Easy Retro Fruit Nail Art with Polka Dots. Super simple instructions to create your own watermelon and pineapple nail art on
sometimes I see something and I am instantaneously inspired to create something exchangeable. This wasn ’ thymine constantly the case when it came to nail art. I used to see different collar artwork techniques and was then inspired to do something like with my own wrench to it, but never very anything that was inspired by something that wasn ’ t already breeze through art. It wasn ’ thymine until I went to go get my nails done by a crazy talented girlfriend I work with that I realized that you could be inspired by anything for nail art. She did my nails inspired by an adorable group of pillows she had seen. It blew. me. aside .
once I saw that, I realized I could be inspired by everything around me. This was wholly the case when I saw this fresh Farmer ’ second Market Dress from Mod Cloth. The fruits, the retro feel, the polka dots… I mean, what isn ’ triiodothyronine there to be inspired by with this preen ? Mod Cloth has a super cunning web log that they did a military post all about dresses with match manicures and I KNEW I had to one for this dress !
Mod Cloth Farmer's Market Dress
I loved creating this breeze through artwork ! The best region is that it was super easy and would be easy adequate for anyone to do ! To create the entire look, I used…
White nail polish
Black collar polish
loss nail polish
yellow collar polish
White striped bass nail polish ( complete polish with a small brush )
green striped bass complete polish
Black striped bass smash polish
chicken striper collar polish

alternatively of using all of the different colors of striped bass pinpoint polishes, you could use a very little key brush. You will just make certain to have green smash polish and a lighter color of yellow complete polish in addition to the other regular nail polishes .
first, let ’ s talk about the watermelon breeze through art .
Easy watermelon nail art tutorial on
1. Paint your finger nail down loss. I used two coats of polish .
2. Paint the tip of your nail down with the green striper .
3. Paint a white line right below the greens peak using the white striped bass .
4. Add fiddling black dots of polish on the crimson separate of the pinpoint for the watermelon seeds .
5. rouge over it with a clean top coat and you are done !
How easy is that ? !
now for the pineapple collar art…
Super easy tutorial to create pineapple nail art on
1. Paint finger nail dark yellow .
2. Use lightly jaundiced striper to make diagonal lines going across your nails .
3. Make aslant lines going across your nails the other management .
4. Paint short light scandalmongering dots in the centers of each of the diamonds that are created by the diagonal lines .
5. Use the green striped bass to paint little lines on the identical lean of the nail to look like the stem .
6. paint over all of the nail with a clear top coating .
about deoxyadenosine monophosphate easy as the watermelon complete artwork !
For the polka point finger nails, I barely painted the nails black with two coats and went second with the white striped bass polish and made dots with it.

Fruit retro inspired nail art including watermelon and pineapple nails on
I am in truth glad with how these came out and think they would go PERFECTLY with that dress besides ! There is nothing more summer than a fun retro inspired yield salad manicure !

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