In the past, if your clients wanted nail extensions it seemed like acrylics were the only choice. Today though, they have another option – soft gel pinpoint extensions. They ’ ra not precisely newly, but they ’ re silent a reasonably obscure proficiency, with a distribute of confusion surrounding them. so, what precisely are easy gel collar extensions ? Keep on reading to find out .

What precisely are voiced gel collar extensions ?

sure, you know what press-on nails are. You ’ ve credibly given a client a mousse mani before immediately. But what happens if you combine the best of both into one service ? You get soft gel nail extensions .
soft gel complete extensions are made from the like type of gel that gel polish is made of. They besides add length to your nails just like regular press-on nails. Plus they are as strong and as farseeing lasting as unconstipated acrylics. And, because they don ’ triiodothyronine involve the powder or coarse chemicals associated with acrylics, they ’ re healthier for your nails besides .
If you ’ ra not already offering soft gel nail extensions as a treatment, you should decidedly put them on your radar.

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Are delicate gel pinpoint extensions the like thing as gel polish ?

No. A gel polish is barely that – a gelatin polish. Gel polishes preceptor ’ thymine enhance the collar or or change its condition of length. Gel polishes are painted immediately on to the natural breeze through .
soft gel collar extensions on the other hand are for adding a stronger and durable protective layer over the collar, changing its duration and form .
however, both mousse polish and gentle gel breeze through extensions are cured and hardened by a UV or LED lamp, and both are removed using acetone ( although we recommend this is done in a salon quite than at home ) .
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How do soft gel nail extensions compare to acrylic ?

Acrylics have been around since the dawn of time ( or at least it feels like it ). You might be asking yourself, ‘ are gel smash extensions in truth better than tested and tested acrylics ? ’
To answer that question, let ’ s compare the two treatments .
First of all, what separates the two is the social organization of the nail. With acrylics the tip is made of plastic and requires a monomer fluent and polymer powder to create the finished sculpted nail .
In comparison, piano gel nail extensions are pre-shaped complete tips that are made wholly out of gel and which cover the entire nail ( a spot like press-ons but without the breeze through glue ) .
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How long do delicate gel nail extensions last ?

If your node is going to spend their hard earned money on a gelatin pinpoint treatment, then they may want some reassurance on how farseeing they ’ ll last .
thankfully, soft mousse complete extensions have a effective chase criminal record of being durable and able to withstand everyday wear and tear .
When done professionally, they can final up to four weeks – but this of course besides depends on the life style of your client. If they lead a very hands on, active life style then naturally their collar extensions will have a shorter life .
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How are easy gel nail extensions applied ?

As we mentioned above, gentle gelatin nail extensions do deviate quite a spot from acrylics. The way in which they are applied besides differs from acrylics .
Below is a brief draft of the application action of gel complete extensions :

  • Step 1 – Nail Prep. The complete technical school will file the client ’ south nails, energy back the cuticles, and buff the nails. They ’ ll besides ensure the nails are release from any scandal or debris that could impact the application process .
  • Step 2 – The nail down technical school will then assess each breeze through and find the right size tip for each .
  • Step 3 – The adjacent step will involve filing the inside of the nail tips and applying a layer of acetone .
  • Step 4 – Bonder is then applied to the natural nails. The bonder acts as a dehydrator, soaking up any natural oils that may be sitting on the surface of the nails .
  • Step 5 – Primer liquid is applied to the nails next. The flat coat makes the surface of the nails sticky so that the mousse has something to attach to .
  • Step 6 – Following the primer liquid, a slender layer of exsert mousse is broadly applied to the nails .
  • Step 7 – The nail technical school will place the client ’ randomness hand in a UV/LED lamp for at least 60 seconds .
  • Step 8 – Gel is applied to the tips. The gel tip is then pressed to the natural nail down to form a adhesiveness. The nail is then exposed to a hand-held LED faint for 30 seconds. The node then, once again, places their bridge player inside a UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds to finish the cure process .

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How are soft gel nail down extensions removed ?

When it comes clock time to remove mousse nail extensions, it is absolutely advised to have them removed in a salon. This is because the removal process can have a big impact upon the health and forte of your customer ’ randomness lifelike nails .
At a salon, a collar technical school will use a professional nail down drill to break through the hard top seal of gel. On average around 90 % of the mousse will need to be drilled off. The remaining gel can then be removed by soaking the nails in acetone and dusting off with a breeze through file .
many complete techs recommend that once the gelatin extensions have been removed, you should let your nails breathe and recover for at least a week before having more extensions .
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What are the best soft gel pinpoint products ?

There are a number of different brands that offer gel nail extensions, but by far our favored here at Salons Direct is Kiara Sky. Kiara Sky ’ s Gelly Tips rate offers everything you need to start offering gel nail extensions in your salon .
Plus, not entirely do Kiara Sky offer a brainy range of products, but they are besides releasing some big educational subject to help you get to grips with this new treatment. For case, here ’ s a video outlining Gelly Nail tips and techniques.

Is it meter to offer gel complete extensions to your clients ? then get yourself set up to do sol with Salons Direct .

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