If you have short nails like me, you know the options of fun nail down art can be not as easy. not everyone is cut out for long nails or possibly you just love curtly nails over retentive collar !
From flowers to color blocking to abstract art, there ’ s so many different nail designs for short nails .
Whether you want to attempt some beautiful DIY nail artwork at home or you need inspiration for your adjacent salon travel to, here ’ s some fun designs to try !
many of the nails below are created at home plate using Olive & June nails. Use this Olive and June link and the code jenb20 for 20% off your order of any of their systems!

53 Short Nail Designs

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1. Pink and Gold

gold and pink nailsImage via @always.manicured
A little coloring material obstruct on your nails goes a farseeing way ! I love the diagonal pipeline and besides how not all of the nails are the same. The flip on the ring finger gives it a funky vibration .
Try any color jazz band that suits your visualize ! This could be done on both short-circuit or long nails .
Colors from Olive and June : tap sands, OJBH, HD & obvi

2. Pink and Purple Color Block

pink and purple linesImage via paintedwithpaige
Color block manicures are always playfulness and on swerve. They ’ re besides easy to do and customize ! I love this pop of pink against the red on these nails using Olive & June ’ s polish .
Colors from Olive and June : TLG and Wild Orchid

3. Watercolor Color Block

blue and pink watercolor nailsImage via paintedwithpaige
A step up from an ombre with each pinpoint a different color is an ombre style on every single smash. This is a piece of a more advance mani but don ’ t let it stress you out .
All you need to do is key half o your smash with one color and the half with the other discolor, slenderly overlapping. recur on all of your nails !
Colors from Olive and June : little finger to thumb : angelfish, Yes Please, Cockatoo, Fierce and Loving, Pink Sands, Grateful and Kind

4. Blue Ombre

blue ombre nailsimage via @nails.by.shni
Manis don ’ thymine always have to be hard and complicated with nail art brushes or intricate details ! A blue ombre mani with each smash a unlike color is not alone on tendency and chic but besides super easy !
All you need is the colors ! Simply paint each nail a different shade of blue !
Colors from Olive and June : boost, Honest and True, Angelfish by

5. Ombre Pink

pink ombre nails
Another ombre complete design but this clock time in pinko ! Paint each nail a different shade of pink going from iniquity to light .
Colors from Olive and June : Pink Sands, JM, Grateful & Kind, Hibiscus and Wild Orchid .

6. Rust Ombre Nails

red ombre nailsImage via hannah__ewing
As you can see, ombre nails can be done in indeed many different coloring material jazz band. This red orange mani is perfect for accrue .

7. Shades of Green Abstract

green abstract nailsimage via manimomentsofjoi
These nails are such a fun mix of color auction block and abstract art ! Start with color block, let it amply dry and then keep adding ! Start with just one stress complete to practice before covering all of your nails in this blueprint .
Nail polish colors from Olive and June : WKF, Energize, and KMC

8. Mini Lines

line rainbowimage via manimomentsofjoi
Lines are always a fun way to add some expressive style to your nails ! One antic for keeping this cohesive is to have one of the lines be the like coloring material as your solid color nails. The color combination is endless !
Colors used Olive and June : Besties, Angelfish, glow and JLR

9. Pink Flowers

neutral flowersImage via hannah__ewing
The most insidious squelch of flowers on a neutral base is the perfective way to try out flower artwork ! Start with a neutral base coat, add dots for the center flowers and smaller dots around the center acid to complete your flowers .

