Love this design but would like it in a different semblance ?   Get in touch   and I will see what I can do ! gorgeous hand painted hot pinko striped french five tiptoe false smash set. Perfect everyday nails !


– You will receive a set of 10 nails or a wax set of 24 nails with this stripe and french volt point smash art painted on, which will be on your choose breeze through condition, distance and nail size.
– Nail homework kit ( nail file, carapace stick and cleansing agent rub ).
– application and removal instructions.
– 2g pinpoint glue/nail adhesive material tabs*
– All of our false collar sets are sent in a black giving corner.

*Please notice : due to shipping laws, breeze through glue will only be sent to UK customers. International customers will receive nail adhesive tab key.

If united kingdom customers would prefer to receive nail adhesive material tabs alternatively of smash glue, please leave a note in the check section. Extra nail glue and complete pill can besides be purchased, you can find them in our shop class : Nail Glue and Nail Tabs. Due to shipping laws, complete glue is for UK customers merely.

Our delusive nail sets are hand painted to order with the last care and attention, and sealed with a gelatin top coat to add an extra layer of reflect or a matte polish and temper to the nails .



Oval (Short, Medium, Long)
– Square (Short, Medium, Long)
– Stiletto (Medium, Long, X-Long)
– Coffin (Medium, Mid-Long, Long)
– Tapered Coffin (Mid, Long, X-Long)
– Almond (Medium, Long)

Please see the image in our listings which show all the nail shapes and lengths that we offer.


Please see the visualize in our listings which shows our nail sizing chart and our set sizes. If you choose custom, please leave your nail measurements in the note section at checkout. To learn how to find out your nail down sizes, please check out our Shape & Sizing Guide.

If you do n’t feel comfortable measuring your own nails, do n’t worry ! You can order a sample sizing pack from our workshop which includes a blank nail in every size allowing you find out your nail sizes with ease.

You can besides choose a full set of 24 nails which will include 2 of each size and a few extra.


For information about our manner of speaking options, please visit our FAQ page. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. CHOKING HAZARD.


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