Creating the the perfect smile course for a set of acrylics is not an easy job ! During my course I was taught to apply the white acrylic fiber beginning and shape the smile line whilst still wet, then go in with a clear or a breed tap which did work me ! But I found the smile lineage wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate as neat and sharp as some of the ones I had seen from other nail technical school .
then about a year ago on a Facebook group called “ Nail tips for pinpoint technical school ” there was a huge discussion about the Reverse technique. 
basically, you start with a cover pink to extend the nail bed and create your smile credit line. Once that bead has set you can then go in with a file and sharpen up that telephone line to make it nice and wrinkle ready to apply the ashen acrylic .
If you are struggling with perfecting your smile lines then this proficiency is for you ! Have a belong and keep practice. evening if your smile lines are curious, askew, bulky etc just don ’ thymine stop charge at them until you are glad ! This proficiency will very help you I promise.

so here we go…..
▫️ You will need: 
▪️ I have used:

Let ’ s get down ! ! !

Step one: Pick up your beginning beading of blanket pink and drain the fluent out of the back. By doing this you are keeping that color courteous and firm for your smile line .
Step two: With your brush facing away from you, place the beading onto the nail where you are wanting your smile credit line. Applying this bead in reverse gives you a clearer view of where is best to place. once you have placed it you need to push down and blend the acrylic back towards the carapace before letting go of that bead. Start teasing back the sides of the bead slightly higher than the lowest point and blend back towards the epidermis .
Step three: Turn the brush back around the normal way and gently start sweeping around the smile line to very sharpen up it up .
Step four. Using the belly of the brush wardrobe devour on the acrylic to make it lay two-dimensional. Keep repeating steps three and four until you are felicitous with your smile line .

Step five: Pick up a beading of blanket pinko and place at the epidermis area. Don ’ t take the fluent out of this bead as you want it to blend nicely over that first bead. As you will be doing this on an actual nail down, this is where you would build up the vertex .
Step six: Leave it to set. When I am doing this on a node I would do this on all ten nails then go back to the first and file before applying my white. You can see on the word picture that the leave side of my smile pipeline ends higher than my right. This is absolutely ticket as I can now make them harmonious with a file !
Step seven: Starting at one recess as visualize, start to file away any imperfections in your smile line, working on both corners then onto the center .
Step eight: Make indisputable you are 100 % felicitous with your smile channel at this stagecoach. There ’ sulfur no turning back ! ! If you are felicitous then remove all the debris using a manicure brush .

Step nine: Pick up a beading of white acrylic fiber and place it just below the smile line then begin to push that product up the sides towards the smile course. At this stage don ’ metric ton worry if any white overlaps onto the cover pinko as it can easily be filed off later .
Step ten: Blend that bead down towards the complimentary boundary. If there are any gaps that need more whiten particularly the high points of the smile line then this is the time to do it .
Step eleven: Pick up another bead of whiten acrylic and set just below the first. Press it around to stretch it out then blend towards the rid edge.

Step twelve: Using the belly of the brush pat down on the acrylic to make it lay flat. If there is any unevenness, gaps, or areas which are excessively thin then go back with another bead of white acrylic .

Step thirteen: Once the acrylic fiber has set start at one side of the nail filing the sidewalls and straight down at a 45 degree angle as pictured. Repeat this on the other side .
Step fourteen: Slightly round off the end of the nail to avoid any good scratches !
Step fifteen: then we go onto filing the full moon breeze through. Starting at the carapace area file away in a one-half moonlight shape starting at one side onto the other. If any white acrylic fiber has overlapped onto the cover tap then this is where you will file that surfeit product off. You will begin to see that perfect line appearing !
Step sixteen: Buff over the entire nail with a white block to smoothen the come on. Remove all dust with a manicure brush .

Step seventeen: Apply your chosen top coating to the entire nail produce certain to cap the free edge .
Step eighteen: Place nail into UV or LED lamp for the exceed coats recommended hardening time. I repeat steps seventeen and eighteen as I always apply two coats of top coat to make the nail more glazed and protected .
Step 19: FINISHED NAIL ! !
I very hope you learned something whilst understand this. If you decide to give the invert proficiency a travel then please let me know how you get on and if you ’ re spirit very confident… send me a picture ! I would love to see your work 😍
Thankyou so a lot for learn .


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