10. Flower Art

bright flower nail designs image via mani.mama.mini
Try out a flower mani with a style like this ! Don ’ thymine get besides hung up on the paragon of each petal, rather precisely get the flower idea across. Choose one upstanding color for the concentrate and three align colors for the flowers. Add a touch of green for some leaves and you ’ ve got yourself the perfect floral mani !
Nail polish colors from Olive and June : base : CV ( loss ), BEB ( sheer whiten )
art : CV, Grape Soda, Wild Orchid, Besties, WKF, E & M

11. Flower Rows

row of flowers
image via emjpolished
As you get comfortable doing flowers, try adding more ! A cluster of flowers at the base of your nail and at the tiptoe of your nail creates a beautiful manicure .
Colors from Olive and June : Jam, Please, Strawberry Scone and HD

12. Vintage Flowers

vintage floral nailsimage via manimomentsofjoi
One of the most advance manis on this list is this one ! These beautiful watercolor inspired vintage nails are perfect for afternoon tea or a day at a flower garden !

13. Polka Dot French Tip

polka dot french tipimage via manimomentsofjoi
A french tiptoe with a wind ! Rather than perfecting that straightaway line, try dots ! A collection of bantam dots gives you such a unique look .

14. XOXO Nails

ox valentines nails
Celebrating Valentine ’ s day ? Or your anniversary ? Show your love with this super simpleton OX breeze through art ! You could easily customize this with your initials or your significant other ’ mho initials on the one breeze through !
Colors from Olive and June : HD for the white
*Find more valentine ’ mho nails here !

15. Polka Dot

polka dot valentines nails
A extremely easily manner to dip your toes into the diy manicure earth is polka dots. Start with a solid coloring material base. Once that dries, pick one nail to add dots excessively. The beauty of this is if you mess up you alone have one pinpoint to redo !
Pick 3 coordinating colors and a scatter joyride and get after it ! The key is to let this fully dry before you put on your top coat .
Colors from Olive and June : HD for the ashen and ES ( crimson ), JM ( dark tap ) and Pink Sands ( lighter pink ) .

16. Line of Polka Dots

dot of linesimage via mani.mama.mini
Another adorable manicure for shortstop nails is a combination of lines and dots ! This simple manicure is made with one solid neutral color as the root, one slender lineage down the in-between with dots on both sides of it. It will give the illusion of a vine of flowers !
Colors used from Olive and June : The Queen Take Her Tea With Milk, Jam, Please, You ’ re Invited, Cucumber Sandwich

17. Raincloud

rain cloud nail artimage via paintbynaptime
April showers bring May flowers so why not embrace the rainstorms with these fun cloud nails ? Paint your nails a solid semblance and let the dry completely. Add the clouds and the rain and you ’ rhenium set !
base : lunar by Olive Ave Polish, Clouds : HD by Olive and June, Cloud accent : every defile has a glitter liner by Huella Beauty ( consumption code paisleysparrow for a deduction ! ), Rain : exclamation distributor point by Olive and June

18. Purple Cloud

purple cloudsImage via karanailedit
Love clouds but want a more feminine vibration ? Swap the gloomy with a pink or imperial ! You could do any tinge basis with white cloud ! You could even do just one collar as an dialect with the cloud as you practice this search .
Colors from Olive and June : Jam Please and Hd

19. Cow Print

cow print nailsimage via paintbynaptime
Whether you ’ re head to Yellowstone Ranch or just love cows, this is such a playfulness theme for unretentive nails ! Having two stress nails with cow print is a simple and elusive direction to have some fun with your mani !
Colors :
Brown : row with the Flow from the Essie # swooninthelagoon collection
White : 2 coats HD, 1 coat BEB from Olive and June

20. Black and White Cow

black and white cow nailsImage via karanailedit
Love the cow print above but want a authoritative look on your nails ? here ’ s a authoritative black and white cow look that you can do all over your nail down !
It ’ s the perfect look for your short nails for chic-fil-la day when you ’ ra dressing like a cow or precisely to show your love for this aristocratic giant creatures .

