brilliantly and blue colors – yellow, pink, blue, etc. – attend unobtrusive and very subtle .
On our web site, you can study the photograph of the french ombre presented in the portfolio of nail masters, find fresh ideas and make your favored manicure with one of the specialists by contacting him by the call number indicated in his profile .

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