Prom nox is a night to remember in the life of every adolescent. Everything needs to be arrant – your dress, your heels, your hairdo, and your nails .
Are you looking for perfect and elegant promenade nails ? hera we ’ ve gathered some of the cutest collar design examples. Get cheer and prepare on time for your superintendent elegant promenade night.

Prom Nails: Nail Designs & Nailart Ideas

#1: A Different French Manicure

Feminine and very minimalistic – these are the right words that describe this manicure. If your dress is whiten, champagne or even crimson, opt for this cover girl french manicure in white with bronze edges .

#2: Nude Nails with Glitter

Nude with Glitter NailsNude with Glitter Nails
flush though bare nails can appear a bit boring, they are constantly in dash and matching with any equip. If you add a moment of glitter to all your nails or some of them, you will decidedly get a antic promenade look .

#3: Prom Nail Design with Gold Stripes

Gold Stripes NailsGold Stripes Nails
sometimes only a little detail can make your manicure outstanding. For exemplify, gold stickers on the center finger will always make your nails look more arouse and elegant – arrant for your promenade night .

#4: Delicate Rose Gold Glitter

Delicate Rose Gold Glitter NailsDelicate Rose Gold Glitter Nails
Rose gold became favored shade and no surprise there. It is ultimately chic, feminine, and matches with all other metallics. You can wear these nails with champagne, sapphire blue dresses, or blush-pink suits .

#5: Nailart with Metallic Vibes

Metallic Vibes NailsMetallic Vibes Nails
quite striking promenade nails : a combination of matte and metallic vibes will upgrade whole your promenade equip combination. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate overdo it – precisely some of your nails should have metallic stickers on them .

#6: Matte and Silver Nails

Matte and SilverMatte and Silver
Matte nails are always a good idea. however, to make them more interest, add glistening silver details. This will make them not only interesting but besides attention-getting for all your friends, once you appear at your promenade .

#7: Lilac and Blush Nail Design

Lilac and Blush NailsLilac and Blush Nails
Lilac is still the color of the class, so you can constantly opt for it. Did you know it looks this good in combination with blush pink ? We neither ! But, this manicure showed us how to look pretty with these two shades and finespun black petal detail on the closed chain finger .

#8: Like a Sequins Dust

Like a Sequins DustLike a Sequins Dust
elegant and subtle promenade nails. White and brusque nails are normally great to wear in summer. however, when you add those lovely shimmer dust, you will transform your everyday nails into perfective promenade ones. Effortless and chic, right ?

#9: Gold Shimmer Nails

Gold ShimmerGold Shimmer
Gold glitter nail polish on undimmed or completely nude nails can look extremely good. You can stylus this manicure with any dress, whether it is more modern or classy and glamorous. This smash design works pretty well with any other color .

#10: Chic Navy-Blue Combination

Chic Navy-Blue Combination NailsChic Navy-Blue Combination Nails
Navy-blue might not be the most common color on your nails, but it can be absolutely elegant and sophisticate. If still in doubt choose for this shade with an accession of lightly grey and gold details. Your nails will be perfect for your promenade night and some chic cocktail preen .

#11: Rose and Gold Nails

Rose and Gold NailsRose and Gold Nails
For those girls looking for something absolutely sophisticate and allow for the promenade, this is the right manicure to work with. Rose almond-shaped nails and sting of gold glitter will make every combination attention-getting .

#12: French Nails with Modern Twist

Beige and black french manicure represent mod wind that you can absolutely wear to your promenade. sometimes authoritative can turn out to be the lone thing you need to shine .
If you ’ rhenium bequeath to opt for a more modern french collar designs, check 35 Splendid french Manicure Designs : classical Nail Art Jazzed Up

#13: Fun and Colorful Nails

Fun and ColorfulFun and Colorful
Girls merely pale sodium have fun, right ? Colorful nails are youthful, cheerful, and most of all very modern. You can manner manicure like this for your promenade night, and overshadow all other girls !

#14: Golden Flakes Nailart

Golden Flakes NailsGolden Flakes Nails
even nude nails can make a statement. Don ’ thyroxine trust us ? Let us show you this example. This is how small detail like these golden flakes can make a difference between achromatic, everyday nails and turn them into elegant ones, perfect for promenade .

#15: Glamorous Gold and Green

Glamorous Gold and Green NailsGlamorous Gold and Green Nails
We don ’ t know about you, but we will constantly be in love with aureate and emerald green shade. A arrant semblance combination for the promenade nails. And if you are picking your promenade combination – don ’ triiodothyronine hesitate to choose this one in particular .

#16: Pearl White Nails

Pearl blank glow is something that you should try on your nails. They will look entirely advanced and glamorous. You can besides add rhinestones as they are adorable details – make some purpose that will be attention-getting but not overdo .

#17: Black and Blush Pink Nails

Black and Blush Pink NailsBlack and Blush Pink Nails
This cover girl combination of bloom pink glitter, metallic, and black nail polish is elegant and sophisticate. It matches with any ghost of your promenade dress, but we suggest to go with bloom, black or grey .

#18: Colorful Flakes

Colorful Flakes NailsColorful Flakes Nails
Nude nails and colorful flakes will overshadow all your friends and their promenade outfits. With this kind of manicure, you will make a argument while staying completely stylish and elegant .

#19: Sky Nails

Sky NailsSky Nails
Sky, black background and distribute of interesting space motifs – these are the things that make this manicure exciting and chic. This manicure will bring an unexpected vibration to every kit combination .

#20: Nude Nails with Rhinestones

Nude with Rhinestones NailsNude with Rhinestones Nails
Nude nails are an absolute darling of many girls. And we can ’ thymine agree more that nude polish works perfectly with any other shade. Just add rhinestones to make it even more matter to .