21. Scallop Nails

scallop nailsimage via paintbynaptime
A stun simple manicure for unretentive nails or long nails alike is this scallop vogue ! Start practicing on one collar and keep adding from there !
Colors from Olive and June : nucleotide : JG Nart : SCL + JG

22. Green Double Stripes

green nail artimage via paintbynaptime
Two short lines gives your nails quite the punch ! Paint all five nails one solid color. following using a small nail down brush add one line in a contrasting semblance from the side of your nail to the in-between of the peak of your nail. then follow it with another color !
This could be done on short or long nails !
Wearing : natural Connection, All Oar Nothing, and Row With the Flow by @ essie

23. Purple Marble Nails

marble nailsimage via paintbynaptime
once you master color jam, try marble ! This beautiful marble look is such a stunning attend for curtly nails .
Colors from Olive and June : Velvet Pouf, HD, Exclamation point

24. Straight Line Accent

pink nails with stripesimage via paintbynaptime
Simple so far classic, that ’ s what this manicure says ! A hearty color base with a satiny dim-witted line from one side to the other, uniform across all your nails. This manicure has so a lot opportunity of different styles. Try a white floor with gold line for a summer brunch style or rust orange root with red stripe for fall !
Colors : Arigato from Tokyo, Suzi & the Arctic Fox from OPI

25. French Tip with Silver Glitter

glitter french tipsimage via paintbynaptime
The perfect french tip twist ! This beautiful manicure could be worn for your wedding, shower or even New Year ’ s Eve ! This is made with just 2 colors .
Colors from Olive and June : two coats CCT plus one coating BEB with Exclamation Point

26. French Tips

rainbow french tipsImage via paintedwithpaige
Another writhe on a french Tip is this one ! Give it a rainbow vibration with colorful tips over a neutral base .
Colors from Olive and June : Your ’ e A 10, Lime Fizz, Cherry Crush, Mega Babe Blue, Wild Orchid

27. Polka Dot French Tip

purple flower nailsimage via mani.mama.mini
once you feel confident with polka dots and french tips and flowers, take them to the adjacent degree and combine them ! start by painting your nails a neutral color. following rouge your french tip with a different color. Add polka dots with a 3 color that pops. Around a few of the dots add fun pilfer flowers.

Colors from Olive and June : The Queen Takes Her Tea With Milk, You ’ rhenium Invited, HD

28. Heart Accent

red heart valentines nails
I love this search because it makes the little red center pop ! For this mani I use
Colors from Olive and June : HD ( white ) and ES ( crimson ) .

29. Glitter Accent

glitter nailsimage via whatscourtsmani
Glitter is constantly a fun and easy way to add some fun to your mani ! This is another easy mani to do. Simply paint your flick, ring and little finger fingers a upstanding coloring material. adjacent rouge your last 2 a impersonal semblance. Add a glitter polish towards the bed .
Colors from Olive and June : BEB, HJ, LHG

30. Squiggle Line

squiggle line valentines nails
pilfer squiggles are an easy room to try your hand at pinpoint artwork. There ’ mho no rules when it comes to abstract squiggles. Just begin in one corner and end in the other corner with any sort of squiggle in the middle. Get a coordinate tinge and follow the original line !
Colors from Olive and June : ES ( bolshevik ) and JM ( dark pink ) .

31. Daisy Nails

color block flowersImage via mani.mama.mini
once you ’ ve mastered color block nails, take it up a notch with gold AND flowers ! Start with adding a sparse aureate production line in the center of your tinge jam ( and no, it doesn ’ t have to be a straight line ! ). Once that ’ s dry add your flowers !
Colors from Olive and June : base : 2 coats BEB ( white sheer )
Art, ovolo to pinky : hot strawberry, grape sodium carbonate, blueberry smash, energize, orange wedge, HD ( blank ), E & M ( black ), OJPAS ( gold shimmer )

32. Face

face nail artImage via @danicures_ 
If you ’ re an artist or love doing abruptly nails breeze through artwork, you ’ ve got to try this ! You ’ ll decidedly need a small artist brush to create these pilfer faces but if you can master it you ’ ll have the most stunning nails around !

