French manicure, which is typically white tips and a glossy semi-transparent finish on top doesn’t necessarily have to be white and boring. If you want to spice up your ordinary french manicure with something a little bit more unique and bright, you can do so with metallics. Metallic french manicure has been quite a trend over the last couple of years and looks unique without restricting your color choices. So if you want to do a french manicure, with glitter, gold, silver, or even bronze designs read on the rest of this article.

Professional & Easy french Manicure with Glitter Designs

You can do a french manicure with glitter in 2-3 ways. The first we are going to mention is done with ordinary clear nail polish/base coat and a glitter manicure and the second gear is a more professional manner with a more opaque and vivid glitter result. here they are…

No 1 : easy DIY Glitter French Manicure  

To make this you will need : a epidermis pusher/wooden joint, a clear or semi-transparent root coat, a glitter collar polish of your choice, and a top coat .

  • The first step is to push back the cuticles to expose a better surface to paint the nails. Make sure also your nails are of the same length for more even and professional finish.
  • Apply a thin layer of base coat/clear nail polish and let it dry.
  • Apply the glitter nail polish over the white part of your nails. To make the result on your tips look more opaque, gently dab the brush of the nail polish to the side of the opening to drip excess liquid and let more glitter stay on the brush. You can either apply it with small vertical or horizontal swipes–whatever is convenient for you.
  • Let it dry completely and apply a layer of top coat. Let it dry.

Tip : No want to use acetone remover in this method as surfeit glitter on the sides can be directly wiped away with a cotton barter or even a toothpick .

Video tutorial-Glitter French/ Platinum French

No 2 : professional Finish French Manicure with Glitter Tips  

To make this you will need : a fine glitter powder for nails, a base coat, a flat smash brush with slenderly curved ends, and double ended smash file, a epidermis pusher, top coat, and acetone remover .

  • The first step is to prep the surface your nails for a smoother and polished look. First you have to push back the cuticles with a wooden or metal stick and then buff any irregularities with the finely grittier side of the nail file. Shape also any irregularities in the ends with the coarse side of the nail file. Wipe away the powder of the nails with a cotton pad saturated in acetone remover.
  • Apply a thin layer of base coat/clear nail polish and let it dry only partially as some level of stickiness must be present for the glitter to stick.
  • Take a flat nail brush and dip it into the glitter powder, shake of the excess and apply to the nail tips, in a french manicure shape. Repeat the same step for a more opaque and even glitter finish. If you have trouble making the glitter to stick, mix it a flat surface with a few drops of clear nail polish and apply again.
  • Let everything dry and set. Apply a thin layer of top coat.

Tips :

  • A similar technique can be applied for shellac and gel nails but of course instead of ordinary nail polish and base coat you are going to use a gel. You will also need a UV curing lamp as the gel won’t cure and dry on its own. Ideally, you will need 1-2 minutes on each nail till it dries completely.
  • If you have trouble sticking the glitter to your nails with any of these methods and achieving an opaque glitter results, use a wedge sponge in a triangular shape and dip it the glitter nail polish or powder and then transfer to your nail tips. You may not achieve a very precise french manicure line but if you want an opaque tip with a more gradient results towards the base of your nails, this is really nice hack.
  • Use special french manicure stickers to divide your nails and apply the french tip color directly over the area that needs to be applied. These costs

french tip collar designs with glitter ideas gallery

french manicure with glitter line

Glitter french tip acrylic nails

French manicure with glitter on ring finger

french Manicure with Gold   Tips, Line with Glitter

The lapp techniques highlighted above can be applied for french manicure with gold tips. however, keep in mind that if you choose a fortunate nail polish, the glitters have to be vitamin a fine as possible for a more easy and opaque end. hera are some amber nail polish suggestions :

  • OPI Glitzerland. This is a fine glitter nail polish with true golden undertones that are not very bright and obvious. This is a semi-opaque buildable formula that is buildable.
  • Essie Good as Gold. This a fully opaque golden shade that resembles the look of golden foil/flakes and applies nice and easily for more precise results.
  • Wet N Wild in The Bronze Age shade. This a deep golden shade with cool brown/bronze undertones and fine glittery finish that is perfect for jazzing your nails up.
  • Butter London–west end Wonderland. A nice medium golden shade with champagne undertones and medium-thin glitters that resemble the color or rich golden sand and golden bits.

Gold french gratuity nails with glitter

Rose amber french manicure

French manicure clean rose gold
French manicure with gold line french manicure with aureate note

french Manicure with Silver Line Ideas

The steps for doing a french manicure are the lapp as the chief french manicure technique discussed earlier. however, for more contrast, you will ideally want to choose white or black as your topple tinge or even bolshevik and blue if you are more kittenish.

then, after you apply the french tip color, you ideally want to add a sparse silver line with a collar art pen or preferably an extra thin pinpoint or eyeliner brush in the base of the tip off as shown in the picture from one english to another. finally, stopping point with a thin layer of greatcoat to set. For an even more impressive polish, make certain that the silver line is aglitter and not besides felt or gray .
French Manicure with silver lineFrench Manicure with silver line More on French Manicure

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