#21: Matte Burgundy Nails with Sparkly Details

Matte Burgundy with Sparkly DetailsMatte Burgundy with Sparkly Details
We love to see beneficial matte nails with a arrant shade like this burgundy one. Shiny details, pearls, and rhinestones will make you stand out from the crowd .

#22: Black and Glitter Nails

Black and Glitter NailsBlack and Glitter Nails
Black nails are the same as bolshevik – classy and dateless. You can style them for any occasion, with or without details, sparkles, and glitter. They will still look amazing. therefore, don ’ metric ton hesitate to wear them for the bad night, your promenade.

#23: Simple Dusty Rose Nails

Simple Dusty Rose NailsSimple Dusty Rose Nails
sometimes, you don ’ t need glitter to make your nails look good. You only need a affirmation shade that will provide you with a chic and advanced vibration .

#24: Earth Toned Nails

Earth Toned NailsEarth Toned Nails
worldly concern tones, nudes, and neutrals look perfect on your nails. You can besides let yourself have longer nails – they won ’ triiodothyronine spirit over-the-line .

#25: Rose Gold and Chrome Effect

Rose Gold and Chrome EffectRose Gold and Chrome Effect
Chrome effect appeared a few years ago, and since then it doesn ’ triiodothyronine barricade to amaze us. It matches perfectly with all shades, but be careful. Don ’ metric ton overdo it – let only one or two nails be with this chrome effect .

#26: Gold and Nude Nails

Gold and Nude NailsGold and Nude Nails
Gold glitter looks like sand. That gives this complete design sophisticate expression that you can rock to your promenade party. This design matches absolutely with champagne, grey, and emerald greens dresses .

#27: Minimalistic Nails

Minimalistic NailsMinimalistic Nails
For those who want to try something newfangled and stimulate, this design is a matter for you. Three-colored nails, however minimalistic will make you look unique and very stylish .

#28: Colorful and Geometric

Colorful and Geometric NailsColorful and Geometric Nails
geometrically precise and chic – this is how we can describe this lovely nail down design. colorful nails are the must-have for this spring, so don ’ metric ton hesitate to try them for your promenade night a well .

#29: Baby Blue Short Nails

Baby Blue Short NailsBaby Blue Short Nails
The thing with short nails designs is that you can wear any color you wish, and they still look great. Baby blue might not be your first choice, but trust us, it looks arrant on your inadequate nails .

#30: Bold Silver Glitter

Bold Silver GlitterBold Silver Glitter
combination of silver glitter and nude rose nails will not only grab all the care but besides make you look bold and stylish .

#31: Blue and White

Blue and White NailsBlue and White Nails
If you opt for summer shades of your dress – child blue, blush pinko or mint green, then you should choose nails like these. not lone they are great for your promenade but besides invoking nice upwind and sun .

#32: Floral Design

Floral Design NailsFloral Design Nails
The floral design is welcome is not only for your promenade but for any special occasion you are going to. When your nails are bare with whiten floral appliques, you can be absolutely sure you will look super elegant .

#33: Black Matte

Black Matte NailsBlack Matte Nails
Black flat base with cover girl floral stickers above will leave everybody breathless. Make certain your nails are squared and not excessively long .

#34: Marble Effect

Marble EffectMarble Effect
Nude and white nails can be pretty casual. That is why you should opt for marble effect. This marble invention on your ring and little finger finger will upgrade your looks from fooling to extravagant .

#35: Rose Gold Marble

Rose Gold Marble NailsRose Gold Marble Nails
combination of rose aureate shimmer nail down polish, white base, and marble effect will blow everybody at your promenade away. This is a bang-up jazz band that matches with impersonal shades such as nudes, blush pinko, and champagne .

#36: Rhinestones on Point

Rhinestones on PointRhinestones on Point
Rhinestones are perfect on any nails, but specially look good on nude infrastructure. You can choose how many rhinestones to put, but we suggest to cover your whole collar. Why not ?

#37: Green and Gold Nails

Green and Gold NailsGreen and Gold Nails
green and gold make an unexpectedly good combination on your nails. Do it like a classy french but with a bit bluff shades for your promenade night. This is a great nail purpose for jewel-toned dresses .

#38: Purple Nails With Glitter

Purple nails are great if you want something twist and elegant. Those jewel tones are stunning for matching with the same dresses. just a morsel of glitter nail down polish on your ring finger will upgrade this purple design from free-and-easy to glamorous .

#39: Animal Print on Nailsh3>

Animal Print on NailsAnimal Print on Nails
flush if you are rolling your eyes now and don ’ thyroxine believe us when we say this but – animal print on your nails looks cutthroat ! Do it in black. That way it will look sophisticate and elegant .

#40: Red Hearts

Red HeartsRed Hearts
We know it is not Valentine ’ s day, but this is one of those designs that you can wear all the meter. Hearts on your nails look gorgeous and so pretty. combination of tap and loss on egg-shaped nails can look lone extraordinary .

#41: Red Ombre Nails

Red Ombre NailsRed Ombre Nails
therefore, if you have thought that the ombre proficiency is for your hair only, you were faulty, lamb. You can now be chic and fashionable with red ombre nails for your adult night .

#42: Grey and Silver

Grey and Silver NailsGrey and Silver Nails
Glitter on your center finger will make this look stand out from the herd. The grey pinpoint polish shade is gorgeous, particularly in a desegregate with glitter. And where to wear this design ? To your promenade, for indisputable !

#43: Burgundy Nails

Burgundy NailsBurgundy Nails
A bit of glitter pinpoint polish, equally well as chrome metallic nails, make this design unique and sophisticated. Imagine yourself in some visualize hanker snip with these nails – just adorable .
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