33. Eye Nails Art

eye nail artImage via @oliveandjune
Eye accents on nails will constantly be on drift ! These fun eye accents aren ’ t made with polish – they ’ re stickers !
All you need to do is paint a basis color on all of your nails. Once it ’ randomness wholly dry apply your spine on one nail with a layer of top coat on clear and there you have it – stunning nail down art designs !
Stickers from Olive and June

34. Blooms

flower nail artimage via Olive and June
Another dagger art that ’ s arrant for summer is this one ! Whether you put these on a neutral baes like this one or on a colorful floor, you can create a variety of different manis !
Stickers from Olive and June

35. Bird Nails

bird nail designsimage via paintbynaptime
As you start out trying nail art yourself, it ’ south o to start childlike ! These birds look stunning but are besides simpleton to make ! Start with one boo and once you conquer that add more !
Colors from Olive and June : LHG and BEB and Lunar by @ oliveave_polish

36. Flower Crown

flower crown nailsimage via paintbynaptime
As you get a manage on flowers, try different things ! This playfulness flower pennant is a alone and beautiful direction to add a pennant on your nails .
Keep it cohesive by painting the petals of the flowers and the firm color nails the same color ! This is another big mind for short or long nails !
All colors by Terra Beauty Bars : No. 30 Pitanga Red, No. 9 Creamy Sheer Beige, No. 28 Super Gold Foil Shimmer, No. 31 Morning dew

37. Purple Silver

purple and silver nailsimage via paintbynaptime
Color auction block smash art is beautiful all the time and the color jazz band are absolutely dateless. This beautiful matte black with the pop of a shimmery flatware are a sandbag jazz band .
Try a glitter with a flat, a neon with a neutral or any two colors you love !
Colors :
Prim and Purple + Every Cloud Has a Sparkle Lining by Huella Beauty ( manipulation code paisleysparrow for a discount rate ! )

38. Colorblock with Leaves

gold leaf nailsimage via polish_half_full
once you ’ ve mastered color barricade, take it up a notch ! This beautiful tap and gold manicure is a fun spin on a leaf mani. Rather than green leaves ( or orange and crimson leaves for fall ) on each nail try gold ! It pops beautifully against the pink .
Products used :
Olive and June : fantastic Orchid ; Rosy Tips, Uber Chic Beauty : Satin Brass
Hello Maniology : bam white, Smudge Proof Top Coat, Moyra : stomp plate 79- Green leaves

39. Pink Zebra

pink zebra nailsimage via polish_half_full
Yes zebras are black and white but that doesn ’ triiodothyronine hateful you need to paint it that way ! I love the singular look of this pink and aureate zebra print manicure that would look great on short nails or long nails alike .
This is decidedly a more advanced manicure with the detail on each nail but a little rehearse will go a long way !
Products used :
Morgan taylor : Make Me Blush Uber Chic Beauty : Satin Brass, Lady of Burgundy
Hello Maniology : smear proofread crown coat, mxm 017
Sally Hansen : boastful Matte Top Coat

40. Black Polka Dot

black polka dot nailsimage via polish_half_full
Matt bootleg with bright dots on each nail is a ace singular look that ’ south besides easy to replicate ! This is another manicure that could be done with any discolor jazz band – even mixing up two colors !
Products used : olive and June : E & M
Sally Hansen : big Matte Top Coat

41. Abstract Art Nails

purple abstract nailsImage via @karanailedit
The nice thing about abstract nail art is there ’ s no rules ! Mix larger splotches with smaller dots to see what you like the best ! Keep it reproducible across all your nails for a cohesive expect .

42. Confetti Nails

confetti nailsImage via karanailedit
Polka dot confetti nails ? Yes, please ! Whether it ’ s a birthday paired with funfetti coat or equitable fun summer nails, this confetti breeze through artwork can be customized to whatever officiate you ’ re going to or whatever new color polish you want to use .
Try out different size dots for a unique look !

