Generation Z has found musical inspiration in odd places. A Fleetwood Mac renaissance came from a skateboarding, cranberry juice-loving TikTok sensation. Sea shanties became hep again — regretful, pelvis for the first time, when a 26-year-old-Scot upload his performance of “ Wellerman ” to the internet. possibly Veronica Lewis can get the world to fall in beloved with boogie woogie piano, blues swagger and golden old age rock ’ n ’ seethe .
The 17-year-old Lewis just might kickstart a new course while staying true to her personal spin on genres invented decades before she was born .
“ I started playing piano when I was 6 years previous and would listen to all kinds of music but I merely kept gravitating toward blues and early rock ’ n ’ roll and American and boogie woogie ” the hometown Haverhill girlfriend said. “ Part of it was just that boogie woogie and early rock ’ n ’ roll are exciting and in truth fun to listen to and truly fun to play. ”
A self-taught musician, Lewis would learn authoritative turns by ear. A few years late, she began to write in the styles that thrilled her. On Feb. 19, she released her debut album, “ You Ain ’ metric ton Unlucky, ” which features six originals and modern twists on Louis Jordan ’ mho “ Is You Is My Baby ” and Katie Webster ’ s “ Whoo Wee Sweet Daddy. ” Call the tunes rock ‘n’ roll or jump blues or gas constant & bacillus ( and they are all of these things and more ), they show off skills a adolescent shouldn ’ thymine have : Lewis sings with a sweet, booming soul voice and plays piano like Dr. John doing Jerry Lee Lewis and Hadda Brooks all at once.

“ I wanted to pay court to all of my influences that shaped me into the artist that I am and I besides wanted to respect and proudly present some of these first base songs that I wrote, ” she said .
even before the record handout date, Lewis was well on her direction to becoming a ace. In December, she won Blues Artist of the year at the Boston Music Awards. Thanks to airplay of the title traverse and newfangled single, “ You Ain ’ t Unlucky, ” she has been all over roots radio charts, making inroads with blues, Americana and elevation nation charts. The “ You Ain ’ metric ton Unlucky ” video has besides been slowly building steamer and provides a courteous windowpane into the joy she has for making music.

“ That was the first music television we ever shot and honestly, there was no budget, no crew, no plan, ” she said with a joke. “ I kind of equitable walked outside and set the keyboard up and fair played. This album is identical real. I wanted to keep it very authentic. And with the television I wanted it to be the lapp. I wanted people to see who I am, see my love and passion for performing. ”
Lewis can ’ triiodothyronine wait to bring that sleep together of hot music back to people in person. But she knows it might be a while. nowadays a elder in high school, Lewis can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be sure of what her summer schedule will bring — in a typical year, it would likely be filled with festival dates.

“ This year, I have learned to take things day by day, ” she said. “ But for the future, I always see music as being my top precedence. No matter what I do, I will always continue to write, release and perform music. ”
Listen to and learn more about Veronica Lewis at .

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