The wait is over ! The much-anticipated Black French 123go is nowadays available

    Please remember that the Black french 123go are a limited edition collection detail ! ~

    1. The Hottest swerve broad cover mousse nails are now available !

    MADE OF HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL : Our pre made Soft Gel shaped nails are made from high quality Soak Off Soft Gel material to provide you with a comfortable, flexible and lightweight breeze through enhancement, without the wrong .
    in 2021 we are working on making all our nails pre etched ~ ! ( they will appear to have a matte satin finish on the inside of nail, this is to cut out the complete tip homework step and save time. the nails are ready to use out of the bag ! )
    clear, colors french, ombre, glitter and Various length Options from to suit every necessitate .

    • choose FROM THE VARIETY OF SIZES : they come different sizes. Our nails can be customized and resized by cutting or filling down the nails to your favored duration .
    • WIDELY APPLICABLE : These coffin full moon cover pinpoint tips are great for professional nail technician on Nail Salon and pinpoint art lover at Home DIY. Perfect for assorted occasions like wedding, party, serve, or for casual use .
    • EASY TO USE: 123go nail tips are easy to apply for both professional nail specialist and beginners.

    available in versatile shapes .

    • Black French Extreme Square
    • Black French XXL Coffin
    • Black French XXL Stiletto 
    • Black French Long Sculpture Coffin
    • Black French Long Sculpture Stiletto 
    • Black French Mini Sculpture Coffin 

    Made in the USA at our factory in Tucson Arizona !
    ! Use drop down menu to choose item !

    1, 2, 3 go are specially formulated out of soft gel ( sugarcoat jelly formula ) to provide you with a easy debauched application and lightweight full bent of nails. Use our base coat gel or candy jelly, souffle or clear happy gel to make sure you get 4+ weeks of firm wear on the natural nail and make removal dim-witted and easy !
    * for the most fast, easy and long durable application practice press on gelatin in clearly or pink, it has the prefect consistency and forte you need for a durable application ! ~ 21+ days of perfect nails
    Since all products are semitrailer hard gels, this allows for them to be soaked off within 15-20 minutes. For short-circuit condition use, 1,2,3 go tips can be applied with our glue for a temp set of full cover nails. For removal we recommend our remover magic or pawn in pure acetone .
    application is fast, simpleton, and easy !

    1. Prep the natural nail like you would for any full set
    2. Apply one coat of prep and one of primer.
    3. Apply one coat of press on gel  to the nail and cure.
    4. Apply gel of your choice(pink press on gel or DIy gel) to the inside of the nail, rock it on ensuring there are no air bubbles or gel running out to the side wall or free edge.
    5. Use the Flashy to freeze the nail in place for 10 seconds at least before going on to the next nail.
    6. Once a full hand is applied you can fully cure for 60-90 seconds.

    now you ‘re done all you have to do is customize them and have fun ! You can cut them down to the size you like and shape you need, your in manipulate !

    • 123go nails(unless noted please see below)  come in 11 sizes and 25 tips per size (275 nails total)
    • No refill sizes are available to purchase only sets.
    • Tip box not included, purchase separate
    • Black French styles 15 tips per size per bag

    New XXL lengths are now available .
    The celebrated 123 go full brood balmy gel smash now come in longer lengths and broad sizes. XXL coffin is a beautiful long sharpen coffin shaped nail down with beautiful degree centigrade curves. XXL pipe is a adorable long ellipse shaped smash that is easy to customize and looks elegant and classy. XXL stiletto is the perfect stiletto shape and length you can keep it easy like a about or make it abrupt and extreme stiletto !
    *our Sculpture series is considered a universal burst, it caters to those with a more curved nail bed and a more pronounce C arch !
    We took it up a pass and made extreme shapes ! extreme tapered coffin and extreme tapered stiletto are longer then xxl shapes and have a higher apex/arch and deep C curves with sharp lines. 50 % hundred curl .
    Our 5XL series have a dramatic arch, high apex, 60 % vitamin c arch and straight side walls !

    No other nails can come close !
    While we work to ensure that intersection information is correct, on juncture colors and shapes can look different due to lighting and monitors and devices display. actual product packaging and materials may than that shown on our Web site. We recommend that you do not entirely rely on the information presented. subject on this locate is for reference point purposes. assumes no indebtedness for inaccuracies or misstatements about products. all sale concluding, no refunds, no returns or exchanges. All smile line function is done by hand to keep the nail artisanal, any variation in the nails should be taken as a singularity and not a defect ! ~

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