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Perfect French

5 Karissa luv from Orlando, FL I honestly do not like going to nail salons and having to wait forever for them to do my nails. But I love the french manicure vogue. I ca n’t do that on myself but with these nails I can well look beautiful and classy in merely a few minutes. The nails stopping point several days for me .

Long Lasting & Sturdy

5 Ireland B from Tennessee I love how professional these nails look ! I like that I can take less than 10 minutes to glue these on and go about my day. I have worn these nails to work events, job fairs, date nights, you name it ! I have noticed that my nail underneath will grow longer and sturdier without braking a frequently excessively which is a major plus !

quick professional look

5 jessica h. / porcelainkittenx from Ohio super easy to apply and they last well for compress ons ! it tapers thick toward the gratuity of the nail which gives it a seamless, lifelike look and keeps it so much sturdier than early press ons that I ‘ve tried. The french tip purpose is super classical, and great for anything where you ‘re looking to have your nails looking decent or more professional than common but do n’t have the time or cash for a salon. My only emergence was the white set looked besides across-the-board for my taste so I had to file down the sides a sting, but it was easy so not actually a problem international maritime organization

Absolutely fantastic nails!

5 Becksstein from North Berwick, Maine I love Kiss nails for being cruelty barren first and gorgeous nails second. These are going to be my go-to for french nails. I have had them done in salons for over 20 years, on and off. I love the attend but hate the care. I have tried early Kiss nails, but normally found them difficult to size to my nails ( many of my nails are the lapp size and then some are just strangely-sized ? ). But this kit fits me absolutely perfectly. I ‘m a messy person, but I ‘m a perfectionist when it comes to my nails and these absolutely shocked me. I did n’t use the admit glue because I have a glue that I love already – these nails have stayed on for OVER a week with only one coming off because I was lifting an overfill 33 cypriot pound folderol bag ( and it was so well reapplied ). I ca n’t say enough about how big these are. If you are extremely hard on your nails but love the front of salon french manicures, look no far. I besides love how short-circuit they are, because it makes typing so comfortable.

Wears Amazing!!!

5 Shelly from North Carolina I absolutely love these nails. They wear incredibly well. Everyone thought they were my natural nails and were done at a salon. I besides work at a sew plant so my nails get a bunch of break and pluck. These decidedly hold up if you do a draw of shape with your hands .

Great for the at home spa day

5 Lo from Hanford, CA These were easy to apply and stayed in space well. I was able to apply them while my daughter napped, because I wanted something a little fancy ( been feeling a little complain recently ). They did stand to the test of opening pop cans and having to chase around a toddler at her gymnastics class .

Easy to put on and last a week!

5 SuperSavingMom from Southern California I have been using Kiss acrylic nails for years. It ‘s my not-so-secret-secret ! I always get so many compliments on my nails and people are shocked when I tell them that I did them myself. This acrylic fiber smash set comes with glue, a nail file, a epidermis pusher, and 28 nails. This always gives me adequate to have two sets from each kit out or backup nails good in event. When you prep your nails by filing and cleaning with a little bit of acetone collar polish remover, your glue on nails should last for a week. You can besides clean off the glue and reuse these at least 1 more time. It takes me about 5 minutes full to put these on and they are less than $ 10 ! That ‘s a HUGE score for me who hates wasting $ 50+ and 2 hours at the nail salon. I like that these are short as well so I can wear them whiling working without worrying about breaking a nail or them getting in the way. They are besides reasonably potent and look natural. If you are disbelieving about these nails, just buy them ! I promise you ‘ll be impressed .

So natural

5 Rwaters from San Antonio I love a good at home breeze through kit that lasts ! These nails are salon quality and look big !

Long lasting nails

5 Amanda from Chicago, IL These are super easy to put on and they even came with glue and a nail file. I wore them for 4 wax days without having to re-glue ! Highly recommended .

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