43. Sparkle Star Nails

navy nail designsImage via karanailedit
An amazing way to make short nails fix for star gaze or New Years is this cosmic star nail. @ karanailed it made this by using 2 coats of HJ and 2 coats of Cosmic from Olive and June .
olive and June

44. Star Decal Nails

star nailsimage via Olive & June
Don ’ t feel ready for painting art on your light nails ? Use stickers ! These nails can be done on any different nail discolor base, not equitable red ! Red is perfect for holidays such as the one-fourth of July while a black base with flannel stars is capital for New Years !
All you need to do is paint your nails one color. then add star stickers to one complete ( or a few nails ). Seal it in with your top coating and that ’ s it !
Stickers from Olive and June

45. Outline

outline nail designsImage via karanailedit
This gorgeous manicure from @ karanailedit is incredibly singular way to paint your nails ! A solid base on each nail along with three coordinating colors is used for this mani. This is a capital choice for short nails since it ’ s good outlining your natural nail down !
Colors from Olive and June

46. Rainbow Ombre Nails

rainbow color block nailsImage via karanailedit
Bring a small rainbow to your day through your nails ! This unique ombre style manicure is a super singular, fun dash by Kara Nailed It .
Set out all the colors you want to use before you start painting to determine how many nails need overlapping colors and which colors to use for each pinpoint. then go from there ! You can besides leave one nail a hearty color like she did here !

47. Watermelon Nail Art

watermelon nailsimage via @nails.by.shni
If you ’ rhenium looking for a playfulness mani for shorter nails for a summer picnic, try out this cunning watermelon one ! This is a great manicure for beginners since 3 of your nails are solid colors and 2 nails more aesthetic .
Colors from Olive and June : CV, HGC, EM, Besties

48. Curved Color Block

curved color block nailsimage via sarah_gradone
Another playfulness way to do a coloring material block style is this one ! A crook line gives the standard straight cable in a color stop form a wholly different front ! These short nails can be done in any count of color combinations or barely one undifferentiated color !
Colors from Olive and June : flick to pinky : item dume, JLR, KMC, BP and TT. ( perfectionist CCT for my negative space )

49. Four Leave Clover

four leaf clover nailsimage via sarah_gradone
Whether you need a St Patricks Day nail or equitable love to show off your irish inheritance, this fun four leaf clover is a bang-up idea for short-circuit nails ! Do this design on one smash or a few nails, the options are endless .

50. Fruit Art

fruit nailsImage via @karanailedit
The arrant summer mani for short nails ! The neon colors along with yield is so brash and fun for summer !
Paint a different fruit on each smash in coordinating colors to get these fun mani !
Colors from Bio Seaweed Gel

51. Abstract Black and White Nails

abstract nails
You can never go wrong with a classic black and white manicure ! Start with a achromatic complete color. Add a simpleton triangle stress and top it off with black dots !
52. bid On french Tip
french tip press on nails
Fun fact – you don ’ thyroxine actually HAVE to paint your nails to get beautiful short nails ! These french nails are created with press ons ! I ’ ve used Olive and June imperativeness on nails and love them !
Find my full moon revue of Olive and June press on nails here !

52. Fall Polka Dot Nails

fall nails
switch over things up with the phone number of nails you have as solid and as dialect ! Paint your pointer finger and little finger finger solid with the early three accented with polka dots. These black hues are great for fall but can easily be lightened up for summer !

53. Q-Tip Nails

polka dot nails
One of the easiest ways to create a nail design on short nails is with a q-tip ! Paint your nails a solid basal. Once it ’ sulfur dry use a q lean to add a dot at the base of your collar !
Find more q-tip nail art details hera !

As you can see there ’ s indeed many fun breeze through designs you can create on short circuit nails ! If you decide to do these at home, be sure to get a manicure system ! They make a world of difference in the perfective at home mani !
Don ’ t forget, use this Olive and June link and the code jenb20 for 20% off your order of any of their systems!
Want a entire review of Olive and June nail polish ? Head here !

source : https://nailcenter.us
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